Our fun photographers make it super-easy to feel confident and enjoy a playful adventure with sexy Paris boudoir photography as unique as you.

Do you want to avoid unflattering, run-of-the-mill boudoir photos—notably when traveling to the City of Lights?

Well, sure. So the real question, then, is “how?”

You see, the most successful boudoir photographers are not created equal—many tend to use one-size-fits-all studios or their apartments.

Accordingly, you’d come in during a designated time slot and go straight into your boudoir photo shoot.

No perfectly chilled Champagne to take the edge off. No decadent Parisian treats to energize you. And no time to build trust with your artist or comfort with the environment.

The result? You might feel vulnerable and not let your guard down.

Your boudoir photos can become formulaic, leaving little time to feel gorgeous in your own skin and enjoy a fantastic, empowering boudoir experience. It’s unfortunate, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

At Kiss Me in Paris, we understand that the French boudoir is about female sexuality, natural beauty, and power; it’s an extraordinary chance to celebrate yourself (or as a couple) … possibly leading up to or following a significant life event.

We want you to laugh, love every minute, and walk away over the moon.

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Paris Boudoir photography: celebrate sensuality.

A quick guide to the French Boudoir

Before your boudoir shoot, it’s essential to prepare a little. Preparation makes a key difference in terms of what you’ll get out of your boudoir session and how confidently you’ll arrive “on set.”

We encourage you to connect with your Paris boudoir photographer early—ideally via a live Zoom, so you’re not total strangers when you meet.

Together you’ll discuss the timeline and flow of the day and create a private inspiration board, including sexy wardrobe choices, playful accessories, flattering poses, and more.

Communicate with your boudoir photographer
Communicate with your Paris boudoir photographer, including goals, concerns, and style preferences. This will ensure you both are on the same page.

As you’ll notice in our gallery below, there are no hard rules on posing women for sensual boudoir pictures. But if we had just one recommendation, it would be to pose such that you do not show everything. The idea of an authentic French boudoir is to tease, intrigue, and leave the viewer wanting to see more.

Boudoir shoot ideas to inspire your boudoir photography
Here’s a brilliant example of a lying-down pose where the viewer sees just enough to feel intrigued and want to see more.

We suggest a good mixture of sitting, standing (frontal and from the rear), and lying poses. Variety is key!

The same applies to how your face interacts with the lens. For example, it can be super-sexy when you shyly look down, arrange your hair, or play with a pearl necklace. Then again, there’s something utterly sexy about a girl who confidently looks directly at you and lets her eyes do the talking.

Paris boudoir tips: confidently look directly at the camera and let your eyes do the talking.
Paris boudoir tips: confidently look directly at the photographer and let your eyes do the talking.

Any person who wants to give herself or himself a special gift.

Our French boudoir shoots will make you embrace your unique beauty, feel confident and feminine, and, above all, result in an unforgettable, empowering experience.

Who should book a boudoir in Paris?
Sexy boudoir props are a fantastic way to spice things up.

Perhaps you want to celebrate a significant life event and treat yourself to an extraordinary, confidence-boosting adventure. Or you want to spice up the relationship by surprising your partner with sensual photos. Maybe you’ve always been curious … and want to have your body professionally captured.

Feel free to set up a complimentary consultation or consider these ten reasons to book boudoir sessions.

When you’re comfortable with your Paris boudoir photographer and environment, you’ll fall deeply in love with your experience and sensual images, including any perceived bodily imperfections.

It’s almost mind-blowing how often we initially detect hesitation … just to witness awe and excitement subsequently.

Looking and feeling gorgeous in boudoir photography is more about a confident mindset and being unapologetically you.

Everyone wants to look more skinny, and what one person finds alluring may not appeal to another. Still, “sexy” is about attitude, confident body language, and showing just enough to pique the viewer’s interest and prompt an attraction.

Looking and feeling gorgeous in Boudoir is about a confident mindset
Looking and feeling gorgeous in boudoir photos is about a confident mindset.

There are many fabulously sexy lingerie brands, notably in England and France. That said, some of our favorite makers of luxurious bras, bodysuits, loungewear, and erotic lingerie include:

Paris offers many sexy hotels to do your boudoir photoshoot. It depends on your personality, style preferences, budget, and availability. On the one hand, you can opt for something classic Parisian and feminine, such as the Shangri-La Paris, Hôtel Plaza Athénée, Le Meurice, etc. Alternatively, when you want something more edgy and sexy, perhaps consider Maison Souquet (one of our favorite hotels for sexy boudoir pictures), Saint James Paris, or Hôtel Barrière Le Fouquet’s. Importantly, when you secure a fabulous hotel suite, there is no need for a woman’s private dressing room.

