Does the idea of charming cafés and a few naughty kisses during a romantic evening stroll sound like you?

Then you’ll love this gallery filled with super-romantic Paris couple pictures—taken during the Blue Hour, Golden Hour, and nighttime.

Paris couple photography by night is more romantic
If we had to choose a place for romantic Paris couple photography by night, it would be the Louvre during the Blue Hour. Expect fun, romance, a few naughty kisses, and other-earthly pictures.

So whether you’re coming to Paris to propose, celebrate an anniversary, or unwind a little with a fun couple photo session, we invite you to explore the most beautiful photo spots in Paris (and how they photograph at night).

The so-called magical Blue Hour is the period after official sunset when the day ends and night begins. Expect the vivid blue sky to become increasingly saturated until it eventually transitions to dark (nighttime). The duration of the Blue Hour depends on the time of the year; it can last anywhere from a few minutes to an hour.

Why is Paris Couple Photography by Night (Blue Hour) so Popular?

  • It is the most magically romantic time of the day for lovebirds;
  • Soft, flattering light ensures no squinting in photos, no blown-out details in your outfits, and no distracting shadows;
  • Unique opportunity to get daylight, the Blue Hour, and even nighttime pictures within a single hour;
  • An evening starting time means you can hire a professional beauty without losing sleep as you would for a sunrise session.

Want really fun Paris engagement photos by night?

Then don’t delay.