The Ultimate 2023 Paris Elopement Guide is a comprehensive resource for couples who want to elope in the City of Love but don’t live in France. It offers valuable tips and advice on planning a memorable elopement in Paris, from legal requirements to choosing the perfect venue and vendors.

The guide also includes insider information on the best photo spots, transportation options, and where to find the best French cuisine. Whether you’re dreaming of an intimate ceremony at the Eiffel Tower or a romantic stroll along the Seine River, this guide will help make your Paris elopement an unforgettable experience.

Why Elope in Paris?

Chateau Bouffemont Paris Elopement

Eloping in Paris is an attractive option for many couples due to the city’s reputation as one of the most romantic destinations in the world. Here are some good reasons why couples might choose to elope in Paris:

  • Romantic atmosphere: Paris is often called the “City of Love” thanks to its enchanting ambiance, historic landmarks, and picturesque streets. Couples can feel the romance in the air as they stroll hand-in-hand along the Seine, dine at intimate candlelit restaurants, or share a kiss atop the Eiffel Tower.
  • Stunning backdrops for photos: Paris offers numerous iconic locations for wedding photos, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Notre Dame, and Montmartre. These settings can make for unforgettable and visually stunning images that capture the essence of your special day.
  • Simplified planning: Eloping can be less stressful and more cost-effective than a traditional wedding, as it typically involves fewer guests, less planning, and lower expenses. Paris offers various wedding planners, photographers, and officiants who specialize in elopements and can help you create a personalized experience.
  • Honeymoon destination: Paris makes an excellent honeymoon destination, allowing couples to combine their elopement and honeymoon in one trip. They can enjoy romantic walks, relaxing boat cruises on the Seine, and day trips to nearby attractions such as Versailles or the Champagne region.

Eloping in Paris offers a unique, romantic, and unforgettable experience that appeals to many couples seeking an intimate and memorable way to celebrate their love.

Romantic atmosphere

Romantic atmosphere

A romantic getaway with your sweetheart in Paris promises a thrilling urban adventure and one of the happiest memories you share for years to come. 

From the elegant sophistication of Paris Fashion Week to the carefree Bohemian spirit of the Left Bank, the City of Love tempts and inspires with divine cuisine, lively cafés, irresistible shopping, world-renowned art & architecture, and rich history. 

Stunning backdrops for photos

Stunning backdrops for photos

Let’s assume you smartly texted your eiffel tower proposal photographer and vendor team that you left your hotel and are about to arrive at the proposal spot.

Unless you privatized a setting—where you have complete control over the environment—it’s essential that you don’t show up early, but also not much later than planned.

Simplified planning

Simplified planning

Hi, I’m Chantelle, Founder and Executive Proposal & Wedding Planner with Kiss Me in Paris.

Nothing brings me greater professional fulfillment than creating beautiful, personalized, and infinitely memorable experiences for my couples.

I’m fortunate to be around people for some of the happiest and most significant occasions. It’s a great honor and awesome responsibility to help inspire and bring their fabulous visions to life.

Honeymoon destination

Centrally located in the 16th arrondissement, the ultra-exclusive Shangri-La offers some of the city’s most dazzling Eiffel Tower views.
It’s almost mindboggling how ideally situated the hotel’s private terraces are when you’re after jaw-dropping pictures with the Iron Lady as your backdrop.
The exclusive terraces lend themselves to sublime marriage proposals, elegant elopements, and romantic private dining.
Thanks to its insanely gorgeous ballrooms on the first and second floors, the Shangri-La can also accommodate weddings & events from intimate to extravagant.

5 Great Reasons for A Paris Elopement

Top 5 Reasons Why a Paris Elopement Should be on Your Bucket List

  1. Paris is blessed with natural indoor and outdoor locations that are wonderful for ceremonies and photo opportunities.
  2. French cuisine is sublime, and Parisian gastronomy, in particular, is other earthly. Not to mention French wine, Champagne, irresistible macarons, and relatively underrated the best chocolate in the known universe.
  3. Chic Palace-level hotels and enchanted Chateaux give life to fairytale visions;
  4. As a growing destination for elopements, Paris increasingly offers abundant English-speaking vendors.
  5. On a practical note, Paris is the perfect gateway to transition into your honeymoon to other marvelous European attractions.

Paris embodies romance, sophistication, and elegance. But you already know that and are probably excited about the idea of eloping in Paris.

The truth is that when you strip the romance away, there are challenges to a Paris destination elopement that can stop any adventurous couple in their tracks. 

Planning an elopement from another country can be tough. Especially when you don’t know exactly where to start or turn for help.

Here at Kiss Me In Paris, we have photographed and planned many happy Paris Elopement celebrations. We love to collaborate with couples to navigate the language and cultural barriers and pull together the best venues and vendors to help them to create a celebration that is perfect for their budget and for their needs.

best private rooftops in Paris for marriage proposals

Marignan Champs-Elysées

Another centrally located 5-star Parisian hotel rooftop terrace with dazzling Eiffel Tower views. Ask your proposal planner to personalize the space for you. Then, have a private butler serve your first Champagne as newly engaged.

Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris Marriage Proposal

Four Seasons George V

When you’re after the most exclusive rooftop in Paris, “The Penthouse” by the Four Seasons Hotel George V offers magical 360-degree views of the City. Only recommended for a healthy proposal budget. An experienced planner is a must.

Private Paris rooftop proposal with Paris proposal planner Chant

Eiffel Tower residential rooftop terrace on Rue Copernic

Pinned countless times, this unique residential rooftop on Rue Copernic dazzles with enchanting Eiffel Tower views. The terrace is one of the largest in town. As such, expect endless opportunities to personalize a special ambiance tailormade to your partner’s preferences. As with any residential rooftop, you’ll need someone to coordinate the logistics and guide your partner up onto the rooftop where you await.

Champs Élysées private rooftop proposal Eiffel Tower views

Champs-Elysées residential Eiffel Tower rooftop terrace

Overlooking one of the most famous avenues in the world, this remarkable Champs-Élysées residential rooftop offers expansive views of the City, including the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, and Montmartre. Its spacious terrace can easily accommodate numerous vendors and even your family. However, as with any residential rooftop, logistics are more complicated, and the approach is less luxurious than, say, with a Palace hotel. A planner is essential.

Paris Elopement Packages

How much does it cost to elope to Paris?

If you are eloping in the true sense of the word – just you or your significant other, with or without any other guests, then your costs can vary significantly.

Consider the below list as you put together the Paris elopement of your dreams.

  • Travel (roundtrip airline tickets to Paris) – Purchase around 6-7 months prior.
  • Accommodations/Hotel – Paris has many options across the price spectrum.
  • Bride and Groom Outfits – These can be simple or fabulous.
  • Planner – she can be accommodating for a destination event.
  • Hair & Makeup – Look your best for your elopement.
  • Bouquet and Boutonniere – Your flowers complete the look.
  • Officiant – English speaking.
  • Celebrant to perform your ceremony.
  • Photography/Videography -Likely your most important purchase!
  • Car Service – Extremely convenient for getting around Paris.
  • Musician – Have your grand ceremony entrance to the sound of your favorite song.
  • Ceremony Venue – Can be a public (free) place or private (paid).
  • Reception for two – Can be a gastronomic restaurant or privatized venue.
  • Floral Decor & Design – This will be important for a privatized venue.
  • Extras – props, vintage car, etc.

How much you spend is up to you. Consider travel and accommodations mandatory. For the remainder of the day, you can organize to match your needs and your budget.

Essential elopement package

This elopement package is for couples who value:

  • 5-Star service;
  • legendary Eiffel Tower views;
  • professional photo & video capture of the ceremony, some fabulous couple portraits, and a perfectly chilled French Champagne;
  • a stylish English-speaking Paris officiant; and
  • timing and planning flexibility that an exclusive Shangri-La elopement affords.

Essential Package


  • Photography (1 hours)
  • Videography (1 hours)
  • Officiant
  • Wedding Bouquet
  • Champagne (Veuve)

Platinum elopement package

This elopement package is for couples who demand uncompromising quality, the utmost attention to detail, and onsite coordination:

  • Full-service planning with “day-of” onsite coordination and production;
  • white-glove service and timeline management;
  • legendary Eiffel Tower vistas;
  • comprehensive photo & video coverage, including getting-ready, bridal portraits, details & décor, symbolic ceremony, and formal (family) portraits;
  • a memorable couple photo & video shoot around Paris;
  • transport in a posh (vintage) car with a personal driver;
  • bridal beauty services;
  • elegant English-speaking officiant;
  • a master violinist or guitarist to play your favorite songs;
  • toast in style with Dom Pérignon as you kiss and dance as newlyweds;
  • maximum timing and planning flexibility; regular Zoom calls and direct WhatsApp access to your expert wedding planner.

Platinum Package


  • Expert Event Planner
  • Photography (3 hours)
  • Videography (3 hours)
  • Officiant
  • Violinist or Guitarist
  • Beauty Services
  • Vintage Car with Driver
  • Deluxe Bouquet (cascading)
  • Dom Pérignon or Armand de Brignac
Unexpected places to propose in Paris: Alexander III Bridge

Midnight in Paris on Alexander III

Among Paris’s most ornate and famous bridges, Alexander III photographs well any time of day and night. Suppose you can shake your soulmate out of bed before sunrise. Then consider a relaxed stroll to watch Paris wake up and pop the question when you arrive in the middle of the bridge. Alternatively, say you want to maximize the hours as freshly-minted fiancés on your proposal day. In that case, a romantic Midnight in Paris engagement with the lights of the Eiffel Tower twinkling in the distance is hard to beat.

Unexpected places to propose in Paris

Luxembourg Gardens

A place of natural beauty, the Luxembourg Gardens will charm you with idyllic lawns, tree-lined alleys, and the historic Medici Fountain. Bring a blanket and delight your loved one with French wine, cheese, and the quintessential Parisian baguette. Then snuggle to soak up the verdant scenery as you share a timeless kiss of equal parts poetry and passion. Verify the opening hours and arrive early to beat the crowds.

