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Pre-sales questions

Kiss Me in Paris is an award-winning photography, video, and event-planning company based in the heart of Paris. Our services include the following:


  • couple photoshoots (engagement, honeymoon, anniversary, or just for fun);
  • elopement and wedding photography around the world;
  • surprise proposals;
  • French boudoir;
  • family;
  • Solo, blogger, influencer, etc.



  • Couple love stories (engagement, honeymoon, anniversary, or just for fun);
  • elopement and weddings;
  • surprise proposals;
  • live events and conferences;
  • Promotional films for individuals and businesses.

The best way to decide on the perfect travelshoot is to browse our super-informative Paris photo shoot guide, which will give you an excellent idea of how many hours are ideal for you based on the following:

  • your preferred photo locations;
  • desired number of outfit changes;
  • starting time(s); and
  • photography budget.

More photography coverage typically translates into added fun and better value. That’s why most clients prefer substantial bookings, including our popular 2-3 hour sunrise and/or evening slots. Also, ask us about our insanely fun and unique specialty shoots (e.g., Midnight in Paris, Emily in Paris, etc.).

Things to keep in mind:

  • Sometimes more is indeed more … Unless you already have experience in front of the camera, you might need a few minutes to warm up. Changing outfits, waiting for a yummy café, and commuting around town takes time. The last thing you want is to introduce unnecessary stress into a fabulous vacation shoot.
  • We recommend approximately 1 hour of photography/video coverage per primary location, such as Trocadéro, the Louvre, Montmartre, Palais-Royal, and the greater Notre Dame area. Important—there are no restrictions on the number of locations or outfit changes except for the time you reserve. And, yes, commute, outfit changes, waiting for UBER, you arriving late… all count toward the clock.
  • Remote photo spots, such as La Défense, Château de Villette, Château Bouffémont, Château Vaux-le-Vicomte, Versailles, and Disney, require more time and minimum bookings of 3 hours. 
  • If you’re after maximum fun, as well as location, outfit, and prop variety, we’d go with at least 3 hours of photography coverage, which is generally enough for the Eiffel Tower + Louvre (including surrounding attractions such as the Tuileries Gardens, Pont des Arts, and a fabulous Parisian café). Of course, you’re welcome to split the 3 hours and customize your itinerary however you see fit.
  • For families with toddlers (approximately 1-4 years), we recommend our shorter sessions (30 minutes or 1 hour). When your kids are relatively independent, you should commission more photography coverage and have your kids entertain themselves while you, as a couple, sneak in some romantic pictures.

Most shoots can conveniently be reserved online with zero back and forth—available 24/7!

We aim to make your booking process as simple, secure, and straightforward as possible. Here are the recommended steps:

  • When you have a preference regarding our artists’ styles, personalities, or prices, please briefly familiarize yourself with their bios and portfolios by clicking on their profiles above. Availability is only ensured once you formally make your reservation and get a confirmation.
  • Then, use the navigation tabs (at the top of the page) to select the appropriate service you’d like to book, e.g., “Photoshoots” vs. “Weddings” or “Marriage Proposals.”
  • Next, pick your desired date—please give the page a few seconds to refresh based on availability!
  • Decide on the package that best suits your budget and service preferences by clicking “Book Now.”
  • Click on the green drop-down menu to select your artist.
  • Pick the ideal starting time and press “Continue.”
  • Input your personal information, e.g., name, phone, address,…, and confirm your reservation.
  • Securely enter your credit card details, and pay the 50% retainer to reserve your booking.

We’ll instantly confirm your reservation and provide an invoice and contract for your convenience.

If you do not immediately receive a booking confirmation, please verify your spam folder and ensure that you entered the correct email address.

You’ll also receive a summary of your shoot details, including the contact information of your photographer or videographer.

For more involved reservations or full-service planning, please

Kiss Me in Paris is perfect for couples, families, and anyone who wants fantastic photos/videos/planning, and fun along the way.

When you value responsive communication in English, value-packed packages, and a fast turnaround of your photos/videos, then you should use Kiss Me in Paris.

We can also help plan incredible surprise proposals. As the #1 marriage proposal planner in Paris, we are an excellent partner for people who seek peace of mind, deep-rooted local expertise and connections, and a frictionless experience.

