When you and your partner decide to have professional photos taken, you’ll want to prepare well to get the most out of your investment.

We refer to “couple photoshoot ideas” in the context of any professional photo session involving couples … be it for pre-wedding, honeymoon, anniversary, engagement pictures, and engagementmoon.

Before you jump into your photo session, here’s the truth about more fun and better couple pictures:

People who devote ample time and creativity to preparing for their photoshoot achieve dramatically better results.



When you dedicate yourself to anything important to you and are emotionally involved, you’ll end up with more direction and greater confidence.

Fun couple photoshoot ideas you can try now
Fun couple photoshoot ideas you can try now

And it gets better …

Skills can be enhanced, and knowledge acquired.

“What does this have to do with couple photoshoot ideas,” you may ask?


We’ll explain shortly, but first …

Do this before your couple photoshoot.

In the months, weeks, and days leading up to their photo session, the most successful couples do five things well:

  1. they passionately—and equallybuy into the photoshoot and see it as an exciting opportunity to celebrate their relationship;
  2. they schedule regular time to brainstorm amazing couple photography ideas, stylish photoshoot outfits, and fun props to suit their style;
  3. they communicate abundantly with their professional photographer to ensure expectations are managed. It’s also a fantastic chance to tap into the expertise of your local artist, who can comment on unique photo locations, the most talented vendors, efficient ways to commute around town, and optimal starting times;
  4. get inspired and stay organized with a Pinterest inspiration board devoted to awesome couple photoshoot ideas;
  5. they practice their couple poses and … how to kiss (not the worst homework for lovers on a Friday night, right?).
Hot couple photos in the rain
Sometimes couples achieve just the right mix of everything: passion, sex appeal, hot attire, and even heavy rain.
When you snap couple photos at a particularly gorgeous destination, such as in Paris or the deeply purple Lavender Fields of Provence, consider booking your hotel near where you’ll begin taking pictures. Splurge on a fabulous room with a terrace if the view and access make for unique images.

Do this on the day of your couple photoshoot.

On the day of their photo session, smart couples …

  • avoid stress by preparing the night before and leaving for their couple photoshoot on time;
  • trust in their photographer, whose interests (in having fun and getting dazzling pictures) should be perfectly aligned;
  • celebrate and enjoy their time together … the photos will follow.
When it’s cold outside, dress in layers that easily slip on and off. It’s the perfect way to stay warm in between photos and look stylish when it matters.

Now, how great would it feel if you could make one simple tweak to your shoot prepping and then, almost magically, achieve greater results?

“Sure, silly question. It would feel incredible.”

Well, what if we shared 3 fun couple photoshoot ideas with you … each of which had the potential to delightfully energize your experience and get you better couple photos?

Simple couple photography ideas with bubble gum
Creative Couple Photography Ideas

You’d not believe your good fortune and use ’em all, right?

“Okay, I get it. Prepare well leading up to our shoot, and a better photography experience awaits. But how?”

Thankfully we have a few creative couple photography ideas to help you avoid run-of-the-mill images while having more fun.

Get inspired
Couples! Do you already feel well-prepared for your photoshoot? If not, then here’s the Non-Techie Guide to confidently jumpstart your prepping.

So, without further ado, let’s dive right in, shall we?

Couple photoshoot ideas #1: props are guaranteed to quirk up your couple photoshoot.

Incorporating creative props is a fantastic way to up the fun factor while adding spice and variety to your couple shoot.

Stunning balloon couple photos Eiffel Tower Trocadero
Stunning balloon couple photos Eiffel Tower Trocadero

Props can also help loosen you up—notably if you or your partner are a bit camera shy or just struggle with showing your personality in public.

Fun couple photoshoot ideas
Fun couple photoshoot ideas

“So far, so good.”

If you’re like the rest of us, you genuinely care about couple pictures that memorialize YOU and the unique relationship you share with your loved one.

“Everyone knows this. So, what am I missing?”

But using the wrong props—ones that are out of character for you as a couple—can lead to stiff poses and cheesy imagery.

We love oversized balloons as much as the next guy.

Still, balloons are not necessarily for everyone or unique. The good news is that there are fantastic props for any couple.

Couple photoshoot ideas #2: consider the Champagne pop.

Super-fun couple photography ideas with epic Champagne Pop at Moulin Rouge
Super-fun couple photography ideas with epic Champagne Pop at Moulin Rouge

Toasting with a properly chilled, bubbly Champagne is always a good idea.

Chances are, your couple photoshoot marks a joyous occasion … and the fizzy, light-colored wine has historically been associated with celebration.


What you may not realize is that the act itself, of popping and spraying a Champagne, can be surprisingly fun and make for seriously mind-blowing photographs.

But …

There’s a bit of a learning curve, so do check out these crucial tips to help you master the high and delicate art of the Champagne pop.

We recommend popping the Champagne toward the tail-end of the photo session when you’re no longer worried about staining your outfits.

The spray works best in photos during twilight—immediately after official sunset—when it’s possible to witness the sky take on an increasingly vivid blue color (the so-called Blue Hour).

Couple photoshoot ideas #3: theme-styled picnics rock.

Picnic photos in Paris for couples
Picnic photos in Paris for couples at the Seine River

We’re big fans of doing a picnic as part of your couple photoshoot.


Because a picnic can be as unique as you choose to make it. Plus, it’s hands-down one of the yummiest props in the known universe and, accordingly, makes for insanely swoon-worthy photos.

When you schedule the picnic toward the end of your photo session, you get to spend quality time cuddling with your loved one over heavenly treats after the shoot is over. Can you imagine a more delightful way to unwind?

That said, don’t merely show up with any blanket and a picnic basket and, then, somehow expect a memorable experience with kick-ass photographs.

Epic picnic settings require thoughtful planning and typically involve too many moving parts to carry for the duration of your shoot. As such, it is a splendid idea to enlist a planner to prepare the setting for you. Then, all you need to do is show up and enjoy while making the most of your actual photography coverage.