French boudoirs are not created equal, and neither is Paris boudoir photography. Generally speaking, studio boudoir sessions are significantly more affordable than hiring more creative artists and a beautiful hotel suite. And, yes, we’re unapologetically biased toward unique boudoir experiences instead of one-size-fits-all, cold studios or apartments.

Paris boudoir photography cost
Expect to invest more for boudoir photography than a Paris photo shoot since boudoir pictures require more editing and typically come with an NDA, eliminating a marketing opportunity for the photography studio.

When you commission boudoir pictures in a major city like New York City or Paris, expect to pay at least Euro 350-1,000 Euro per hour depending on the photographer’s experience and credentials.

Our Paris boudoir packages range from only Euro 375-650 per hour, depending on your choice of photographer.

We take privacy seriously and keep all personal information and boudoir images 100% confidential. As such, our Paris boudoir shoot comes with an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) … which translates into peace of mind for you. We promise never to share your boudoir photos online, via social media, or any other form without your express written consent.

You’d be surprised how often we get this question. First, let’s get the obvious out of the way. We do not recommend wearing any outfits a studio may offer you. It already sounds unhygienic to wear lingerie others have worn. Importantly, it implies you’d presumably look like another model, which is not fabulous.

We’d be delighted to provide feedback on which wardrobe, props, and shoes work well in Paris boudoir photography.

When was the last time you pampered yourself and bought hot lingerie? Hey, our French boudoir gives you the perfect excuse to go shopping.

Remember, the sexiest luxury lingerie brands we love are:

What to wear for Paris boudoir photography
What to wear for Paris boudoir photography: bring a variety of lingerie and accessories that make you feel confident, feminine, and attractive.
Some hotel suites and studio settings may feel too hot or cool, so consider bringing layers with you.

Let’s make this one easy: yes, you’d be remiss not to hire a beauty professional for your boudoir.

An experienced hairstylist & makeup artist will create looks straight from fashion and glamour magazines while saving precious time when you’re after multiple looks.

A fun artist will uplift you and make you feel even more comfortable.

Let us know if you need help identifying a talented beauty artist in Paris for your hair and makeup decisions, and we will gladly put you in touch.

Absolutely. We are one of few studios in town experienced in boudoir films and photos. Our videographers and photographers prefer to work with each since they inspire one another. What’s the benefit for you? Fewer administrative touch-points, coordinated expert preparation, and a world-class photo & film experience.

Our successful boudoir photographers are fluent in English and French, super fun, and experienced in capturing tasteful, sensual photos.

The best way to discover the perfect fit for your Paris boudoir photo shoot is to check out each of our artists and optionally set up an exploratory Zoom chat.

After booking a boudoir photography session with us, you’ll receive a confirmation with your requested boudoir photography package, preferred date, and starting time. In parallel, we’ll connect you with your photographer (or videographer), so you can immediately kick preparations into high gear.

Why you should have a boudoir session in Paris
The fun starts immediately after you book your French boudoir with us. Do not delay: verify that your hotel suite works well regarding natural light and space. Pull boudoir photo ideas from our website or find ideas on Pinterest, then share your preferred style with your photographer. Perhaps have a quick Zoom with your artist so you are not strangers when you meet.

Yes! Nobody knows your taste better than you.

That’s why you’ll receive a password-protected online proofing gallery with all the beautiful images (unedited) from your French boudoir within 24-48 hours.

Selecting the boudoir pictures you want us to edit is up to you. We make choosing your favorites a breeze: all you need to do is click on your preferred images in the proofing gallery, and you’re good to go.

Our discrete editing team will receive a log with your fine art edit requests and get straight to work. You can even provide a few high-level guidelines for our editors.

Keeping your Paris boudoir appointment is sometimes impossible despite the best intentions.

We’ve seen it all, from airport disruptions and canceled flights to visa issues, strikes, health, pregnancy, job conflicts, and many other problems.

We ask you to communicate with us in real-time, so we can help find a solution (or reschedule).