Romantic Paris Scavenger Hunt Proposal with private yacht Eiffel

Private Yacht Eiffel Tower

A scenic private Seine River cruise is one of the logistically most challenging and expensive Paris proposals. Still, the lucky few who can afford it should look forward to a mind-blowing experience with unforgettable views of the City of Lights. Picture exiting the cabin to a ship’s deck covered in a sea of roses, a master violinist serenading your partner with her favorite song, and chilled vintage Dom Pérignon. Did we mention that your private yacht will pull up right in front of the Eiffel Tower? Can you imagine a better place to ask your partner to marry you? Such an elaborate proposal is only possible with an experienced local event planner.

Louvre Museum

The iconic museum is among the most recognizable monuments in the world. Sure, you’ll need to show up early to beat the crowds. Yet, this stunning glass-and-metal structure is fantastic when you’re after the WOW factor and something different from the Eiffel Tower. A Louvre Pyramid proposal works well when combined with a couple of photo shoot. After she says “yes,” enjoy a yummy café, get engagement pictures along the former love lock bridge (Pont des Arts), or take a romantic stroll in the idyllic Tuileries Garden.

Three Ways To Plan Your Elopement

There are three ways to plan your perfect elopement:

  1. DIY elopement. Free in terms of money. Expensive in terms of time and stress.
  2. Elopement Packages. Preset Collections with the vendors chosen and the work done for you. Great value!
  3. Dedicated Planner. Most expensive and most customizable. The fee is usually a percentage of the overall budget. If you have a strong vision – this is the direction you take. Your planner is there to give you different vendor options and execute your plan down to the smallest detail.

If you like to dig through the weeds and are also a budget shopper … then a DIY option may be best for you. We would recommend that you start at least 6-10 months out.

A great alternative to a DIY or a dedicated planner would be to look for elopement packages or collections. These will generally offer all the necessary elements and a handpicked team of vendors to facilitate your Paris elopement, while in most cases, being more efficient (versus doing it yourself) and more cost-effective (versus a custom planned event).

Here at Kiss Me In Paris, we are happy to help with dedicated planning services for a bespoke experience, as well as elopement packages and collections.

Where to propose in Paris: Tuileries Garden

Tuileries Garden

With the Louvre as a backdrop, the Tuileries Garden esplanade is one of the best-kept secrets for couples who value privacy but still want to capture the essence of Paris. This tree-lined alley is remarkably quiet and works all day. But verify the park’s opening hours and coordinate with your Paris photographer.

Quiet places to propose in Paris Montmartre sunrise


The highest point in Paris, Montmartre, is known far and wide for its lively cafés, eccentric artists, and light-hearted joie de vivre. While this spot offers ridiculously expansive City views, it should only be considered “quiet” at sunrise. We recommend combining your proposal with a fun engagement photoshoot while you both are on Cloud 9. Montmartre has other-earthly photo spots like La Maison Rose, Le Consulat, Sacré-Cœur, and many picturesque cafés along the Place du Tertre square.

Paris Elopements Planner: Elope in Paris with the most experienced Celebrants

Do I need a planner for my Paris elopement?

Well … it depends. 

  • How elaborate is your affair? Larger events or elopements with a more complicated timeline will benefit from a planner.
  • How much time do you have on your hands? Busy at work … then let someone else do the work!
  • How well do you know Paris? If it’s your first time visiting … get a planner!

An investment in a local planner, who knows the city well and can make location and vendor recommendations, manage the logistics of your Paris elopement, and create an exciting flow to the day, is honestly well worth the investment. The only thing you need to do is to show up and enjoy.

Are you ok to spend your time in Paris trying to find a good florist or a seamstress? What if you get to your chosen elopement location just to find out that it really doesn’t look as great as in those online photos? 

French castle proposal: Chateau de Villette

Chateau de Villette

Glamorous, romantic, and beyond perfect for private luxury proposals when you want an alternative to the Eiffel Tower.

Chateau de Vaux le Vicomte French castle proposal


Awe-inspiring proposal setting that is at once charmingly Parisian, sublimely beautiful, and seriously luxurious.

8 Great Things That A Good Elopement Planner Will Do For You

where to elope in paris
Where to elope in Paris
  1. Save your time.
  2. Help you to find the perfect location.
  3. Have great vendor contacts (photo, video, florist, transportation, musician, hotels, restaurants, officiant, guest activities and concierge, etc.)
  4. Know the city very well and can make recommendations on things to do.
  5. Be experienced in elopements and weddings and will likely present options you may not have thought of or even know existed.
  6. Manage your budget (and payments) so that you don’t spend any more than you want to.
  7. Manage your vendors so that you spend more time enjoying this moment and less on logistics.
  8. Create the perfect timeline.

A good planner should result in a better elopement day with less stress. They will turn your ideas into a beautiful reality.

It is priceless to have someone on the ground that can be an informative and valuable resource for whatever you need … someone who is just a WhatsApp phone or text message away.

When you’re ready to plan a bespoke Paris Elopement, click here.

Build Your Dream Team: How to Find The Best Vendor For Eloping in Paris?

