Paris elopement: what is it, and how do you do it?

Since you’re viewing this page, it’s safe to assume you’re considering a destination elopement in Paris. Congratulations!

We’re admittedly biased but cannot imagine a more romantic and fun place for couples to elope than the City of Love—notably at the venerable Shangri La Paris palace hotel.

how much is a wedding at shangri-la
A happy couple celebrating as newlywed with the Eiffel Tower as the backdrop.

Unlike other popular elopement destinations, the service infrastructure in Paris—with its stylish hotels and rooftop wedding venues, international vendors, and vast experience in intimate celebrations—is custom-made to cater to your every fancy.

A romantic Parisian getaway with your significant other promises to place the focus on you and the love you share.

You have questions. We got answers.

Centrally located in the 16th arrondissement, the ultra-exclusive Shangri-La offers some of Paris’s most dazzling Eiffel Tower vistas.

It’s almost mind-boggling how ideally situated the hotel’s private terraces are when you’re after jaw-dropping pictures with the Iron Lady as your backdrop.

Exclusive terraces lend themselves to charming elopements.

Thanks to its gorgeous ballrooms on the first and second floors, the Shangri-La Paris will also accommodate weddings & events from intimate to extravagant.

Expect a palace-level service from the moment you set foot into this iconic French venue.

You can only legally get married in France through a civil ceremony which typically takes place at the local city hall—the so-called Mairie.

As a foreigner, you must show proof of French residence and a marriage application. And then expect loads of administrative paperwork and other hoops to jump through. It’s a part-time job to figure this out.

Instead, most foreigners opt for a symbolic ceremony in Paris. It’s similar to a traditional intimate wedding, except not legally binding. 

Importantly, you can personalize your ceremony in any way you want: pick your elopement venue, the religion (or non-religion), an English-speaking officiant, favorite readings, outfits style, and duration.

The traditional sense of eloping suggests hurriedly running off to get hitched without telling anyone.

However, a Paris elopement never feels rushed. Instead, it’s a super-romantic getaway that can be as private or public as you wish. Inviting friends and families to witness the fun festivities is acceptable and encouraged.

We have our own—admittedly lengthy—definition of what a Paris elopement is … and it goes something like this:

At some point in the day, two people will hold a symbolic ceremony at a beautiful public or private location around Paris, France.

The guest count is low by design and typically ranges from 0-20 invitees—mainly family and close friends. A Paris officiant will preside over your ceremony.

Eloping in Paris means skipping the elaborate local wedding with large-scale reception. Still, there is no reason to forgo classic wedding traditions that appeal to you.

You decide whether to wear a wedding gown, carry a bridal bouquet, arrange a First Look with your photographer, walk the aisle, exchange vows and rings, pop a Champagne, and do the first kiss as newlyweds.

As one of Paris’s premier proposal and wedding planners, we are local experts with unparalleled vendor connections and know-how. That means we can often pull off fabulous celebrations for our couples, even on short notice.

If you can imagine it, we can typically make it happen. Popular requests for elopement-related services include photography, video, beauty services, floral design, officiant, luxury cars, suite embellishment, musicians, and wedding bouquets, …

Our rates vary with your specific elopement requirements, but please assume approximately 15% of the total budget. Reach out to Chantelle for a personalized quote.

We recommend reaching out to us as soon as possible.

Unlike a Paris couple photoshoot, where you’ll mainly interact with one artist, a Paris elopement—notably at the venerable Shangri-La Hotel Paris—necessitates meticulous coordination with and availability of an entire vendor team.

Popular time slots—sunrise and evening—as well as holidays, book out quickly.

Yes, book a private car driver when you intend to do a couple photoshoot before or after your elopement. You choose between a drop-dead gorgeous Rolls-Royce Phantom, a vintage car, or a roomy Mercedes van.

We can organize the most reliable, English-speaking drivers for you. Just hit us up at

Time is indeed money on one of the most memorable days of your lives, and a personal driver will save you bundles of time (and stress) in a busy city such as Paris.

Using WhatsApp, you or your photographer‘s associate can continuously update the driver with live location updates and instruct him where to meet you. As a result, you won’t have to wait for an UBER (they cancel on you frequently in Paris) or a taxi.

