Get Seriously Beautiful Paris Engagement Photos While Actually Having Fun.

Some authoritative wedding resources, such as, would want you to believe engagement photos are “like a wedding-day dry run.”

Nothing could be further from the truth. Couple photoshoots, in general, and Paris engagement photos, in particular, are a fantastic opportunity for two people deeply in love to unwind from everyday life, celebrate their relationship, and come away with infinitely romantic mementos.

Must-take Paris engagement photos
Must-take pictures in Paris: whimsical couple photoshoot in a Parisian Cafe.

Great engagement photos capture the bond between two adventurous souls and powerfully illustrate their special love and personalities. At Kiss Me in Paris, we aim for splendid fun and happiness and subscribe to the maxim: “Celebrate first, and the photos will follow.”

In the FAQ below, you’ll find priceless tips for capturing great engagement photos and pretty much everything you need to know for your photo shoot.

We love spring, summer, and fall for fabulous Paris engagement photos. Consider avoiding the winter when it can be cold and rainy. On a positive note, anticipate paying less for travel and your Paris engagement package during the low season (winter).

Spring and fall stand out for colorful foliage and mild temperatures. Come to Paris during the first fortnight in April when you’re after the prettiest cherry blossom pictures.

When are the cherry blossoms in bloom in Paris?
In Paris, cherry blossoms typically bloom between late March and mid-April.

Similarly, expect stunningly colorful fall foliage in popular parks like the Tuileries Garden, Luxembourg Gardens, Jardin des Plantes, Parc Sceaux, and Parc Monceau.

Summertime can get hot, making it difficult for gentlemen to sport elegant attire. We love the long days in June, lasting from 5.45 AM until 10 PM. Plus, the locals leave Paris in early July for the summer holidays. Accordingly, it’s the perfect time to get unique shots in otherwise inaccessible photo spots, such as Pont d’Iéna, Rue de Rivoli, and Place Vendôme, …

There are no hard rules, but you typically get what you pay for. Sure, it’s possible to find affordable photographers on Airbnb. We’ve even heard of emerging photographers willing to take a loss to build a portfolio.

Book a fun, professional portrait photographer you trust and whose style appeals to you.

How much do engagement photos in Paris cost
Paris engagement packages vary in price based on the quality and popularity of your photographer and how much photography coverage you commission.

So, how much should you spend on your Paris engagement package? Expect to invest approximately Euro 250-600 per hour to hire a photographer in Paris.

Well, it’s your Paris photoshoot and experience; you can and should do whatever you like. That said, do more of what makes you happy and results in the best engagement photos. Avoid anything that might stress you as a couple.

Men, do not let your arms dangle in pictures. Instead, insert your hands into your pockets, hold your jacket’s notch lapel (folded flaps), or place them on your partner. Don’t carry your phone, wallet, or other distracting objects in your pant pockets. And ideally, do not cast shadows on your significant other or cover her engagement ring with your hand.

Ladies, if we can only offer a single tip, it would be to breathe abundantly. Holding your breath is not sustainable, can make you tense, and get you to think of being photographed instead of your soulmate. Don’t walk stiff (lead with the hips) or stand flat-footed—it’s boring. When doing the “lift,” be mindful of your chin, hair, and leg posture. Use a feather-light touch whenever you place your hands anywhere.

Finally, prepare well, don’t be late for your shoot, avoid excessive location choices and outfit changes, and don’t forget the so-called “parent-pleaser” photo (looking directly at the photographer).

Must take pictures in Paris: the parent pleaser
Must take pictures in Paris: don’t forget the so-called parent pleaser. It is beautiful and frameable, and your parents will thank you.

Since you’re checking out this gallery, there’s a good chance you pay a great deal of attention to details and want to dot the i’s cross the t’s. While the most important thing is to relax and enjoy, we have outlined a few power tips for more fun and better photos.

Paris engagement photos in black and white
Indoor Paris engagement photos can be fun, private, and a great alternative in case of rain or cold temperatures.

The best Paris photo locations for your engagement session.

One of your first decisions is where to take your Paris engagement photos. We’re admittedly biased, but a romantic getaway with your sweetheart in the romantic capital of the world promises an unforgettable adventure and one of the happiest memories for years to come.