An investment in a local planner, who knows the city well and can make location and vendor recommendations, manage the logistics of your Paris elopement, and create an exciting flow to the day, is worth the investment. The only thing you need to do is to show up and enjoy.

Are you ok with spending time in Paris trying to find a good florist or a seamstress? What if you get to your chosen elopement location to find out that it doesn’t look as great as in those online photos? 

If you are set on planning your elopement yourself, then it is doable – especially if you have some time on your hands. If you are unfamiliar with Paris, researching through different websites, reading articles and reviews, and putting your faith into booking vendors from thousands of miles away will take some time. 

Whatever your choice, you want to start planning your elopement in about 10 months. By four months out, you want to have all your vendors booked. Use the remaining time to iron out the more minor details. If you decide on an elopement Collection or hire a planner, choosing vendors becomes simpler – because you will have a curated team of talented vendors at your fingertips. 

The 8 Most Important Paris Elopement Vendors

planning an elopement in paris
Planning an elopement in Paris

The most important vendors needed for your elopement would be your officiant, photographer and/or videographer, hair and makeup artist, and possibly a florist (depending on your needs). 

1. Choose Your Paris Elopement Officiant

If you decide on a symbolic ceremony, the next step is to find an officiant or celebrant to create and perform the marriage ritual. Gone are the days when your officiant had to be a clergy member. The modern officiant spans different religions and belief systems.

So seek out referrals from other French vendors or check directories of vendors. A simple google search can provide officiants in Paris across the spectrum – religious to secular.

2. Choose Your Paris Elopement Photographer / Videographer

Your photographer and or videographer is perhaps the most important investment you will make for your Paris elopement. After it is all said and done, your photographs will be what you have left of this special time in your life.

Sharing your photographs with friends and family back home will bring them into your celebration and make them feel a part of your day. And what’s better for your elopement reveal than an iconic Instagram “Just Hitched” photo? 

While photography is essential for capturing these precious memories, video documents elements that photography may be unable to. Like how you moved in your dress, the emotion in your voice as you read your vows, your happiness as your beloved spontaneously picked you up and twirled you around after the pronouncement.

Watching a film is a highly sensory experience. You will be able to relive the emotions, the sounds, and the movement of the day. On your wedding day, you are on cloud 9, and time can fly quickly. Video allows you to return and take in anything you might have missed.

An added benefit of an elopement is that it allows your friends and family abroad to feel more a part of your day.

Forego the 1 hr traditional documentary. You will likely watch it once and never again. Instead, opt for a 3-5 minute highlight film with a 1-minute social media optimized edit and a copy of the entire ceremony.

So is video a necessity? No … but we very highly recommend it!

3. Hair and Makeup Artist

We highly recommend professionally getting your hair and makeup was done for your wedding day. You will likely be most photographed on that day than ever, and you want to look your absolute best! Not just for your partner, but for everyone else who will see your lovely pictures! Yes, you’ve got the glow of love …but some properly placed highlighter never hurts! 

4. Florist

Your floral needs for your ceremony and photo afterward could be as simple as an elopement bouquet, which will start around 175 Euros … and increase depending on the type of flowers chosen. Flowers in season will be more accessible on the wallet. Think bright colors for summer, red and darker colors for fall, and fun pastels for spring – pink peonies in Paris are divine. Whites, creams, and light-colored bouquets are fabulous all year round! And don’t forget a matching boutonniere for our fellas!

5. Transportation

This means transportation around Paris – from the hotel to the ceremony venue and throughout your photoshoot. Get a car with a driver. It’s your wedding day, after all – the perfect day for a bit of the luxury you may not usually choose. There is nothing wrong with standing on the corner and waiting for your Uber … but there is something special about coming out to your Mercedes V or S class with a chauffeur waiting for you, opening the door for you, helping you with your things …

Amazing Scavenger Hunt Proposal in French castle
Amazing Scavenger Hunt Proposal in French castle

6. Vintage Car

Consider a sexy red sportscar OR a fun pastel-colored beetle … how about a sophisticated white Rolls Royce …or perhaps a private boat for two on the Seine? If you are adventurous, how about a Vespa? Having a “getaway” vehicle to take you to the next adventure (perhaps your reception) provides a fun experience for your post-ceremony photoshoot and wonderful Instagram-worthy photos!

7. Musician

Having a live musician is a beautiful addition to your elopement. Whatever your fancy – guitarist, violinist, saxophonist, harpist, music can set the tone for a magical setting. Imagine walking down the aisle to your favorite song … fantastique!

8. Cake

As Marie Antoinette famously said – “Let them eat cake!”. In Paris, we take this pretty literally – there is a patisserie (bakery) on just about every corner in the city. Parisians LOVE their sweets … Just because your elopement is an audience for two doesn’t mean you shouldn’t indulge.

There are a few options here … you could have a bespoke “American-styled” cake designed just for you or bring a bit of France into your celebration with a mini macaron or croquembouche tower. These options will add a beautiful AND delicious element to your reception table.

Finding any of the above vendors can be as simple as scrolling through the wedding directories listed above, getting recommendations from friends or other vendors, or searching through Instagram. 

