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Basma is entertaining and simply the ultimate partner in crime when you want to enjoy Paris. His energy will make you smile, he’s up for any challenge you may throw his way, and he’ll bring out the best in you. His clients don’t just leave excellent reviews—they stay in touch and become friends for life.

It’s not an overstatement to say that Vincent helped pioneer the modern hybrid-style artist who brilliantly captures photos and video. In the past, you were either a pure-play photographer or a videographer. And, essentially, that’s still true today. However, Vincent just so happens to be passionate (and talented) about both visual arts.

One obvious benefit to his hybrid style is that you’ll get fantastic still photos to frame and emotionally engaging film to relive precious memories.

But there’s more: teaming up with Vincent means you no longer need to coordinate between two separate studios when you want photography and video services. You save time and money, which translates into irresistible value.

Hey, did we mention that Vincent speaks French and English fluently? He’s always on time and goes the proverbial mile to ensure the experience exceeds your lofty expectations.

But his story did not start this way. Vincent began as a fashion model, which means he understands how it feels to be in front of the lens. Accordingly, he’s quick to break the ice, connect with his clients, and provide clear directions.

His desire to meet new people and expand his horizons eventually led to a fascinating job in Shanghai, where he helped jumpstart nightclubs. That should tell you all you need to know about Vincent’s social skills and confidence.

Let’s not be strangers.

spoken languages

English and French

what I love about Paris

There’s not enough space, but I love Paris for its picturesque cityscape, charming arrondissements, rich cultural and historical landmarks, and yummy cuisine and pastries. Above all, Paris does not pretend to be anything but Paris. It is international but never feels busy or stressful, making it a dream destination for intimate events.

my tips for the best possible marriage proposal experience

Understand your sweetheart’s preferences and make the engagement about her and the relationship you share. Chivalry is not dead. Ha. Take the time to ask her parents for her hand in marriage. Keep a surprise—every gal loves a surprise. Hire a proposal planner :-), and invest in elements that will move the needle, such as a pretty private setting, a talented musician, and an experienced photographer and filmmaker to document this life-changing moment forever.

Favorite proposal locations around Paris

Secret Table (Peninsula), Shangri-La Paris, Chateau de Villette

favorite quote

“Happiness exists. It’s in love, health, peace, material comfort, arts, nature, and still in thousands of places.” — Michèle Morgan

my passions

Dance to the rhythm of music, work out, be silly with my cat, and enjoy life in Paris to its fullest with my partner, family, and friends.

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