Why get engaged on the Secret Table Peninsula Paris?

Centrally located in the heart of Paris, The Peninsula Hotel is known for its exclusivity and outstanding service. While the establishment offers multiple beautiful spots to propose, it is most known for its legendary rooftop, the Secret Table. Expect sublime views of the Eiffel Tower and, importantly, delightful privacy.

Celebrity Paris proposal on a private rooftop
Watch this love story first: instant Goosebumps are guaranteed thanks to a dazzling display of intense chemistry between two grandmasters in the high and delicate art of the kiss.

No other private proposal spot in the City of Light offers comparable value. Different from the Shangri-La Paris, it’s not required (albeit recommended) to book a suite to propose at the Secret Table. You decide whether to rent the charming rooftop with or without dinner, during the day or in the evening when the Iron Lady twinkles against the romantic deep-blue night sky.

Romantic private rooftop proposal at the Peninsula Paris during the Blue Hour
Romantic private rooftop proposal at the Peninsula Paris during the Blue Hour

From approximately May through September, you have the option of adding fine dining for two on the Secret Table. How many couples can say their first dinner as newly-engaged was a mouth-watering 2-Star Michelin culinary experience served by a private butler?

Enjoy a 2-Star Michelin dinner on the Secret Table at the Peninsula Paris.

Benefits of proposing at the Secret Table Peninsula Paris

  • The Peninsula Hotel Paris takes discretion and your experience seriously. That means no unwanted onlookers, interruptions, or other distractions. Just the two of you celebrating an extraordinary moment in your lives.
  • Get bigger-than-life views of the Eiffel Tower as your Paris proposal backdrop;
  • Personalize the engagement setting the way your partner wants;
  • Surprise your partner with an unforgettable private dining experience, including an attentive personal butler; and
  • Easy access and comforting timeline flexibility.

We highly recommend hiring an experienced and well-connected Paris proposal planner. You’ll save loads of time and enjoy a stress-free experience.

How much does it cost to propose at the Secret Table Peninsula Paris?​

It’s a loaded question in that the sky, or in this case, your imagination, is the limit. You’re considering one of the most prestigious Eiffel Tower proposal spots and should expect to invest accordingly.

Secret Table Peninsula Paris private dining
Secret Table Peninsula Paris private dining

That said, we find that the Peninsula offers the best value in town—notably compared to other private commercial and residential spaces.

Any price indications for a surprise proposal at the Secret Table on the Peninsula Hotel are estimates and subject to change depending on the season, availability, your preferences, and choice of vendors.

Now, without further ado, look at our two most popular Peninsula Paris proposal collections below.

Essential Paris proposal package​

The Essential Paris Proposal package is for people who value:

  • A private Paris proposal with mind-blowing Eiffel Tower views;
  • precious peace of mind that comes from working with the most experienced and well-connected Paris proposal planner in town;
  • lovely rose petals and candles to create an unforgettably romantic ambiance;
  • professional photo & video (or video reel) documentation of your marriage proposal, followed by precious reactions and spectacular couple photos;
  • Priceless timing and planning flexibility that an exclusive palace-level hotel affords.

Essential Package


  • Expert Proposal Planner
  • Proposal Photography (1 hour)
  • Proposal Videography (1 hour)
  • Candles and Rose Petals
  • Champagne (Veuve)

Platinum Paris proposal package​

The Platinum Paris proposal package is for those people who demand uncompromising quality, the utmost attention to detail, and onsite coordination with white-glove service:

  • Full-service planning with “day-of” onsite coordination and production;
  • exquisite design & décor sure to enchant your partner;
  • Delicious private dining with unobstructed Eiffel Tower views;
  • private butler;
  • professional photo & filmmaking of your Parisian engagement;
  • A memorable couple photo & video shoot around the City of Light (optionally the same day or the next day);
  • transport in a luxurious vintage car (or modern Bentley/Rolls Royce) with an English-speaking driver;
  • a world-class master musician: you choose among a violinist, saxophonist, cellist, harpist, or guitarist to play your partner’s favorite song;
  • Toast in style with Dom Pérignon or Armand de Brignac Ace of Spades as you dance the night away;

Platinum Package


  • Expert Proposal Planner
  • Luxury Floral Design & Decor
  • Romantic Dining w/ Private Butler
  • Proposal Photography (1 hour)
  • Proposal Videography (1 hour)
  • Next-day Photo Shoot (2 hours)
  • Next-day Video Shoot (2 hours)
  • Violinist, Guitarist, or Saxophonist
  • Dom Pérignon or Armand de Brignac
Secret Table Peninsula Paris: how to propose to a woman

We’d be delighted to customize an unforgettably romantic Secret Table Paris proposal for you.​

Should I hire a proposal planner for my Secret Table engagement?​

The short answer is: absolutely yes.

If you’re resourceful and don’t mind researching and negotiating with local French vendors across time zones, you can plan a marriage proposal independently. In that case, we recommend this step-by-step Paris proposal guide.

Still, planning a flawless destination engagement typically entails more hand-holding and greater coordination than a local marriage proposal.

So, it’s an excellent investment in peace of mind to hire a local English-speaking expert who knows the top vendors and is familiar with the Peninsula Hotel—someone who’ll care to understand your vision and handle any challenges with grace.

Secret Table Peninsula Paris: ask Chantelle Marie to plan your proposal
When you’re serious about a fairytale engagement, then cross the t’s and dot the i’s with the #1 Paris proposal planner.

In short, invest in a trusted partner to manage everything for you. All you need to do is show up and have the time of your life.

The Secret Table Peninsula proposal packages outlined above are merely two options.

No two couples are the same, so you can modify either package as you see fit. We’d be delighted to add any of the following services:

  • Room/suite surprise decoration for your first night as fiancés;
  • fun scavenger hunt proposal concept;
  • additional musicians, such as a duo, trio, or even a quartet;
  • professional lighting to match the exposure of your setting with the Eiffel Tower;
  • personal shopping assistant;
  • VIP private day trips;
  • concierge dinner reservations;

The Peninsula Paris Hotel Rooftop Proposal​

Your questions. Answered.

Why propose at the Secret Table Peninsula Paris?

Should I hire a Paris proposal planner?

How much does a Paris proposal planner cost?

Are you available for my preferred date(s)?

Should I book a room at the Peninsula Hotel?

What Paris proposal services do you offer?

What happens after I book my with you?

What payment methods do you accept and how do I book?


— Jonathan McNabb
Secret Table Peninsula Paris proposal

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