Alternatively, depending on budget, you could consider the higher cost option. This elopement planner can put together the customized celebration that you have always dreamed of … OR look into our more cost-efficient range of Elopement Packages, which gives you access to a team of high-quality, carefully curated artists and are designed to make your elopement extra special.

Meet the most experienced and well-connected marriage proposal planner in Paris.

Get Ready To Elope In France

elopement photograph paris
Elopement photograph Paris

If you’re looking for a romantic and unique way to tie the knot, eloping in France might be just what you need. From the stunning countryside to the chic city streets, France offers a wide range of backdrops for your elopement. Picture exchanging vows in front of the Eiffel Tower or overlooking the vineyards in the countryside.

French cuisine, wine, and culture provide the perfect atmosphere for an intimate and unforgettable wedding celebration. With the help of a professional elopement planner, you can easily navigate the legal requirements and logistics of getting married in France. Get ready to create cherished memories as you elope in one of the most romantic destinations in the world.

What to Wear for Your Paris Elopement

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something bleu!

Elopements are generally associated with less formal attire. That’s fine if that is what you prefer. However, just because it’s an intimate affair doesn’t mean it cannot be fabulously luxe.

Ultimately, everything about an elopement is celebrating who you are as individuals and as a couple, which includes what you wear. 

So it doesn’t have to be white, formal, or “wedding appropriate.” You can choose any color from the rainbow. Red, yellow, green, and even colors that celebrate your heritage.

That’s excellent news – it can be whatever you want, as long as it is unique to you. 

Do you want to embody your inner Marie Antoinette and float into your Paris elopement in a princess ball gown with pearls, crystals, and precious stones? Have you imagined yourself in a sexy red dress on the Seine riverbank? Would a white stylish ruffled mini accentuate your playful personality? Maybe you are Boheme at heart and have always been inspired by the effortlessness of Jane Birkin’s iconic 1969 white crochet gown. Perhaps you are the edgy bride who wants to break out the black couture dress and a motorcycle jacket, exuding Parisian chic? Go for it!

2 France Elopement Suggestions That We Offer Our Clients

  1. Avoid busy prints. They can be distracting in photos … and all eyes should be on YOU.
  2. Don’t go with the trend of the day. Ten years from now, you shouldn’t look at your photos and cringe – “What were we thinking!”. Your look should be timelessly YOU.

So channel your inner French girl – by staying true to your style. French women care very little about the trends or what others think of their fashion. 

Our best tip – think about the dress options that complement your body type and allow you to show your personality and have some fun. You should LOVE your look and feel like a million bucks. Your confident glow will be the best ingredient for fabulous photos.

elopement services paris
Elopement services Paris

Discover the 8 Essential Services a Talented Elopement Planner Will Provide for Your Wedding

  1. Save your time.
  2. Help you to find the perfect location.
  3. Have great vendor contacts (photo, video, florist, transportation, musician, hotels, restaurants, officiant, guest activities and concierge, etc.)
  4. Know the city very well and can make recommendations on things to do.
  5. Be experienced in elopements and weddings and will likely present options you may not have thought of or even know existed.
  6. Manage your budget (and payments) so that you don’t spend any more than you want to.
  7. Manage your vendors so that you spend more time enjoying this moment and less on logistics.
  8. Create the perfect timeline.

A good planner should result in a better elopement day with less stress. They will turn your ideas into a beautiful reality.

It is priceless to have someone on the ground that can be an informative and valuable resource for whatever you need … someone who is just a WhatsApp phone or text message away.

When you’re ready to plan a bespoke Paris Proposal, click here. Otherwise, get inspired by these popular marriage proposal resources.

When is the Best Time of Day for Your Paris Elopement

How to propose in Paris: luxury proposal ideas

Time of day for your elopement becomes more critical if you decide on a public site for your ceremony. Plan your day around the best light … in other words, let sunrise or sunset be your guide—and when possible—stay away from the middle of the day when the sun is highest in the sky, and the light can be quite harsh, which doesn’t bode well for the best photography.

Sunrise or Morning

Depending on the time of year of your elopement, Paris can get pretty crowded during the days! The best way to beat the crowds and have some of the City’s more prominent monuments and backdrops to yourselves is to get out early. 

Sunset or Evening

Here is where you will find the most romantic light – from late afternoon to just after sunset. This time of day also provides opportunities for some iconic photographs.

The Perfect Split!

You want the best of both worlds … the crowd-free intimacy of the morning and the romantic backdrops and lighting of the evening. We get it! That’s why we often recommend splitting the day – a morning ceremony, followed by a lovely celebration breakfast …then an evening photography session followed by a delectable dinner reception for two…. Win-win!

Best Places to Elope in Paris

Paris, the city of love, is a dream destination for couples looking to elope. With its beautiful architecture, charming streets, and picturesque parks, there are endless possibilities for a romantic elopement in Paris. The iconic Eiffel Tower, the stunning Palace of Versailles, and the breathtaking Notre-Dame Cathedral are just a few of the popular spots for elopements.

For a more intimate experience, consider exchanging vows in the Luxembourg Gardens or the hidden courtyards of Le Marais. Montmartre’s narrow streets and cozy cafés also provide a romantic and authentic Parisian backdrop. With its enchanting atmosphere and endless possibilities, Paris is undoubtedly one of the best places to elope in the world.

