The original English-speaking Paris Photographer for tourists, we specialize in gorgeous couple photoshoots, elopement & wedding photography, marriage proposals, and family and solo portraits. Our award-winning team is kind and known far and wide as the most fun photographers in Paris for hire.

Get better Paris photography.

Our photos are happier, more vibrant, and more authentic because we make them that way.

Having professional photos taken can be intimidating, especially if you have zero posing experience. After all, it’s not every day that you’re asked to connect naturally in front of the lens of a relative stranger … and plain public view.

Luckily, it’s not as complicated as you think. Not with us, at least. Our talented, patient, and fun English-speaking Paris photographers are simply amazing and will quickly break the ice. They communicate well with clear directions.

The result? Flattering poses, plenty of laughs, and, above all, breathtaking holiday memories to last a lifetime.

Photographers in Paris for tourists: Fun couple photoshoot ideas styled picnic

Have more fun.

Ever wondered why some Paris photography feels—for lack of a better word—uninspiring while other pictures stand the test of time as classic and oh-so-swoon-worthy?

Well, chances are you have. So the real question then is, “Why?”

Like professional Parisian photographers, travel shoots are not created equal; many lack creative ideas and can be boring.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. The truth is it’s the job of your Paris vacation photographer to establish a personal connection quickly and make things exciting.

Kiss Me in Paris is known far and wide as Paris’ original fun local photographer. Our artists are relaxed, genuinely care, and will go the extra mile to make your photoshoot the highlight of your trip to France.

The best photographers in Paris specializing in fabulous couple pictures, weddings, and family photos

Take your Paris photoshoot to the next level.

The first rule of game-changing photo shoots is to prepare well before arriving in the City of Lights. Yet, planning a fabulous shoot from thousands of miles away isn’t easy.

So, here’s how we can help: immediately after you officially book, you’ll receive a clear summary confirming the shoot details and the particulars of your artist. Then it’s time to kick preparations into high gear.

What’s good prepping anyway, and why should you care?

The answer may surprise you because it’s pretty simple: great planning results in a more fun adventure and memorable travel pictures. In the end, that’s all that matters, right?

Our Parisian photographers are local experts with endless photoshoot ideas. They know the perfect photo spots in Paris and will help personalize a delightful itinerary that makes the most of your time.

Romantic Shangri La Paris proposal with Eiffel Tower

Discover the best value in town.

Value is about how reality meets exceptions or what you really get for your money.

When you work with Kiss Me in Paris, you’ll receive a five-star experience from beginning to end.

After all, we earned countless international awards and publications over the years … and were recognized as “Best Destination Wedding Photographer in the World,” “Most Innovative in Modern Engagement Photography,” and “Best Luxury Wedding Photographer in France.”

But what truly excites us is when people like you trust us to capture their vacation memories and show them around our lovely city.

Here’s what all this means: we will pour our hearts into your travelshoot and make sure it’s hands-down one of the most memorable souvenirs from your trip to Europe.

Paris photographer price

Hire a Paris photographer: People also ask.

We have provided a list of answers to the most frequently asked questions in the FAQ section. If you have further questions, please contact us.

The rate for photographers in Paris depends on multiple factors—notably on the artist’s quality, the type of photoshoot, and your photography package. While you may be able to book a Paris vacation photographer on Airbnb for as little as $26/per person, a minimum realistic starting price for an English-speaking artist is around Euro 200/per hour. Our packages start at only Euro 250/hour.

It may sound cliché, but you get what you pay for!

Some emerging Parisian photographers will throw in the proverbial kitchen sink and even take a loss to build a portfolio.

Still, ask yourself why any artist of value would commute 45 minutes into the City before sunrise, spend an hour shooting, depreciate her gear, and edit your photos at such a low rate.

The reality is you’re already investing substantial time and resources into visiting Paris. Whether you’re after couple photography, family portraits, a marriage proposal, or a solo traveler session, do you really want to risk a bad experience?

Or worse yet, have no recourse when your artist does not show up or delivers unflattering images?

