How should couples pose for pictures (flattering, dreamy, sexy, editorial, …)

How do I look good in pictures?

How should couples pose for photos?

How do you make a camera kiss look good?

What are the best sexy couple poses?

Walking or running toward the camera poses.

How to dip your partner in photos.

How to pose while looking at the camera—mastering the Parent Pleaser.

Tips on how to do silhouette poses as a couple?

Creative couple poses with balloons

Beautiful couple photoshoot poses ultimately boil down to believable connection, playfulness, intimacy, and the ability to tune out unwanted camera awareness.

Click the red hotspots in the image below for Pro-tips on how to perfect the little nuances that collectively make a huge difference.

‘Unwanted’ is the key since it’s actually desirable for you always to be aware of the whereabouts of your photographer. After all, great portrait photography is fundamentally about perspective, which is affected by your positioning vis-a-vis the camera.

We want you to think of each other rather than about the process of being photographed. The latter results in undesirable self-awareness, holding your breath, open-eye or closed-lip kisses, and stiff poses.

Remember that these are not candid pictures as you’d expect from much of your wedding day. Little details will make a big difference in whether you get magnificently frameable couple photos or mere snapshots.

An experienced portrait photographer will position you in the most flattering light and provide clear, actionable directions on achieving the best couple photoshoot poses.

That said, you can (and should) work on your couple poses before arriving in Paris.

And when you practice, keep in mind the following tips:

  • Breathe abundantly on each other and touch foreheads and/or noses for mouthwatering chemistry;
  • be deliberate about the placement of your hands—be it on your partner’s face, neck, hips, heart, in your pant pockets, or holding the lapel of your suit jacket (just don’t let your hands dangle);
  • try a tender hug from behind;
  • do a fabulous dip;
  • how about an epic lift?
  • for picture-perfect silhouette couple poses, maintain harmonious interspacing between the contours of your bodies, wear dark and tightly fitted attire, and pull your hair back in a bun;
  • never kiss away from your photographer—either kiss in a neutral posture or lean toward the lens;
  • Interestingly, the moment before the kiss (lips touch) leaves things up to the viewer’s imagination, which is why this technique is so prevalent in movies and advertisements.

So, if you’re tired of boring, browse and bookmark this gallery. It contains loads of cute, funny, dreamy, sexy, and romantic couple poses … whether you’re standing, sitting, walking, or even running.

Hire a Pro you trust. Importantly, don’t be shy to speak up when you have a side you prefer or something just does not feel right (don’t make your photographer guess).

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