The number of edited photos you receive depends on your chosen photography package. For instance, when you book a 1-hour photoshoot, you get 15 high-resolution, masterfully edited photos. However, when you commission a 2-hour photoshoot, your collection has 35 masterful edits. Simply put, more photography coverage means more edited, high-resolution pictures.

Either way, you’ll see all images from your photo session (initially with a watermark) within 24-48 hours. Then, you can decide which ones you want us to edit.

Want more photos than come standard with your photography package?

We have you covered: each additional high-resolution Classic Edit is only Euro 5.

Suppose you can’t decide … and want all the fabulous photos from your Paris photoshoot.

At an additional fee, you can immediately download all unedited pictures from your shoot in high-resolution, print-ready JPEG format. Unedited photos are Euro 100 per hour of photography coverage or Euro 300 for sessions of three hours or more.

We aim to edit your photos as beautifully as you see on our website and social media.

We exclusively use our own professional Kiss Me in Paris editors as opposed to outsourcing editing or even asking our photographers to edit your images. There is confusing information online suggesting that it is somehow an advantage when your Paris photographer shoots and edits. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Click here for a detailed description of our editing solutions available to you.

The fastest way to check availability and pricing is to visit our intuitive online booking system.

Pricing starts at only Euro 250 per hour and varies depending on your choice of photographer and photo/video package.

For weddings, custom marriage proposal planning, and destination packages, please email our sales team to set up a complimentary consultation.

Popular time-slots—sunrise, the Blue Hour, and holidays—book out quickly.

We only require an associate for evening shoots, i.e., for any session that concludes after the official sunset (check the sunrise and sunset times for your date here).

We need someone to hold a light to illuminate you and match your exposure with your background (e.g., the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, etc.). Also, theft is, unfortunately, more widespread in the evenings, so the associate will protect our belongings.

An associate offers many splendid advantages:

  • He can help carry your outfits, wallets & phones, or props during the photo session, freeing up your hands to enjoy each other;
  • Your associate can sometimes photograph or film (with her phone) behind the scenes. As such, you might get a precious second perspective or a short, unedited video (AirDropped) to relive your memories.
  • During busy times of the day, she can help manage crowds. It’s an excellent way to avoid stress and prevent undesirable photobombing.
  • Your associate can already order a UBER or taxi to get you to the next photo spot while you’re wrapping up. As such, you can expect more net photography coverage!
  • During the cooler winter months, it’s a blessing to have someone who can quickly help you get in and out of a warm coat and comfy shoes—notably when your hands are freezing.


The clock officially starts at the scheduled kickoff time of your shoot (even if you arrive a few minutes late).

It’s entirely up to you how to use your commissioned photography time.

Some people prefer to visit as many photo locations as possible. However, remember that Paris is busy, so you should expect to lose time in traffic or waiting for a UBER or taxi.

Perhaps you intend to make several outfit changes. In that case, please appreciate that unless you rent a private van with a driver, you’ll lose time passing by your hotel or changing in the restroom of a café.

Your artists will greatly impact your overall experience and, by extension, your photographs and videos.

All Kiss Me in Paris artists are fun and energetic and possess strong communication skills in English and French. They are experienced, reliable, (mostly) internationally published, and deeply passionate about meeting people.

There are stylistic differences in their work. The best way to discover the ideal fit for your needs is to check out each artist’s portfolio, what others say about them, and their bios.

We accept all major credit and debit cards and alternative payment solutions like PayPal, Gift Cards, and even wire transfers (with proof of payment). If you choose to pay the balance of your package in cash, it is due at the latest immediately following your shoot.

Booking with us is fast, simple, and secure: a deposit payment of 50% of your package fee and a signed contract reserve your preferred date, starting time(s), and artist.

We understand that life can sometimes get in the way … Paris is a busy city, and you’re on vacation.

That said, just as you’d expect your photographer to arrive on time, we ask you to please be punctual.

We book multiple shoots per day and need to ensure that our artists are available for their next booking … well-rested, stress-free, and prepared.

The maximum time we (contractually) wait for you at the agreed meeting point is 15 minutes from your official starting time. Either way, your retainer remains strictly non-refundable whether you’re late or do not show up.

Even when we start your shoot with a delay (resulting from a late arrival), we do not extend coverage except at an additional charge. It’s a good idea to call or text your artist when you may be late.

Suppose you’re not sure about traffic conditions, your driver canceling, your beauty artist being done on time, or you anticipate a delay for any reason, please arrive early.