  • All Paris-based boudoir shoots come with an unconditional 100%, no questions asked, cancellation guarantee up to 10 days before the scheduled start of your appointment;
  • If you cancel within ten days from the scheduled start of your shoot, 100% of the deposit becomes a non-refundable retainer (and so there is no refund);
  • If you do not show up for your scheduled boudoir appointment—and assuming you did not cancel in writing ten days in advance—100% of the deposit becomes a non-refundable retainer;
  • However, we will always help you reschedule (when possible) and, alternatively, provide a 1-year credit towards a future boudoir shoot.

Stunning boudoir photography: what to expect

Different by Design

#1 Different by design​

Our approach to Paris boudoir photography is about getting to know each other before the shoot (typically via Zoom). Feeling comfortable and at ease with your photographer is important, as this will impact your experience and result in sexy and fun pictures.

We’ll take the time to understand your expectations and why you want to do boudoir photos in Paris and then optimally prepare you.

We encourage you to catalog inspiration in a single place—ideally with a hidden Pinterest board labeled ‘Boudoir Photography Paris France.’ 

Include anything from boudoir photo ideas, to sexy lingerie, flattering poses, playful props, and a checklist of what to bring along.

We’ll also look into the availability of quintessential Parisian hotels with great natural light. Warm, intimate settings work superbly for an authentic French boudoir (remember, we are not big fans of studios, studio props, or studio wardrobes).

Then it’s up to you to indulge in a fabulous shopping spree. This is the perfect excuse to pamper yourself with lingerie, accessories, and other sexy things you’ve always wanted.

Finally, have fun, relax, and feel like a Parisian Rockstar.

#2 Discretion guaranteed​

We take your privacy seriously and keep all personal information and sensual photos 100% confidential. As such, our Paris boudoir photography comes with an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) … which translates into peace of mind for you. We will never share your images online, via social media, or in any other form without your written consent.

#3 Paris boudoir packages custom-made for you​

Perhaps you already have a hotel and are merely looking for a Paris photographer to capture sexy French boudoir photos for you. Or maybe you want some help sourcing just the right hotel room, a makeup artist, recommendations for the hottest lingerie in town… We are here to help, and our Paris boudoir packages make it easy to get the experience you want at a price you can afford.

How it works.

Book with confidence.

01 Book your Paris boudoir photographer

So you think we’re a great fit? Yaay! We’re excited to meet you and can’t wait to be part of your French Boudoir! Your next step is to lock in your preferred date, photographer, and boudoir package. Once your reservation is complete, you’ll immediately receive a summary with your shoot details, including the contact information of your artist. BOOK NOW.

02 Planning your boudoir photography in Paris does not need to be a lonely process

Now it’s time to kick preparations into high gear! Your photographer is here to help you prepare confidently. You’ll agree on the must-have shots, preferred boudoir style, and overall vision. Doing a Zoom is fantastic, so you’re not strangers when you meet.

03 Do your homework before you arrive in Paris

We find that individuals (same applies for couples boudoir photography) who prepare well before arriving in Paris achieve dramatically better results: expect more fun, flow, and amazing boudoir photographs! So, optionally, spend a little time in the gym, touch up the basics (mani-pedi, shave/wax, …), and create a drop-dead gorgeous Pinterest board. Creating a mood board allows you to understand (and communicate) what you love … and which style might not be up your alley.

04 It’s showtime!

Today’s the day to have incredible sexy boudoir photos taken. If you’ve never done boudoir pictures and are having a few innocent jitters, it’s completely normal. Relax: you’ve prepared well and are in experienced hands with Kiss Me in Paris. Your photographer will instantly make you feel comfortable and playful. It never hurts to take the edge off with a perfectly chilled French Champagne before taking photos, right?

05 Get your boudoir pictures back. Fast.

You’ll receive a password-protected online proofing gallery with all your boudoir images in under 48 hours. Then it’s up to you to select your favorite pictures and ask our editors to make them even more fabulous.

Boudoir Photography Paris France Kiss Me in Paris

This was such an incredible experience—one that every woman (or man) ought to have! I immediately felt so comfortable with Vincent. He’ll let you know how to pose to look confident and sexy. I loved every moment and can’t wait to see my fine art edited photos.

Best Boudoir photography Paris France

thinking of him … thinking of you …

The art of Paris Boudoir Photography

What’s Next?​

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