Public Locations (Free)

Public means just that – you are in a community space – a park, in front of a monument, at the end of a street. The biggest benefit is that it is usually free, but of course, there are drawbacks. You have less flexibility on when you can hold your ceremony depending on the location and the crowds, there may be onlookers or people passing by, and there isn’t usually a rain option, and you cannot decorate or set up chairs in a public space.

If you don’t mind a few onlookers, and you don’t mind being constrained to particular hours, then a public option is great for the pocketbook. If it happens to rain, with an elopement, you have some flexibility to delay the ceremony just a bit until conditions improve … OR you can channel your inner adventurer and go along with a rainy celebration. Think of the stories you can tell …and of course, the photo ops! 

  • Most public spaces will be good only for the ceremony, not the reception.  Unless you plan for a fun picnic reception in a public park – then you can host both in one place.
  • Otherwise a public ceremony can be followed by a photo shoot and a celebratory lunch or dinner in a restaurant.

NOTE – with small elopements or vow renewals, you have more flexibility for a ceremony in a public space. The larger your party, the bigger will be your need for a paid space.

Private Locations (Paid)

A private location will generally be able to provide an alternative space or at least covered in case of rain. It will usually require a fee, which can be minimal or substantial.

As well, most private options would be able to provide full service elopement – meaning that you host both your ceremony and reception there.

6 private paris elopement location
  1. Your hotel terrace or courtyard
  2. A Chateau close to Paris
  3. A chapel
  4. A private event room
  5. A museum
  6. A botanical garden

If you are more private and need more control over your event and if you have a larger party, and would like a more luxurious set up, then a private venue will be a wonderful investment.

Public or Private

Which do we recommend? It depends on your budget and your style. Are you going for luxury or chicer… perhaps Boheme?

Look through the location options in our guide, think about the vision that you have for your elopement, think about your budget and then make a decision. 

Either way, this is where a planner would come in very handy. They know the city and the locations well. They know where to find the value … and present the best options for your needs and your budget!

Elope at the Eiffel Tower – 5 Free Elopement Ceremony Locations with an Eiffel Tower View

Eloping at the Eiffel Tower is a dream come true for many couples. The iconic landmark is a symbol of love and romance, making it the perfect location for an intimate elopement. You can exchange vows in front of the tower, with its stunning metalwork and sparkling lights providing the perfect backdrop for your special day.

Whether you choose to have a small ceremony or a private photoshoot, eloping at the Eiffel Tower is an unforgettable experience. With the help of a professional elopement planner, you can easily arrange all the details, from legal requirements to photography and flowers, making your elopement at the Eiffel Tower a stress-free and memorable experience.

Romantic Paris proposal ideas plan a picnic near the Eiffel Towe

Plan a dreamy elopement with Eiffel Tower views

Ask your elopement planner to break out the trusty blanket and treat your soulmate to a wishful elopement along the Seine River with picture-perfect Eiffel Tower views.

Paris marriage proposal ideas: the steet performer

Incorporate a street performer

Hiring a skillful Parisian street performer is a terrific way to sensitize your partner to what’s about to happen. You can have the performer creatively reveal clues as to what comes next while keeping your sweetheart guessing.

Best places to elope in Paris
Best places to elope in Paris
1. Trocadero

Picture yourself walking down Ave de President Wilson. As you pass the Theatre National de Chaillot on your right, you round the corner to the black and white tiles of the Trocadero Platform and are unexpectedly hit in the face with the most glorious views of the Eiffel Tower. It is an experience that has brought many tourists to tears. 

Trocadero is the most iconic of the Eiffel Tower locations and has many wonderful spaces for an elopement ceremony. From the top of the platform, the gardens on the East and West of the platform, to the area in front of the fountains on the ground level, the Eiffel Tower will be a central focus of your elopement pictures.

2.Champs de Mars

This beautiful grassy area stretches from the base of the Eiffel Tower to the Ecole Militaire building. It is most remembered for its role in the James Bond movie – A View to a Kill. I find the best place for a ceremony is directly beneath the Eiffel Tower, which in the summer boasts different colors of flowers and lots of green. 

3.Bridges – Alexander III OR Debilly

Both bridges offer a beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower AND the Seine River … the perfect combination. The Debilly Bridge is closer to the Eiffel Tower – but the Alexander Bridge is far more beautiful – and very picturesque. You may remember it from the final scene in the movie – Midnight in Paris, which captures the romance and beauty of the bridge so wonderfully!

4.Bir Hakeim

Just a 10-minute walk from Trocadero, you will find the Bir Hakim Bridge. The bridge’s symmetrical columns are an architectural beauty … you may remember it from the movie Inception. Just across the Street, you will find the perfect alcove for a ceremony with a wonderful view of the Eiffel Tower plus the Seine River and the trees just beneath it. 