We love sunny, warm days as much as the next man … but it’s not guaranteed. We can control almost every element of your travel shoot experience except for the weather.

Here’s our commitment: We’ll try hard to work around rain on short notice, adapt your itinerary, and—subject to availability—even accommodate a date or time-switch.

As one of the busiest studios in Paris, we cannot guarantee the opportunity to reschedule during peak seasons or on holidays.

On a related note, appreciate two little-known weather considerations:

  • Accurately predicting the weather in Paris several days in advance is seriously impossible. So, do not stress yourself with unreliable forecasts unless they’ve been updated within 6-8 hours from the scheduled starting time of your shoot
  • We consider an overcast sky perfect for exploring Paris. Clouds allow for more flattering skin exposure, the absence of undesirable shadows, eye squinting, and fewer people … which ultimately translates into better photographs.

Almost no week goes by in Paris without some special event: marathon, Paris Fashion Week, July 14 festivities, a techno parade, women’s health celebration, strike, elections, sports events, Tom Cruise filming another Mission Impossible, Paris 2024 Summer Olympics preparations, United Nations dignitaries … you name it.

This is particularly relevant for Eiffel Tower photoshoots since the monument says Paris and invites events.

We have seen cranes in front of the Eiffel Tower, a soccer ball hanging in an arch of the tower, a barricade erected around the tower, streets blocked off … you get the point. We’ve even witnessed the Iron Lady remain dark at night protesting theft.

The Louvre Museum also occasionally closes to the public—most frequently on Tuesday or Sunday evenings. Its courtyard is typically obstructed twice a year for Paris Fashion Week. 

Your expectation should be that your preferred location will photograph as you see it in our galleries. You should, however, also anticipate the unexpected since Paris is a vibrant city in the heart of Europe … and events are part of our everyday life.

We do not offer a refund or change our editing process if your preferred location happens to be obstructed or otherwise visually less appealing. But we will work with you to find great alternatives.

It’s sometimes impossible to keep your appointment despite the best intentions.

We’ve seen it all, from airport disruptions and canceled flights to visa issues, strikes, health, pregnancy, job conflicts, and many other challenges.

As the premier Parisian photography, video, and events planning studio, we want you to book confidently and offer an unparalleled cancellation policy.


  • All Paris-based photo and video sessions (excluding weddings and proposal planning) come with an unconditional 100%, no questions asked, cancellation guarantee up to 10 days before the scheduled start of your photo/video shoot;
  • If you cancel within ten days from the scheduled start of your shoot, 100% of the deposit becomes a non-refundable retainer;
  • If you do not show up for your scheduled shoot—and assuming you did not cancel in writing 10 days in advance—100% of the deposit becomes a non-refundable retainer;
  • However, we will always help you reschedule (when possible) or provide a 1-year credit towards a future visit to Paris.
If you have any questions about our Cancellation Policy, please ask before booking.

Prepare like a Pro

After you officially book, you’ll immediately receive an email confirmation detailing the particulars of your travel shoot, including an introduction to your photographer. You’ll also gain access to her/his WhatsApp.

If you do not see the confirmation in your inbox, please check your spam folder and verify that you entered your email correctly before reaching out.

Our photographers are true local experts. They can help identify the best photo spots in Paris and personalize a fun route that makes the most of your commissioned time.

They can even organize a private van and driver (great idea!) for you.

We recommend that you say hello immediately and tell your photographer about yourself and your expectations for the shoot. Please share a recent photo of you (as a couple) so we are not total strangers when we meet.

Also, if you have already started a Pinterest inspiration board, please share it as soon as possible. Our photographers have packed schedules and will be most able to help when you give them ample time.

Folks who prepare for their photoshoot have more fun and flow and achieve better photos and video love stories.

Sure, some Rockstars will do amazingly with little or no preparation. We also appreciate that sometimes there’s just no time to prepare.

With that said, most of us are well-advised to create a Pinterest inspiration board and share it with our photographer. It helps manage expectations while prioritizing (to yourself and your artist) what matters most and what can be accomplished.

Grab a tasty café and head over to our super-searchable galleries, where you’ll discover all the photo inspiration you can handle.

Unless you’re doing a solo shoot, we encourage you to practice couple photoshoot poses and how to kiss. It’s delicious homework for a Friday night, guaranteed to pay dividends on the day of your shoot.

Consult our expert guides and video tutorials if you’re serious about the best possible experience.

