Get Seriously Stunning Paris Photos & Videos in a Single, Unforgettably-Fun Shoot.

Some authoritative wedding resources, such as, would want you to believe engagement photos are “like a wedding-day dry run.”

Wedding proposal in Valensole Provence France

In the FAQ below, you’ll find priceless tips for capturing great engagement photos and pretty much everything you need to know for your photo shoot.

We love spring, summer, and fall for fabulous Paris engagement photos. Consider avoiding the winter when it can be cold and rainy. On a positive note, anticipate paying less for travel and your Paris engagement package during the low season (winter).

There are no hard rules, but you typically get what you pay for. Sure, it’s possible to find affordable photographers on Airbnb. We’ve even heard of emerging photographers willing to take a loss to build a portfolio.

Well, it’s your Paris photoshoot and experience; you can and should do whatever you like. That said, do more of what makes you happy and results in the best engagement photos. Avoid anything that might stress you as a couple.

Vincent is a true artist! Not only did he perfectly capture every beautiful moment of our Lavender Fields proposal with his photography and videography, but he was also instrumental in orchestrating my destination engagement in Provence, France! Vincent chose the most breathtaking setting imaginable and guided me through the entire process, so everything was natural yet ideal for photos and video. My fiancée and I are so grateful to Vincent; he is fun, caring, and talented, and I cannot recommend him enough!

Kevin Munroe
lavender fields proposal in Provence France

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