Instead, we encourage you to reach out to a handful of established Paris photographers. Then, read up on reviews and probe for responsive communication.

How much are photographers in Paris
Don’t try to save Euro 50 just to regret a missed opportunity—certainly not when you value a memorable experience or when it’s a once-in-a-lifetime occasion with no do-overs.

Tipping at Kiss Me in Paris is neither required nor expected. Suppose your photographer or her associate incrementally enhances your experience or exceeds expectations. In that case, tips are a terrific way of showing appreciation.

Should you tip your Paris photographer

Maybe you cannot afford to tip your photographer. Then there are other fantastic ways to show gratitude, such as through a hand-written Thank You note, a Christmas card, or a passionate online review.

When you intend to tip your Paris photographer, we recommend doing so directly. Remember that there’s a good chance your artist works for a company and may not receive your full tip (due to taxes and other factors).

How much should you tip your professional photographer in Paris?

Well, there are no rules. It’s entirely discretionary. As a rule of thumb, consider 10-15% of your photography package or whatever else feels right at the moment.

The perfect time of the year to do a professional photoshoot in Paris will be different for every couple, family, or solo traveler.

Expect to pay a premium for travel and vendors during the high season and on popular dates. January tends to be the cheapest month to stay and do a photoshoot in Paris. Conversely, Valentine’s Day, Christmas through New Year, and May, June, and September are relatively more expensive.

The summer months attract many tourists. Yet, Paris feels particularly empty, considering that most Parisians escape the City during the warm season from late June to early September.

What's the best time of the year to do a photoshoot in Paris?

As such, it’s easier to flag down a cab and commute between locations. Notably, it’s an excellent opportunity to get ridiculously unique photos in otherwise busy spots like Bir-Hakeim, Pont d’Iéna, and Place de la Concorde.

A Paris photographer mini-session means different things to different folks. Typically, expect ten edited photos from a 30-minute photoshoot in one primary location, such as Trocadero (Eiffel Tower) or the Louvre Museum.

Here’s an example of a Paris photographer mini-session.

Who should book a Paris photographer mini-session? Well, we’re not big fans of a 30-minute photoshoot for multiple reasons:

  1. Half an hour goes by so quickly that your Paris photoshoot will conclude just when things get interesting. Hey, we take great pride in rapidly breaking the ice and throwing ourselves in the proverbial deep end. However, unless you’re already super-comfortable in front of the camera, it just takes a little time to warm up and shed unwanted camera awareness.
  2. We think of Paris photography for tourists as an experience you’ll enjoy with holiday memories that last a lifetime. Things should never feel rushed. More photo spots result in greater photo variety and better photos. Still, even 1 hour of photography coverage does not necessarily allow for multiple primary locations when you consider commute or the need for outfit changes.
Family Photographer in Paris

Yes, it’s possible and encouraged to hire a family photographer in Paris.

When you book Kiss Me in Paris for your family travel shoot, we guarantee you’ll have loads of fun and come away with unforgettable memories.

We recommend investing in a Mercedes van with an English-speaking driver for groups of 3 or more individuals. It’s the most convenient way to get around town and will save you loads of time. A van makes it easy-breezy to transport and protect your belongings and change outfits.

Paris is a fantastic place to do a travel shoot, whether you’re after couple photography, a marriage proposal, an intimate wedding, or solo portraits.

Sure, the City of Lights is not for everyone … and does not even pretend to be. Yet, we think Paris is the ultimate playground for fun-loving, adventurous people, and here’s why:

  • From its trendy shopping streets to the carefree Bohemian spirit of the Left Bank, Paris tempts and inspires with lively cafés, world-renowned art & architecture, and countless hidden nooks to steal a few innocent French kisses.
  • Paris boasts numerous postcard-worthy photo spots, including the uber-iconic Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the picturesque Montmartre, the greater Notre Dame area, and countless French cafés and bridges.
  • It’s surprisingly easy to identify talented English-speaking photographers to help you plan a fun photoshoot from thousands of miles away.
  • Paris is always a good idea, right? You’ll certainly not run out of fun things to do.
  • And suppose you do desire a change of scenery. In that case, France offers more amazing attractions than you likely have vacation days. We’re big fans of the glamorous French Riviera (Saint-Tropez, Monaco, Nice, and Cannes), the purple Lavender Fields of Provence, the utterly awe-inspiring Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, and the famed wine-growing region of Bordeaux.