  • Perusing our fabulous Paris Proposal Guide is almost a no-brainer for marriage proposals.
  • Want to know the best photo spots in town? Then this guide is for you.
  • Finally, you’ve worked hard and want to reward yourself with a mouthwatering meal. Check out our favorite Parisian restaurants with an Eiffel Tower view.
Creating a Pinterest inspiration board serves two vital goals:
  1. It helps manage expectations (with yourself and your photographer) regarding which locations, poses, lighting, etc., you value.
  2. It also prioritizes what matters most to you and what can be accomplished within your commissioned photography coverage (locations, time of the day, season, etc.).
What you should include in your Pinterest mood board.

Ultimately, less is more. Why? Because your board becomes more overlook-able for your artist when it includes fewer Pins. In other words, it’s easier to provide meaningful feedback.

Reducing the number of Pins also forces you to eliminate what’s not essential.

There’s no harm in initially pinning as many photos as you love. You can always delete photo ideas before your shoot.

We recommend pinning your favorite:

  • locations (sunrise vs. evening);
  • poses (this is a big one!);
  • creative couple ideas and props;
Where should I start pinning?

Head over to our searchable galleries and sort by type of shoot, favorite locations, duration, and time of the day.

We also recommend that couples have a look at the following two galleries:

Privatizing a van and driver comes at an additional cost (Euro 130 per hour) but is highly recommended for shoots with multiple locations.

We can organize the most reliable, English-speaking driver with a brand new Mercedes van for you. Just hit us up at

Time is money, and a personal driver will save you time (and stress) in a busy city like Paris.

How, may you ask? Simple. Using WhatsApp, you or your artist’s associate can continuously update the driver with live location updates and instruct the driver when and where to meet you. As a result, you won’t have to wait for an UBER (they cancel on you frequently in Paris) or a taxi.

But there’s more: When you invest in a private van with an English-speaking driver, expect the following additional benefits:

  • Easy and discrete outfit changes (as opposed to doing so in a café restroom or plain public view);
  • Protect your belongings. You can securely leave your wallets and phones in the van, which results in peace of mind and more flattering pictures (i.e., you avoid pocket bulging);
  • Free up your hands since you can leave the props you are not using in the van;
  • Stay comfy and warm in the winter (nothing beats being able to jump in a heated van after a winter sunrise shoot;
  • Great for families with toddlers or larger groups since you can fit up to 6 people and your photographer into a van;
  • It should be reassuring that your driver will pick you up and drop you off at your hotel—one thing less to worry about.
Here’s a handy “Day-of” Checklist to keep you organized:
  • Pack all props and outfits the night before the shoot;
  • Check the weather here when you wake up;
  • Charge your cell phone—you’ll need it to communicate with your artist, take a selfie, possibly revisit your Pinterest board, and flag down a UBER;
  • Leave all valuable items (that are non-essential for your shoot) at the hotel so they’re not lost or stolen;
  • If you hired a beauty artist, make sure she’s done in time (the last thing you want is to arrive at your photoshoot stressed);
  • Pack a pair of comfy shoes to get from one location to the next. Louboutins are not walking shoes!
  • On cool winter days, dress in layers and consider hand and feet warmers;
  • Consider bringing breath fresheners;
  • Leave your hotel early! There’s no harm in arriving at the meeting point before your videographer or photographer. Worst case, you grab a quick café, right? Please do not underestimate the Parisian traffic. Expect UBER drivers to cancel on short notice;
  • WhatsApp your artist (and any other vendors) when you leave your hotel so she knows you will be on time;
  • Trust in your artist, give 100%, laugh, and enjoy your time in Paris.

Simply ask us.

We can organize pretty much any size, shape and color and have them delivered to your first photo location—even at sunrise!

Most balloons that look dazzling in your pictures are too large to transport in a UBER from your hotel. In other words, renting a van is best when you intend to use oversized balloons for multiple locations.

Likewise, it would presumably be stressful (and difficult) for you to roam Paris for suitable balloons and stash them away in your hotel room. Plus, they would slightly deflate by the time of your photoshoot.

We’re glad you asked … since props within character are a brilliant way to spice up your Paris photo or video session. We recommend props that help you passionately connect, distract from unwanted camera awareness, and support the fun factor.

Conversely, we are not big fans of props that distract you from connecting or might feel awkward.