But there’s more: when you invest in a private car with a driver, you should expect the following additional benefits:

  • Protect your belongings. You can securely leave your wallets and phones in the automobile, which results in peace of mind and, ultimately, more flattering pictures (i.e., you avoid pocket bulging);
  • Free up your hands since you can leave the props you are not using in the car;
  • Stay comfy and warm in the winter (nothing beats being able to jump in a heated vehicle after a winter sunrise shoot);
  • It should be reassuring that your driver will pick you up and drop you off at the Shangri-La Hotel in Paris—one thing less to worry about.

After booking with us, you’ll immediately receive a confirmation with your requested Paris elopement package, date, and starting time(s). Our resident expert elopement wedding expert, Chantelle, will reach out to you to kick preparations into high gear.

Booking with us is straightforward: a retainer payment (50% of your overall Shangri La Paris elopement package) and a signed contract reserve your preferred date, starting time(s), and artists.

We accept all major credit cards. If you choose to pay your balance in cash, it is due on the day of the intimate wedding.

It’s sometimes just not possible to keep your appointment despite best intentions.

We’ve seen it all, from airport disruptions and canceled flights to visa issues, strikes, health, pregnancy, job conflicts, and a host of other problems.

Yet, when you officially book your Shangri La Paris elopement with us, we will lock in all key vendors (photographer, cinematographer, beauty artist, driver, etc.) for your date.

We ask you to communicate with us in real-time to help find a solution (or reschedule) if necessary.

We do not provide any refund whatsoever on all services and products. Since you can book your room directly with the Shangri-La Hotel Paris, it is up to you to reach out to the hotel as soon as you know of a potential change in your plans.

How much does it cost to elope at the Shangri-La Hotel in Paris?

Centrally located in the 16th arrondissement, the ultra-exclusive Shangri-La offers some of the city’s most dazzling Eiffel Tower views.

It’s almost mindboggling how ideally situated the hotel’s private terraces are when you’re after jaw-dropping pictures with the Iron Lady as your backdrop.

Shangri-La Paris intimate wedding cost
A stunningly beautiful symbolic ceremony on a private terrace of the Shangri-La Paris with the Eiffel Tower prominently looking on from a distance.

The exclusive terraces lend themselves to sublime marriage proposals, elegant elopements, and romantic private dining.

Thanks to its insanely gorgeous ballrooms on the first and second floors, the Shangri-La can also accommodate weddings & events from intimate to extravagant.

Expect a palace-level luxury treatment from the moment you set foot into this former palace.

One of the first questions we get is, “How much does it cost to do a Shangri La Paris elopement.”

Sky, or in this case, your imagination, is indeed the limit. You’re considering one of the most prestigious Parisian establishments and should expect to invest accordingly.

That said, Shangri-La Paris offers an outstanding value—notably compared to what you’d get at comparable wedding venues in America.

All price indications for a Shangri-La Paris elopement are estimates only and subject to change depending on season and availability.
Further notice that the two recommended intimate wedding packages below presume you’ll book a Shangri-La Hotel room/suite, which will serve as the setting for your ceremony.

Now, check out our two popular Shangri-La Paris elopement packages without further ado.

Essential elopement package

This elopement package is for couples who value:

  • 5-Star service;
  • legendary Eiffel Tower views;
  • professional photo & video capture of the ceremony, some fabulous couple portraits, and a perfectly chilled French Champagne;
  • a stylish English-speaking Paris officiant; and
  • timing and planning flexibility that an exclusive Shangri-La elopement affords.

Essential Package


  • Photography (1 hours)
  • Videography (1 hours)
  • Officiant
  • Wedding Bouquet
  • Champagne (Veuve)

Platinum elopement package​

This elopement package is for couples who demand uncompromising quality, the utmost attention to detail, and onsite coordination:

  • Full-service planning with “day-of” onsite coordination and production;
  • white-glove service and timeline management;
  • legendary Eiffel Tower vistas;
  • comprehensive photo & video coverage, including getting-ready, bridal portraits, details & décor, symbolic ceremony, and formal (family) portraits;
  • a memorable couple photo & video shoot around Paris;
  • transport in a posh (vintage) car with a personal driver;
  • bridal beauty services;
  • elegant English-speaking officiant;
  • a master violinist or guitarist to play your favorite songs;
  • toast in style with Dom Pérignon as you kiss and dance as newlyweds;
  • maximum timing and planning flexibility; regular Zoom calls and direct WhatsApp access to your expert wedding planner.