5.Seine River

It would be a shame to come to Paris and miss a romantic stroll along the Seine River! It is literally the heart of Paris and runs through the city, separating the left (think Parisian sophistication ) from the right bank (think chic bohemian). Some of the city’s most beautiful landmarks (Notre-Dame, Louvre, Tuileries, Alexander Bridge, to name a few) are visible from the Seine. But we are talking about Eiffel Tower locations here – and the banks of the Seine has one of the most amazing views of the famous tower, making it a wonderful backdrop for a ceremony. 

Elope at the Eiffel Tower: 5 Paid Elopement Locations with Eiffel Tower View

The biggest difference between a private and public location will be the cost and control. With public locations, you do not have much control over what is happening – or whether one location may be open or closed. This can throw a monkey wrench in your otherwise well-devised plans!

The alternative is a paid private location, which gives you a tremendous amount of flexibility over the way things unfold … as well as a rain option. 

Consider the fee the price to pay for convenience to execute your vision without worrying about situations that are outside of your control.

What’s great is that these locations usually afford you the option for your ceremony and your reception.

Creative ways to deliver your marriage proposal speech.

When it’s important, write it down!

Looking for a smart way to shake your partner out of bed in time for a sunrise proposal? Tell her you’d like to beat the crowds to a “street art exhibition,” which in reality is a series of canvases displaying touching promises of devotion. The final canvas ends with a call to action for her to turn around. Meanwhile, you’ll quickly step back and drop to your knee …

Creative ways to deliver your marriage proposal speech

Take your partner on a trip down memory lane.

The marriage proposal speech is about bringing your relationship full circle and sensitizing your partner to what’s about to happen. Suppose you have a tendency to choke up or get nervous. In that case, there’s nothing wrong with expressing your feelings through a heartwarming video. Narrate photos and videos taken throughout your relationship to show her why she inspires you and how much you love her. Reimagine where you’re headed together.

1. Hotel

First, it is very important to recognize the different descriptive terms for views for Paris hotels.

Eiffel View

This means you can see the tower from your room – most likely through a window – so there is no outdoor space. Likely least expensive but not ideal for an elopement ceremony.


You have some outdoor space, but likely very small – just enough to fit one or two chairs and/or a table for two. That’s it. The biggest drawback for hosting your ceremony on your balcony is that there may not be enough space or perspective for your photographer to get great pictures. Best to opt for a suite instead of a room…


This is generally a much larger outdoor space with more than enough room to host a lovely elopement ceremony. What’s great is that you can share the costs of your sleeping space AND your ceremony location – even if only for one night. And while you are out for your photoshoot, consider a reception setup on the terrace – a beautiful private lunch or dinner set up for 2.

Hotels with Terraces

There are quite a few hotels in Paris that have terrace suitable for a ceremony, with views of the Eiffel Tower. Specifically – The Shangri-La, Four Seasons, Peninsula, Plaza Athenee, Le Meurice, Le Crillon, Raphael, the Pullman.

2. Residential Rooftop/Terrace

There are many private apartments with great views of the Eiffel Tower … some have balconies, some have terraces, and some even have rooftop spaces with panoramic views of the City and the Iron Lady. Perfect for your ceremony!

What’s great is that they can also serve as your living quarters for your trip to Paris. A good compromise if you are on a budget. You can expect to find them on Airbnb or any other vacation rental website. Also, most planners will have a curated list of suitable apartments. But reserve early – the better options book out months in advance.

3. Commercial Rooftop/Terrace

Consider renting a salon in a commercial or even residential building which gives you access for a period of time (usually a few hours) to a rooftop or terrace for your ceremony and a small dinner/lunch reception afterward.

Again this is where a planner would be most helpful because such spaces aren’t easily found for a foreigner. That being said, of all the rooftop/terrace options – this would likely provide the least value for a small elopement. They are generally quite expensive, and there are far better options for.

4. Restaurants

There are a few restaurants in Paris that are just perfectly set for a Paris elopement. They have outdoor spaces with amazing views of the Eiffel Tower, which can be rented for a picturesque ceremony, followed up by an exquisite gastronomique lunch or dinner. Ooh, la la!

5. Boats

Consider a ceremony setting on the Seine River with wonderful, unencumbered views of the Eiffel Tower. There are quite a few private options for boats… If you want no fuss, just easy and to the point, then the best option is to rent a space on a boat docked along the Seine for your ceremony … get some photos and be on your way! This will definitely be cheaper as you wouldn’t be cruising.

If you want to up the luxury factor, then consider starting with your photo tour, then splurging on a private yacht for a cruise up and down the Seine, optionally including a meal and champagne. Imagine sealing your vows on the deck as the sun sets over Paris – Divine!

The Final 7 Paris Elopement Checklist

  1. Be sure to get prep instructions from your hair and makeup artist and be ready for them when they arrive.
  2. Have your bouquet and boutonniere delivered the night before.
  3. Confirm the pickup time with your driver.
  4. Confirm with your officiant that she will bring your vows.
  5. Confirm that your dress will be back from the laundry by the day before the latest.
  6. Pack anything you need for your ceremony and photoshoot afterward (props, comfy shoes, outfit change.
  7. OR have your planner do it all for you!
Fun Paris proposal ideas

You’re in Paris, you’re in love, and you have a ring …

This is not a marriage proposal idea per se. And, you’d be missing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity considering most women have been conditioned to expect a fairytale engagement—notably when you are in Paris. However, suppose you are already over budget. Then it’s paramount to show chivalry, effort, and romance. Perhaps serenade your sweetheart before dropping to your knee. Or record congratulatory messages from her family to play after she says “Yes.” Maybe it’s been a while since you last gave her a sensual massage. You get the point—nothing should feel ordinary.