Props that almost always work well include macarons (our favs are Pierre Hermé, Carette, and Ladurée), Champagne, flowers, hats, confetti poppers, and balloons.

Remember that props can be bulky and require additional planning if your shoot entails multiple locations.

Yes, we know the best hair and makeup professionals in town. They are experienced, speak English, and understand the importance of finishing on time for your shoot or wedding. Ask us at

There are no hard rules regarding tipping etiquette for photographers or videographers. It comes down to personal preference.

Generally, if you feel that your artist went above and beyond and incrementally made your experience more enjoyable, then a tip is always a good idea.

Another way to show appreciation is through a passionate video review immediately after the shoot or by leaving happy feedback on Google.

After your shoot

We take great pride in our ability to turn around your photos and/or videos quickly.

In less than 24 hours following your shoot, you’ll typically receive a secure, watermarked online proofing gallery to view all unedited images. For surprise proposals, we try hard to edit 1-2 pictures that day, so you don’t have to wait to share the great news with the world.

Edited videos are typically delivered within four weeks from the day of your shoot, and video reels within 72 hours. 

We can’t blame you. Our photographers are so fun and talented that you’ll have difficulty deciding which images you love most.

Here’s great news: each additional high-resolution Classic Edit image is only Euro 5.

Suppose you can’t decide … and want all the fabulous photos from your photo session.

No problem. You can immediately download all pictures from your shoot in unedited, high-resolution, print-ready JPEG format for a modest additional fee. Watermark-free, of course! As a rule of thumb, the rate for all unedited high-resolution photos is Euro 100 per hour of photography coverage. For instance, the rate for high-resolution photos for a 2-hour shoot is Euro 200. The maximum fee for high-resolution pictures, regardless of how many hours you book, is Euro 300.

As a reminder …

… all edited images come in super-high resolution, are watermark-free, and will print magnificently on (almost) anything, including canvas, metal, glass, paper, and keepsakes of all shapes and sizes).

You can download and print your edited pictures at a local photo lab.

Or, you can go with our world-class US-based labs, which conveniently ship directly to your doorstep. We guarantee your pictures and other products will print beautifully and arrive at your place in excellent condition or we’ll re-do your order. You can conveniently order directly from your online gallery, which saves time and avoids mistakes.

We aim to edit your photos like you see them on our website and social media.

We invest substantial time and effort to make your pictures look stunning.

At Kiss Me in Paris, you can upgrade the Classic Edit to a Premium, Super-Premium, or even an Artistic Edit. Find out more here.

Yes! Our editing process is second to none in Paris. We spend real time making your photos look stunning.

When you order Black & White edits (Euro 50 per gallery), your photos initially pass through our meticulous Kiss Me in Paris editing process. We will only convert your images into timeless photo art, emphasizing true blacks and whites (instead of the dull grey “B&Ws” prevalent in our industry). See example.

All orders are printed at the finest photo labs in the United States and shipped directly to your doorstep. We guarantee you’ll love every printing product you purchase from us and that your order will arrive in perfect condition. Or we will re-do your order for free.

You can conveniently place your print orders directly from your online gallery, which saves you time and avoids mistakes.

Paper Prints.

Share your favorite photo memories from Paris with friends and family. Amazing pictures deserve to be printed. We offer loads of beautiful finishes in over 70 sizes.

Books & Albums.

Your best shots from a life-changing event in Paris justify being immortalized in a fantastic album. Our coffee table books are of spectacular quality and come in various sizes and finishes.


Turn your most amazing images into playful, useful travel gifts. We offer fabulous café mugs, aprons, keepsake boxes, magnets, and more.

Wall Art.

Add a pop of personality to your apartment with our fabulous wall-friendly prints, which come in over 20 sizes and a great variety of materials.

Thank you for taking the time to leave us feedback while the memories are fresh. It means the world to us and will help others, considering our services, make informed decisions.

Here are the most common places where customers leave feedback (feel free to copy/paste your review into all three platforms). Otherwise, consider prioritizing Google and Yelp):


We highly recommend downloading your edited photos as soon as possible and making several online and offline backups.

You’d be surprised how often people contact us after many years asking if we still have their photos.

Contractually, we only guarantee to keep your pictures for one calendar year after they are delivered.

In reality, we archive almost all shoots, so chances are we’ll still have your precious memories.

Returning to the archives takes time, and we charge a fee of Euro 200 if it’s been more than one year since we delivered your edited photos.