How to do a Champagne pop like a Rockstar (while getting mind-blowing photos).

If you’re considering the Champagne pop as part of an upcoming photo session, then you may also love these three ridiculously fun photoshoot ideas.

The Champagne Pop: Toasting with a properly chilled, bubbly Champagne is always a good idea.

Chances are, your couple photoshoot marks a joyous occasion … and fizzy, light-colored wine has historically been associated with celebration.

But what you may not realize is that the act itself, of popping and spraying a Champagne, can be surprisingly fun and make for seriously mind-blowing photographs.

How do do the Champagne pop in photos
How do do the Champagne pop in photos

But …

There’s a bit of a learning curve, so here are a few tips to help you master the high and delicate art of the Champagne pop:

  • unless you’re a lottery winner, don’t use real Champagne. Simply cover the label with your hands, and nobody will notice;
  • remove the foil that covers the cork, but still leave the wire cage (muselet) on the bottle for now;
  • ensure that your photographer and videographer are ready;
  • now remove the wire cage by unwinding the little wire loop;
  • while it’s possible to do a so-called ‘soft-pop’ (where you gently twist and wiggle the cork out of the bottle, and retain it in your hand), we are big fans of just letting the cork fly;
  • place your thumb over the mouth of the bottle, but do not cover it completely;
  • don’t spray the Champagne directly in front of you, or your faces will not show in the imagery;
  • and, finally, shake the bottle firmly up and down and ideally with a bit of rotation. Have fun and do not stop shaking until the spray stops.