Paris is absolutely packed with picturesque photo spots, making it ideal for couples who value a good mix of iconic, quaint, romantic, and even quiet places. Here are some of our favorite locations in no particular order:

  • Trocadéro: is the ultimate iconic Eiffel Tower spot: sublime symmetry, awe-inspiring views, and lovely fountains & gardens—recommended photography coverage: 30-45 minutes.
  • The Louvre: among our favorite photo spots, the museum, including its iconic glass pyramid and expansive courtyard, offers unequaled photo variety. Then enjoy nearby attractions, such as Palais-Royal, Pont des Arts, and the Tuileries Garden. Perfect at sunrise and during the Blue Hour—recommended photography coverage: 1 hour.
  • Palais-Royal: a favorite Hollywood filming location (Emily in Paris, Mission Impossible, Da Vinci Code,…), this historical location is second to none when looking for a non-Eiffel Tower backdrop. Expect the perfect mix of elegant architecture, stunning column-lined alleyways, playful black & white Buren Columns, and a spectacularly manicured park with benches and fountains to pose on—recommended photography coverage: 45 minutes.
  • Montmartre: it we only had time for one non-Eiffel Tower photo spot in Paris, the artistic neighborhood of Montmartre would likely top our list. Expect charming cobblestone streets, quaint Parisian cafés, and plenty of Pinterest favorites, such as La Maison Rose, Le Consulat, the Wall of Love, Montmartre Stairs (John Wick 4 anyone?), and of course Sacré-Cœur and Place du Tertre. Recommended photography coverage: 60-90 minutes.
  • Luxembourg Gardens: perhaps the most elegant park apart from Versailles, with immaculately manicured lawns, tree-lined alleys, dozens of statues sculpted by the likes of Rodin, and, of course, the monumental Medici Fountain (ideal for sunrise elopements and marriage proposals). Recommended photography coverage: 30 minutes.
  • Alexander III Bridge: Pont Alexandre III is an excellent photo location for couples—notably at sunrise and evening, including the Golden Hour and the Blue Hour. Considered among the most elegant bridges in Paris, Alexander III is central when you want to combine it with other popular spots around town. Expect more subtle, but at least equally amazing, views of the Iron Lady. Recommended photography coverage: 30-45 minutes.
  • Notre Dame: the greater Notre Dame area is filled with fantastic photo spots, including Au Vieux Paris d’Arcole Cafe, Shakespeare Bookstore, picturesque bridges, and some of the best Seine River vantage points.

Looking for more engagement photo locations in Paris? How far are they from your hotel and, crucially, each other? We mapped out 14 sublime spots here.

best photo spots Paris engagement photos
Unexpected places for unique Paris engagement photos: French Ferris Wheel in the Tuileries Garden.
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Next, it’s time to pick a professional Paris photographer. Besides availability and budget considerations, choosing the right artist comes down to the photography style you’re attracted to and the photographer’s ability to inspire you and your partner to connect naturally.

Once you lock in your photographer, it’s time to kick preparations into high gear. And that’s where this gallery comes in: we recommend you answer the following questions as you browse these pictures:

Ever waited 10 minutes for an UBER … just to have it cancel last second? Well, in Paris, it happens more often than you’d imagine. 

So, when you can afford it, our preferred method of getting around town is by private van with an English-speaking driver. It’s one of the best investments you’ll make: coordinating with an experienced driver saves much time better spent on fun Paris engagement pictures.

Plus, you’ll know your belongings are safe from theft; you can even use the van to discretely change your outfits and store props.

  • Do you prefer bright, airy morning light and a relative absence of tourists? Or rather Paris in the evening, when according to Woody Allen, the City is most enchanting and magical? Of course, funds permitting, combine sunrise and the so-called Blue Hour for maximum fun and picture variety. Here’s a nifty tool to figure out sunrise and sunset times for the day of your Paris engagement photos.
  • Style matters: scan our gallery for outfits that speak to you. What about hair and makeup? Whether simple or elegant, dress how you want for your Paris Photoshoot.
During the winter, it’s smart to dress in layers and bring a pair of comfortable boots you can easily slip into when you’re not being photographed.
  • Do photo props work with your personality? Great props energize and supercharge the fun factor! Props can even make you forget that a camera is pointed at you. In contrast, the wrong props tend to feel awkward and distract you from connecting with your loved one.
Paris engagement photos ideas
You can’t fake happiness, right? Great props encourage you to connect naturally and tune out unwanted camera awareness.
  • Perfect your poses and practice kissing before you arrive in France. You’ll feel more confident and look better in your Paris engagement pictures. Hey, kissing practice is not the most demanding homework.
Get inspired
When you’re looking to take a deep dive into Paris engagement photos inspiration, check out this popular guide on how to get epic couple pictures. It’s packed with insanely actionable tips and dazzling photos and videos.

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