That’s a loaded question and entirely subjective. For one, it depends on the type of shoot.

For instance, an artist may be a fantastic photojournalist but have little experience posing people or showing families a fun time. Likewise, a film photographer may provide dreamy sunrise portraits but struggle in low-light conditions, such as in Paris nighttime photos or indoor wedding receptions. And a boudoir photographer will shine when it comes to making her subject feel at ease and sexy but may not know how to capture the moment for a surprise proposal confidently.

All to say, it depends. Most top-rated local photographers in Paris would likely think they are the best. We at Kiss Me in Paris believe we deliver unparalleled value, loads of fun, and a fun-filled experience.

The best time of the day for a Paris photo session is when you feel most energized and happy.

Elements such as photo locations, jet lag, beauty services, dinner reservations, getting your kids ready, and other factors can make a difference.

That said, our favorite times of the day are sunrise, evening (including the so-called Blue Hour), and nighttime.

Sunrise Paris Photoshoot—The “Golden Hour.”

Sunrise is the time when the sun slowly appears over the horizon in the morning. Specific sunrise times depend on the time of the year and can start as early as 5.45 AM in June and as late as 8.45 AM around New Year.

Paris photographer for engagement photos

Advantages of doing your photoshoot in Paris at sunrise:

  • It’s the only time of the day to get dazzling pictures at popular Parisian photo spots when you wish to avoid distracting crowds and overzealous vendors;
  • Expect some of the softest and most flattering lighting conditions;
  • A sunrise photo session will presumably wrap up early. You’ll have almost the entire day left for sightseeing, shopping, and even visiting remote attractions like Versailles, Disneyland, Mont Saint-Michel, and the Loire Valley.
  • Great opportunity for silhouettes, which you can even get during civil twilight—the period immediately preceding official sunrise;

Reasons not to do a Paris photoshoot at sunrise:

  • Waking up early often means less sleep and hurried (or no) breakfast, which may result in fatigue and forgetfulness;
  • Sunrise tends to be less romantic than the evening.
  • Your professional makeup artist will probably charge a premium to come to your hotel early.

Evening (civil twilight) Paris Photoshoot—the “Blue Hour.”

The period when the day ends and the evening begins. Specific sunset times depend on the time of the year and can start as early as 4.50 PM around New Year and as late as 10:00 PM in June.

Nighttime Photoshoot in Paris during Blue Hour

Advantages of doing your Paris photoshoot in the evening:

  • The most magical time of the day to have your pictures taken;
  • Soft, flattering light ensures no squinting in photos, no blown-out details in your outfits, and no distracting shadows;
  • A priceless opportunity to get daylight, the Blue Hour, and even nighttime images within a single hour;
  • A later starting time means you have the chance to hire professional beauty services.

Reasons not to do a Paris photo shoot in the evening:

  • Some popular photo locations will not be an option due to crowds;
  • You’ll need to invest in an associate to help with lighting and crowd management;
  • You are less likely to receive a preview of a few same-day edited photos.

Nighttime Paris Photo session.

The time of the day when it’s dark and the City of Lights feels most alive and fun.

Advantages of doing your Paris photo session at nighttime:

  • Expect more privacy than earlier in the evening;
  • You have the time for professional beauty services before the photo session;
  • The best chance to get legendary Champagne pop shots.

Reasons not to do a Paris photo shoot when it’s dark:

  • Expect fewer photos since it takes time to control lighting; set-ups can also take a little longer;
  • You’ll need to invest in an associate to help with lighting and crowd management;
  • Artificial light sources, such as flash or continuous light, can make you cast shadows, result in skin reflections, and occasionally squint your eyes.
  • Nighttime shoots can interfere with dinner plans.

Discover the City of Lights as you’ve never seen before with our English-speaking Paris Photographers for Tourists.

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