Palais Royal and its splendid gardens are a must-visit for anyone serious about fun, memorable Parisian pictures.

No serious discussion of the best photo locations in Paris would be complete without considering Palais Royal and its magnificent gardens. A Hollywood favorite, this former palace would be our top choice when you’re after maximum photo variety in a short time.

It’s almost mind-boggling that one primary location could combine playful black and white striped (Buren) columns with expansive courtyards, fountains, and tranquil gardens.

Combine Palais Royal with a quintessential Parisian cafe and the Louvre.

Best time for photoshoot : all-day
Romance scale: high
Rain suitability: moderate
Nearby locations: Louvre Museum, Tuileries Garden, Cafés, Pont des Arts
Cost: free
Latitude & Longitude: 48.8652° N, 2.3354° E