When you visit Paris with your family, it’s a fantastic idea to do away with the trusted selfie-stick and instead hire a professional family photographer.

Professional family photos are precious documentation of your loved ones as a unit and a fantastic way to remember a special occasion, such as your vacation in Europe.

Paris family photos at the Eiffel Tower
Paris family photos at the Eiffel Tower

When you have pictures taken in Paris as a family, expect loads of fun and an unforgettable bonding experience; it’s also a magnificent way to discover the City of Lights.

Family Photographer Paris France
Family Photographer Paris France

That said, not every portrait photographer is cut out to take Paris family photos. Here’s why: unlike for a couple’s photoshoot, families tend to be large groups.

As a result, your Paris family photographer must command the attention of multiple subjects and capture them at their best (i.e., with their eyes open, relaxed, beautiful, and happy).

And when young kids are part of the equation, your family photographer needs to be patient and constantly keep things entertaining to avoid awkward family photos. It takes a fun personality to win kids’ trust and get them to buy in and play nice.

Cafe photos in Paris with Family
Cafe photos in Paris with Family

You can find loads of family photoshoot ideas here. But for now, explore the Paris Family Photos gallery below keeping the following considerations in mind:

  • What are your favorite Parisian photo spots? Consider locations that are safe for kids and will energize you as a family.
  • Which ‘family photos’ outfits do you love? Do you prefer formal or casual attire or a combination?
  • Are there any photo ideas—such as balloons, confetti poppers, macarons, signs, and other props—that are within character for you as a family?
  • Do you prefer sunrise, evening, or even a particular season for your Paris Photoshoot?
Commuting between locations in Paris efficiently—notably for larger families—takes careful planning. We highly recommend a private Mercedes van with a driver and would be happy to organize one for you. You’ll save time, avoid stress, and can safely carry along outfits and props.
Professional Paris family photos at Trocadero Eiffel Tower

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