Ever wondered why some Paris engagement photos taken at the same place, say the Eiffel Tower, at the same time, can feel completely different? Some couples seem to have a blast with enviable chemistry, playful laughs, and dazzling Pais engagement pictures.

Paris engagement tips Eiffel Tower couple pictures
Paris engagement tips Eiffel Tower couple pictures

And then there are countless other examples of couples holding their breath and engaging in uninspiring closed-lip kisses and stiff poses.

Well, no doubt, the choice of your couple photoshoot photographer plays a significant role. However, there’s more. Those lovebirds who work on their poses before they arrive in Paris and come up with creative couple photoshoot ideas have more fun with better engagement pictures.

Paris engagement tips: proven couple photoshoot ideas
Paris engagement tips: proven couple photoshoot ideas

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Erika and Rodney—two inspiring soulmates from Garden City, Kansas—asked us to take their Paris engagement photos. They booked our popular ‘2+2’ collection, including sunrise and evening photo sessions. We had so much fun capturing their love story and the special connection they share.

So, we consider ourselves fortunate that Erika sat down with us to share her most helpful Paris engagement tips. Those that worked best for Rodney and her and that you can use for your couple photoshoot.

Paris engagement tips: engagement photos in the Tuileries Gardens
Paris engagement tips: engagement photos in the Tuileries Gardens

Why a couple photoshoot in Paris?

Having engagement photos taken in Paris is for couples who want something out of the ordinary.

Interestingly, our local Kansas wedding photographer had included a complimentary engagement session as part of our wedding collection. Yet, we were kind of over the familiar engagement pictures we had seen a thousand times over of couples randomly strolling through local fields.

I had always loved Paris for its marvelous architecture, culture, art, and unparalleled beauty. So we decided to celebrate my birthday in the City of Love and have our couple photoshoot while we were there. We knew we’d leave Paris with memories to reminisce about for a lifetime and treasured photos to frame back in Kansas.

Paris engagement tips: proven couple photoshoot ideas
Paris engagement tips: proven couple photoshoot ideas

Paris Engagement Tips #1: how to find the perfect Paris photographer

Choosing the right Paris engagement photographer is an important decision. After all, this is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

You’ll want to do your homework to ensure the photographer’s style of photography speaks to you. To that point, don’t just settle for a “best-of” highlight reel or a few incredible Instagram snaps. Instead, ask several Parisian photographers for a complete gallery of a similar shoot to yours. It’s the only way to gauge the artist’s work for consistency and creative couple photo ideas.

When you work with multi-photographer studios, have them specify whom you’ll be working with.

You’ll also want a photographer whom you feel comfortable around. One way to go about this is to read up on recent online reviews. Another indicative signal is how the studio communicates with you. Are they responsive, and is their photography fee structure clear? Know what to expect in terms of deliverables and the turnaround time of your pictures.

Specifically, I used a simple Google search for “Paris engagement photographer.” Kiss Me in Paris popped up as the top result … and their reviews were stellar.

I’m not a big fan of the generic website contact form. I guess I’m a little impatient and want answers quickly. It was reassuring that Kiss Me in Paris responded quickly and answered all my questions thoughtfully.

Paris engagement tips: proven couple photoshoot ideas
Paris engagement tips: proven couple photoshoot ideas

Paris Engagement Tips #2: how to prepare for your couple photo session

As already alluded, detailed preparation can make a big difference. We leaned on the fantastic couple shoot inspiration by Kiss Me in Paris. It goes over the best photo spots around the City, commuting efficiently between locations, what to wear, how to pose, and much more.

One of my first recommendations is to look up the sunrise and sunset hours in Paris for your preferred date(s).

Suppose you want to kick things off at Trocadéro, offering one of the most iconic Eiffel Tower vistas. In that case, you’ll want to arrive at sunrise to avoid tourists, other couples, vendors, and even thieves. Early morning light tends to be soft and flattering.

Evening photo sessions should conclude approximately 30-40 minutes after official sunset. That gives you time to capture the incredible Blue Hour (Civil Twilight) and even pop a Champagne when it’s dark (for better results). Evening light is also flattering, and the City tends to be more romantic than at sunrise.

Consider how much photography coverage you need. Shorter sessions are ideal for couples on a budget or who want to focus on one primary photo location.

For more involved shoots (like mine), plan at least 2-3 hours. More photography coverage reduces stress—notably for camera-shy couples—and allows you to explore Paris with your loved one while having a memorable experience.

Consider one hour per primary photo location, such as Trocadéro, the Louvre Museum, and Montmartre as a rule of thumb. Alexander IIIMoulin RougeNotre Dame, etc. take less time.

Cafés are a fantastic idea for uniquely romantic and authentic Paris engagement pictures. Remember that cafés are public settings; some proprietors discourage photoshoots to ensure patrons’ privacy.

Decide how you’d like to look in your photographs. That means coordinating outfits, props, and beauty looks well before you arrive in Paris.

When you commission at least 2-3 hours of photography coverage, you will have plenty of time for at least one outfit change. I’m a fan of pulling off both casual and formal looks if you have enough time.

Props are hit and miss. They should be fun and distract you from unwanted camera awareness. Conversely, “bad” props can distract you from connecting with your sweetheart. Plus, some props, such as oversized balloons, are expensive, don’t work on windy days, and are cumbersome to transport.

Hopefully, you found these Paris engagement tips helpful. Trust in your photographer and give everything you have so you don’t look back, thinking you could have achieved more.