Platinum Package​


  • Expert Event Planner
  • Photography (3 hours)
  • Videography (3 hours)
  • Officiant
  • Violinist or Guitarist
  • Beauty Services
  • Vintage Car with Driver
  • Deluxe Bouquet (cascading)
  • Dom Pérignon or Armand de Brignac
Shangri la paris intimate wedding

We’d be delighted to customize a romantic Paris proposal package for you.​

Should I hire a wedding planner for my Shangri La Paris elopement?

The short answer is: yes.

Sure, if you are resourceful and don’t mind negotiating with local French vendors from thousands of miles away and across time zones, you can plan a destination elopement on your own.

With that said, destination weddings typically necessitate more coordination than local weddings.

So, it’s an excellent investment to hire a Paris-based expert who knows the best vendors and is familiar with the Shangri-La Hotel—someone who’ll take the time to understand your vision and masterfully handle any problem that arises with grace.

Oprah Winfrey Chantelle Paris wedding planner
Celebrity Paris Event Planner Chantelle-Marie with Oprah Winfrey.

In short, a trusted partner who will manage everything for you. That translates into comforting peace of mind with no stress. All you need to do is show up and have the time of your life.

The Shangri La Paris elopement packages outlined above are two popular options when you don’t anticipate a larger guest count or multiple events throughout the weekend.

The private terraces do not suffice for large-scale weddings. You’d presumably want to come to Paris so we can explore the hotel’s historical salons and ballrooms, taste and refine the menus, and decide on the perfect style for your celebrations and budget.

No two couples are the same, so you are free to modify either package as you see fit. Upon demand, we are happy to add any of the following services:

  • floral design and décor;
  • professional audio and lighting;
  • Room/suite embellishment for your first night as newlyweds;
  • family travel management;
  • RSVPs and guestlists;
  • personal shopping assistant;
  • VIP private day trips for you and your guests

With only a few days left, i discovered kiss me in paris and its in-house wedding planner, chantelle. oh, wow, did they deliver! our experience was magical, surreal, and even better than we imagined. now married, we regularly reminisce about paris and how important chantelle was in making our dreams come true.

— Jonathan McNabb

Paris elopement outfit inspiration for the bride and groom​

What to wear for an elopement in Paris
There are no hard rules when choosing outfits for your Paris elopement. Still, remember that you’re getting married in the world’s fashion capital. So, dress a tad more elegantly—and, ladies, now you have the perfect excuse to get those Louboutins.

Alas, elopements are frequently associated with casual and relaxed wedding attire. And it makes sense since many couples expressly try to avoid the formality and expectations of a full-blown local event. It’s your day, and the focus should be squarely on you as a couple and the passions and vibe you embrace.

Still, it doesn’t need to be that way. Paris is the world’s fashion capital, so elopements—notably at the Shangri-La Paris—tend to be stylish.

Couples attracted to the venerable palace hotel often appreciate its elegance and elevate the formality level. As a result, it’s pretty standard for brides to sport a full-fledged wedding gown and the groom a suit or tux.

Shangri La Paris elopement ideas
Hey, you’ve come to Paris to tie the knot. You feel and look incredible. Make sure to add a couple photoshoot after the symbolic ceremony to capture the precious emotions and excitement.

Now, ultimately, it’s just the two of you, and no hard rules apply:

  • Who says your elopement dress needs to be white? Feel free to personalize outfits to match the color palette and style of your elopement theme;
  • Gentlemen may want to consider adding floral accessories (and a tie or bow tie) to harmonize with the bride’s dress or bouquet;
  • During peak summer, temperatures may call for a cute mini skirt and a classic linen suit for the groom;
  • During cooler winter months, how about layering a fashionable jacket over your gown—especially when you add a couple photos hoot to your elopement package?
Unique Eiffel Tower elopement pictures near Trocadero
So, you’re officially newlyweds, and it’s time to have some fun in the City of Love. Consider adding a Paris photoshoot to capture memories for a lifetime.
When you do an intimate wedding in Paris, consider the packability and weight of your outfits. Pack your garments carefully and hand-carry them on the plane. Then, ask Shangri-La for professional steaming services to help you get the wrinkles out of your wedding dress.

Elope with Kiss Me in Paris​

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