Kiss Me in Paris Boudoir Photography is different by design. Our friendly photographers make it easy for you to feel confident, feminine, and sexy. They have countless fantastic boudoir shoot ideas, so you’ll enjoy an unforgettable experience with classy, sensual photographs as unique as you.

Paris boudoir photographer: sexy posing ideas
Paris boudoir ideas: confident and sexy pose with a cigarette as a prop.

So, we’d like to share a different approach, including three little-known boudoir photoshoot ideas that make a big difference.

Boudoir Shoot Ideas #1: Get to know your Paris boudoir photographer before the actual photo session

It’s a fantastic idea for any type of shoot to meet your artist before your actual photo session (Zoom or WhatsApp work well).

We suggest you say hello immediately after booking to tell your photographer about yourself and your expectations for your boudoir photoshoot in Paris.

As such, you’ll not be total strangers when you meet and can get straight to work. It saves time and prevents uncomfortable camera awareness and awkward poses. Familiarity and trust with your artist are even more critical regarding sensual photos.

At Kiss Me in Paris, we are ultra-discrete and take the time to understand your expectations. The idea is to know why you want to take boudoir pictures in Paris so we can optimally prepare you.
what to wear for your boudoir session sexy outfits and more
What to wear for your boudoir session: we do not believe in renting lingerie (a common question) or underestimating the importance of investing in fabulous outfits and pre-planning the sequence of outfits to go with your beauty looks.

Boudoir Shoot Ideas #2: Prepare well for your boudoir shoot in Paris while managing expectations with your photographer

Your next step is to create an inspiration or mood board (typically using Pinterest). It may include anything from creative Paris boudoir ideas, outfits, sexy poses, playful props, the perfect color palettes, and more.

People who prepare for their boudoir shoot in Paris have a more fun experience and achieve better photos.

Creating and sharing a private mood board for your boudoir is an excellent way to manage expectations with your photographer. It also prioritizes (to yourself) what matters most and what can reasonably be accomplished in your commissioned time.

Get inspired
At Kiss Me in Paris, we will gladly help you find a quintessential Parisian hotel with flattering light. Lighting is vital for an authentic French boudoir (remember, we’re not big fans of studios, studio props, or studio wardrobe).
Paris boudoir shoot ideas that make a big difference
French boudoir in Paris: the hotel suite or where you have your photoshoot will greatly impact your experience and the quality and uniqueness of your pictures.

Boudoir Shoot Ideas #3: Your boudoir shoot in Paris does not need to be a lonely experience

Professional hair styling and makeup make a difference in your Paris boudoir photography.

‘Why,’ you may ask.

Simple. Say you’re after a dramatic and natural look within a single photo session, then it takes experienced hands to get the job done quickly. And time is indeed money once your boudoir photographer arrives.

A professional beauty artist will meet you well before your shoot starts, so your first look is ready when the photographer shows up. And since the foundation will already be in place, it’s presumably quick and easy to create a second or third look.

Beauty Pros make people look beautiful for a living. They’re typically efficient and have access to various professional-grade cosmetic products.

There’s another lesser-known reason to invest in a professional beauty artist. Having a third person in your hotel suite can lift your spirits, increase confidence, and relieve stress. Beauty artists are fun companions who can talk until your ears fall off.

Hey, they can even hold a reflector to bounce light back onto you, help you into your outfits, or pop the next Champagne.

Get inspired
Here are five excellent reasons to hire a professional makeup artist for your Paris boudoir.
Best boudoir photographer in Paris
Less can indeed be more. Here’s an example of a “lying down pose,” where the viewer sees just enough of a sexy boudoir photograph to want to see more.

And finally …

It’s time to indulge in a fabulous shopping spree. Hey, this is the perfect excuse to pamper yourself with lingerie and other marvelous outfits you love to wear. Optionally, spend a little extra time to prepare your body in the gym and touch up the basics (mani-pedi, shave/wax, moisturize your skin …) when possible. Have fun, relax, and enjoy a true French boudoir.

We take your privacy seriously. As such, all boudoir shoots come with an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) … which translates into precious peace of mind for you.
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