Introducing the 6 most romantic places in Paris.

A romantic getaway with your sweetheart in Paris promises a thrilling urban adventure and one of the happiest memories you will share for years to come. 

From the elegant sophistication of Paris Fashion Week to the carefree Bohemian spirit of the Left Bank, the City of Love tempts and inspires with divine cuisine, lively cafés, irresistible shopping, world-renowned art & architecture, and rich history. 

Whether you’re on the lookout for the most romantic places in Paris to propose to your sweetheart or just a hidden nook to steal a few naughty French kisses for your Paris Photoshoot, we have you covered.

Feel free to use the drop-down menu below to skip to the most relevant hidden romantic places.

Hidden romantic places in Paris Eiffel Tower Cherry Blossoms
Hidden romantic places in Paris Eiffel Tower Cherry Blossoms

Most Romantic Places in Paris #1: Pont Alexandre III Bridge

Where are the most romantic places in Paris
Alexander III is one of the most elegant bridges in Paris and photographs well any time of the day or night … and even when it rains.

Featured prominently in the divinely romantic last scene of Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris, this magnificent landmark is one of the most alluring playgrounds for lovebirds in the City. 

As Chantelle, our Chief Celebration Officer, said, “I feel so beautiful and elegant when I’m on that bridge. Whenever you see Alexander III, it just makes you feel good. When you look at it, you’re in awe that humanity can create such a majestic structure.

It says ‘Paris’ more than any other bridge in town. Everything about it is what we associate with the City of Lights: refined elegance, romance, and sophistication.” 

To make the most of your Alexandre III Bridge experience, definitely plan to visit at night. Its dreamy illumination, gold-plated ornamentation, and the glimmering Eiffel Tower in the distance offer the perfect ambiance to gaze deeply into the eyes of your sweetheart and celebrate your love.

Most Romantic Places in Paris #2: Luxembourg Gardens

Luxembourg Gardens Best Photo Spots in Paris
Immaculately manicured lawns, tree-lined alleys, dozens of statues sculpted by the likes of Rodin, and the monumental Medici Fountain make for the perfect romantic photoshoot.

A quiet place of luxuriant natural beauty, centuries-old sculpture, and architecture, the Jardin du Luxembourg will charm your date with its idyllic lawns, tree-lined alleys, flowerbeds, and the historic Medici Fountain. 

The park is an oasis of calm from the bustle of the Latin Quarter, with Saint-Germain-des-Prés nearby.

Be like … the French imperial couple, Napoleon and Josephine, who used the gardens to spend intimate time away from the noise of the City.

So bring a blanket to delight your loved one with French wine and cheese … along with the quintessential Parisian baguette, of course. Then snuggle to soak up the scenery and share a timeless kiss of equal parts poetry and passion.

Most Romantic Places in Paris #3: Rue de l’Abreuvoir (La Maison Rose)

Most romantic places to kiss in Paris la Maison Rose Montmartre
La Maison Rose in Montmartre is a Pinterest favorite and hands-down one of the most unexpected places to share a sensual kiss.

The historic district of Montmartre is known far and wide for its lively cafés and lounges, eccentric artists, and light-hearted joie de vivre.

Start your evening at SacréCœur Basilica, a Roman Catholic church located at the summit of Montmartre. Since you’ll already be at the highest point in Paris, cozy up with your soulmate for an adorable selfie with expansive views over the sparkling City of Lights.

Next, make your way to Place du Tertre, just a rock throw away from SacréCœur. With its many artists setting up their easels, the vibrant square is a lively spot for lovebirds to have a fun caricature drawn. Curious onlookers are sure to let you know how your artist is doing.

Before moving on from Place du Tertre, enjoy a traditional French favorite, Pastis de Marseille, at one of the square’s quaint cafés. Now is a fantastic time to lean in to toast to the special love you share.

And finally, place your arm snuggly around your sweetheart as you wander the narrow cobblestone streets toward La Maison Rose, Montmartre’s ultimate reference point. The pink restaurant serves traditional French cuisine and is located on the most postcard-worthy street in Paris.

When you and your partner time things well, you’ll get to seal your evening with a particularly romantic kiss during the magical Blue Hour.

Most Romantic Places in Paris #4: Louvre Museum

Paris Couple Photography by Night is more romantic
Paris Couple Photography by Night is more romantic. Try the Louvre Museum during the Blue Hour.

Start your day with the verdant Tuileries Gardens. Hold hands and saunter along the lush promenade.

Most visitors stroll around the center of the garden. So, when you head toward the Seine to the Terrasse du Bord de L’Eau, you’ll enjoy more privacy along its tree-lined allée. Or break out the trusty blanket and treat your soulmate to an open-air picnic. 

At sundown, when museum traffic disappears, head over to the illuminated Louvre courtyard.

In the evening, when the musicians come out, it becomes a romance-novel parallel reality. Expect Goosebumps when the palace and pyramids are lit up. That’d be the ideal moment to steal a glamorous kiss with live music playing around you. 

Standing in the middle of it all, with the lights of Place de la Concorde twinkling in the distance, take in the architectural marvels which have delighted kings and queens for centuries.

Most Romantic Places in Paris #5: The Pont des Arts Bridge

Pont des Art couple photoshoot in Paris
Pont des Arts offers some of the most postcard-worthy vistas in all of Paris and, as you may expect, might entice you to sneak in a few French kisses.

Also known as the Love Lock Bridge, Pont des Arts is where couples from around the world used to place personalized padlocks on the railings. And then, they threw the keys into the Seine to seal their love.

While charming and fun, the ritual started weighing the structure down, and alas, the practice was banned. 

But there is still a great reason to visit this iconic bridge. It boasts one of the most idyllic, quintessential postcard views of Paris. Notably, the Île de la Cite—a small island in the middle of the Seine, with a majestic weeping willow—is perfectly designed to shield lovers from curious eyes … with the towers of Notre Dame Cathedral just in the distance.

So, while it’s no longer possible to physically padlock your love on the bridge, its romantic aura is ideal for sealing your poetic pilgrimage with a kiss. 

Most Romantic Places in Paris #6: Eiffel Tower

The most romantic places to kiss in Paris with a view of the Eiffel Tower
Trocadero at sunrise can feel romantic—notably before sunrise when you can expect a crowd-free view of the Eiffel Tower.

A passionate kiss on one of the highest points in Paris seems beyond romantic but may not be your cup of tea unless you enjoy crowds. Fortunately, there are many enticing options to get affectionate in the vicinity of the Iron Lady.

How about a picnic in the Gardens of the Trocadero? Imagine you and your loved one snuggled up on the soft grass with the Eiffel Tower as your main attraction. 

Yet another temptation on the other side of the Seine is Champ de Mars, a vast green space reaching the foot of the tower. Lay on the lawn with a pack of Parisian macarons, a perennial French classic, and sneak a kiss between yummy mouthfuls of cream-filled crust. 

Maybe kick things up a notch with Champagne, and count your blessings while savoring the most iconic monument on the globe with the man or woman of your dreams.