Our artists are simply the most fun you’ll find in Paris. They’re talented, energetic, and consistently earn awards and glowing reviews.

They love to meet new people and communicate well in English, French, and other languages. Above all, they genuinely care and will encourage you to prepare well.

Click the individual team members—comprised of photographers, videographers, and event planners—below to get to know the people behind Kiss Me in Paris.

Meet our Photographers

Paris Photography

Choose your favorite photographer—each one will show you a fun time around the City of Lights and encourage you to prepare well for the best experience and photos possible.

Meet our Filmmakers

Paris Videography

There’s a style for everyone. You may like traditional (horizontal) videos with a cinematic feel. When you want endless energy and fun, Vincent is your man. Julia is your gal when you’re after ridiculous originality and the feminine touch. Or, maybe, you prefer dazzling intimate video reels (vertical) that accommodate the entire Eiffel Tower and are delivered in under 72 hours? Then go with Juliana’s awesome social media-friendly love stories. Depending on your budget and preferences, combine traditional with vertical films.

Meet our Event Planners

Event planner

Our English-speaking event planners are hands-down the best in the business. No one else can match their experience, connections, attention to detail, and local know-how in Paris. You’ll work with Chantelle & Eden for wedding planning, whereas Sylwia & Chantelle handle our grand floral design concepts.

Meet our Studio Team

Studio Managers

You may already know of James and Lam from our live chat; they’re here to support you every step of the way. Kiss Me in Paris prides itself on responsive communication, attention to detail, and ensuring your experience exceeds expectations.