Discover the prettiest photo spots for beautiful Eiffel Tower couple pictures. Plus, learn how to pose, what to wear, and which props work well.

Every year around 6 million people travel the globe to experience the Eiffel Tower. And for a good reason: the 300-meter-high iron masterpiece is one of humankind’s most instantly recognizable and distinctive attractions.

So, it’s of little surprise then that so many lovebirds pilgrimage to Paris for romantic Eiffel Tower couple pictures.

Eiffel Tower couple pictures under the Eiffel Tower
Capture your love story with dazzling Eiffel Tower couple pictures on Pont d’Iéna in early August, when most locals leave Paris for summer break.

Browse the gallery below to discover fantastic Eiffel Tower photo spots—the famous and the lesser-known.

Now, suppose you happen to be pressed for time and are after maximum photo variety. In that case, we’d recommend starting with an Eiffel Tower photoshoot at Trocadéro, where you’ll find some of the most awe-inspiring views of the Iron Lady.

Eiffel Tower couple pictures at Trocadero
Enjoy a romantic experience in the heart of Paris with Eiffel Tower couple pictures to cherish for a lifetime.

Trocadéro offers countless opportunities for epic couple pictures as you make your way down from its main square (Palais de Chaillot) toward the Seine River.

If it happens to be raining or you’re worried about the potential for rain and need an excellent Plan B, go with Bir-Hakeim Bridge.

Dreamy Eiffel Tower couple pictures at Bir-Hakeim Bridge in Paris
Dreamy Eiffel Tower couple pictures at Bir-Hakeim Bridge in Paris

It continues to be a favorite setting for blockbuster films and allows for a sublime perspective of the Eiffel Tower—notably during the Blue Hour and for nighttime pictures.

Couple photoshoot with starry night in Paris Bir-Hakeim Bridge
With the iconic Eiffel Tower glimmering in the distance, gaze deeply into the eyes of your sweetheart and celebrate love.

For more nuanced views of the 108-story monument, we love Pont Alexandre III—the most elegant bridge in Paris. Like Trocadéro, it offers exceptional variety. In addition, Alexander III is quite central when you intend to commute to multiple shooting settings.

Romantic Eiffel Tower couple pictures in the rain on Alexander III Bridge
Rain or sunshine, snuggle with your sweetheart to soak up the scenery and share a timeless kiss of equal parts poetry and passion.

As you may imagine, there are many other phenomenal places with Eiffel Tower views, including jaw-dropping residential and private rooftops seemingly made for marriage proposals.

Eiffel Tower couple pictures on a private residential rooftop
Steal a glamorous kiss before asking your girlfriend to marry you.

There are numerous luxury hotels with fantastic Eiffel Tower views. You’ll probably need to splurge a little in return for such exclusivity, but we think the experience and photos are well worth the investment.

Eiffel Tower couple photos at Le Metropolitan Hotel Paris
Cozy up with your soulmate and toast to the special love you share.

Get inspired
We invite you to have a quick peek at this fantastic resource, which showcases secret spots with Eiffel Tower views, such as Avenue de Camoëns or Rue de l’Université.

Intimate couple photos Eiffel Tower at night during Blue Hour

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