Long stemmed red roses and chilled Champagne for proposals on a

Gift her long-stemmed red roses and chilled Champagne

Re-create your first date while setting the tone for one of the most memorable nights of your lives—no lady will fault you for giving her two dozen long-stemmed roses. Then lean in to seal your love with a few not-so-innocent French kisses and a perfectly chilled Dom Pérignon.

How to elope in Paris: the ultimate checklist when you want to dot the i’s and cross the t’s

You’re at the point of asking the four-word question and have cleverly chosen to elope in Paris. However, organizing a romantic proposal in a foreign country from thousands of miles away can be a little daunting.

The most unforgettable proposals take your partner into account and focus on effort, chivalry, and creating a day filled with endless beautiful experiences.

This guide draws on unparalleled experience with Paris elopements. Our goal is to inspire you, filter out the distractions, and assist in making this life-altering moment with your significant other even more extraordinary.

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Ready to elope in Paris?

Enjoy the City of Lights as freshly-minted fiancés

Marriage proposal gift ideas for her in Paris

Mandarin Oriental: the Most Romantic Spa Experience for Two

There’s never a wrong time to indulge in a luxurious spa treatment for two. Whether it’s to rejuvenate after a long flight to Paris, set the tone for romance on the day of your marriage proposal, or unwind with chilled Champagne overlooking the City of Love as newly engaged. We can help confirm availability and assist in making reservations.

Book a personal luxury shopper in Paris

Find Exactly What You Want & Save Time With a Luxury Personal Shopper

We have the ultimate solution when you value your time and want help from a professional with a great fashion sense and who knows where to shop. Our English-speaking personal shopper will source and deliver to your hotel. Optionally, she can also double as a cheerful companion when you want to explore the Fashion Capital of the World … but just not alone.

Paris city tour with private driver in a Rolls-Royce and Champag

Rolls-Royce Phantom & Endless Chilled Champagne

Move over, UBER. Expect uncompromising comfort, optimal temperature, and endless Champagne when renting a Rolls-Royce Phantom with an English-speaking driver.

Make your first dinner as newly engaged count

Best 3-star Michelin Restaurant Guy Savoy in Paris

Guy Savoy—Best 3-Star Michelin Restaurant in Town

When you’re after the ultimate optical and culinary experience, Guy Savoy—voted the best restaurant in the world in 2020—needs to be at the top of your list. Be warned that you may never look at food quite the same way once you set foot in the Grand Monnaie de Paris. Dress sharp and be prepared for a bill worthy of your engagement ($$$$).

COSTES is the sexiest restaurant in Paris

Costes, The Sexiest Restaurant in Paris

Suppose you’re searching for a ridiculously sexy Parisian restaurant different from all other restaurants to enjoy your first dinner as fiancés. Then super-trendy Costes—the place people want to stay, eat, and be seen—will inspire a romantic evening ($$$).

Cédric Grolet Paris

Le Meurice Alain Ducasse + Cédric Grolet

The “most Parisian place to be,” Le Meurice’s Restaurant Le Dalí will delight with local French cuisine followed by the finest cakes and pastries by Cédric Grolet ($$$).

Laperouse Maison de Plaisirs

Lapérouse—Parisian House of Pleasure + Haute Cuisine

The Daily Beast describes legendary Lapérouse as “haute cuisine with a side of sex.” The first restaurant to obtain 3 Michelin stars, Lapérouse labels itself the House of Pleasure while promising an experience suspended in time. And it’s not hard to see why: thanks to its private dining rooms, the eatery once served as a discreet playground for influential gentlemen to enjoy their mistresses ($$$).

Get in the mood with the sexiest Cabarets in Paris

Moulin Rouge VIP experience

VIP Show at Moulin Rouge

Lights, music, stage! We don’t recommend eating at Moulin Rouge, but the 11 PM burlesque show in the world’s most famous cabaret will surely entertain!

Lido de Paris best Cabaret show in Paris

Champagne & Show at Lido

Again, we suggest the 11 PM show with no dinner; enjoy the best burlesque show in town with chilled Ruinart Champagne, macarons, and a yummy plate of cheese.

Get awesome engagement photos while you’re on Cloud 9

Don’t miss out!

You’ll probably get so-called engagement photos before your wedding—be it for your save-the-date, a sign-in book for the reception, or just because it’s super fun. You might as well do so in one of the most romantic cities in the known universe while your emotions are at an intoxicating high.

Engagement photos in the South of France

Explore the sunny South

Say you want to change things up a little and look beyond the Eiffel Tower? Perhaps you’ve always dreamt of a thrilling adventure to the sunny south of France? Well, we have an office based out of Nice and know all the best spots from Monaco to the purple-lavender fields of Provence.

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