Preparing a little for your Paris photoshoot before you arrive in France is an outstanding idea. It will ensure you feel confident, have fun, and get the best pictures possible.

Use this step-by-step guide to discover fantastic locations, what to wear, posing tips, and proven Paris photo shoot ideas regardless of the occasion, style, and overall vibe.

Our guide, informed by unequaled local experience, aims to inspire you to focus on what truly matters. Above all, it should help you create and capture unforgettable vacation memories.

How much does photoshoot cost in Paris
What you wear to a photoshoot in Paris and which locations you choose will have a real impact on your experience and pictures.

Use the drop-down menu below to skip to the most relevant sections.

We need to talk about 11 ways to prepare for your Paris photo shoot (this section is a total Game-changer!).​

Paris Photo Shoot Ideas & Tips

What suits one couple, solo traveler, or family may not be ideal for another.

Our 11 proven Paris photo shoot ideas and tips below are a fantastic starting point; we encourage you to adapt them to your personality, interests, and photography package.

OMG, Cengiz—you are exceptional!!! Now I’m so mad I didn’t find you before our wedding—I had the best makeup artist and hairdresser for my Balbiano wedding (Pnina Tornai’s beautiful dress). Still, your photos are better than our wedding photos, lol. I’ll forever wonder how amazing our wedding photos could have been if you had been our professional photographer. Thank you SO much. We will have so much fun selecting your photos for edit.

Ami Cook

1. Decide on the perfect Paris photography package.

Photography packages are designed to appeal to different budgets and types of shoots (couple, boudoir, family photoshoot, maternity, …). They typically specify at least four elements:

  • Date and duration of your shoot, including a predetermined number of hours for the photo/video session;
  • Your Paris photographer’s name and contact particulars, including her WhatsApp (ideal for responsive communication);
  • Starting time(s);
  • A specific quantity of edited images.
Indoor Paris photoshoot: stylish outfits, creative props, and irresistible chemistry
Kiss Me in Paris’s photography packages differ by the duration of the photoshoot and other deliverables, such as the number of edited digital files (images).

2. Reach out to your Paris photographer as soon as possible.

Don’t assume your artist will be available and super-responsive 1-2 days before your travelshoot—notably during peak season.

Tell your professional photographer:

  • About yourself;
  • The special occasion, type of shoot, and quantity of people (for family portraits);
  • Any initial private photo shoot ideas, outfits, and props;
  • Preferred Paris photo session locations;
  • Request a Mercedes van with an English-speaking driver, props, a beauty artist, and a photographer’s associate as soon as possible and
  • Include a recent photo of you (or your family/partner). This ensures that you instantly recognize each other and are not total strangers when you meet.

3. Ask your artist to help finetune your photo shoot’s exact starting time and optimal itinerary.

Your Paris photographer should specify the precise starting time, which can differ by several minutes from what our studio managers recommend. Elements such as your preferred location(s), lighting conditions and weather, and events (Fashion Week, movie sets, protests, etc.) make a difference.

Remember that your photographer is a local expert and knows the City of Love best, so please always rely on her judgment for the final starting time and meeting spot.

Paris trip photo locations
When you want amazing vacation memories from your Paris trip, consider mixing things up with little-known photo spots, such as Musée d’Orsay.

She will also be able to give you a reality check on what can reasonably be accomplished in a given amount of time.

Less is indeed sometimes more. While increasing the number of locations, multiple outfit changes, and props can add variety to your shoot, doing so can also negatively affect continuity, flow, and the overall results.

4. Map out your perfect photo shoot in Paris with a Pinterest board.

Storytelling your perfect Paris photo session with a Pinterest board is fun and encourages you to think about your shoot, come up with ideas you’ll love, and manage expectations with your professional photographer.

Photoshoot ideas in Paris balloons
Photoshoot ideas in Paris: Consider some eye-catching props, such as oversized balloons, as long as it is not windy.

Here are some helpful tips:

  • Pin from various sources, including our website galleries (this should be your primary source since you’re using images our studio has captured and presumably can capture again). Pinterest and Google Image Search are also fantastic resources.
  • Initially, be spontaneous and pin abundantly whatever appeals to you;
  • Include a generous mix of your favorite Parisian locations, stylish photoshoot outfits, creative props and photo ideas, and flattering poses;
  • This point may sound counterintuitive, but now eliminate aggressively and prioritize your must-have photo ideas until at most 10-20 pins are left on your Pinterest board. It forces you to decide what truly matters. It also makes it easier for your artist to provide feedback;
  • Finally, ask your vacation photographer for feedback. In an ideal world, your artist will provide actionable advice on what’s possible for your particular shoot (keeping in mind the season, starting times, local events, and your photography package).
It’s not entirely unusual for the above process to make you want to modify or upgrade your Paris photography package. In that case, please reach out to our studio immediately to check for availability and feasibility.

5. Logistics—how to get around Paris during your photo shoot—can result in a better experience and professional photos.

  • Walking works well for primary locations, such as Trocadéro, the Louvre, Montmartre, and Notre Dame, to name a few. Ladies, bring flats or otherwise comfy footwear. Louboutins are not walking shoes and may cause unnecessary foot fatigue;
  • UBER: Uber used to be our preferred method of getting around town—notably because it was cheaper, more convenient, and supportive of a better experience than taxis. Well, alas, that’s no longer the case in Paris, where UBER drivers often won’t pick you up for short rides, cancel without notice, and make you wait forever (time is money when it comes to your Paris photoshoot). We still, at times, use UBER, but now consider yourself cautioned.
  • Taxis are likely a better alternative to UBER since they can be cheaper, and you get to use the bus & taxi lanes during rush hour;
  • Rent an air-conditioned Mercedes van with an English-speaking driver. It’s the best investment you’ll make when you want multiple locations, a discrete environment for wardrobe changes, and a safe space for precious belongings and oversized props. The van can easily seat larger families, plus your photographer, videographer, and makeup artist. You’ll essentially save money since you get more from your commissioned photography package.
What is the easiest way to get around Paris for a photoshoot?
What is the easiest way to get around Paris for a photoshoot? If you can afford to rent a van with an English-speaking driver, do not hesitate. It’s stress-eliminating, saves you time, enhances comfort, keeps your belongings safe, and doubles as a changing room when you have multiple outfits.
We can help you rent a Mercedes van for around €130 per hour. Or upgrade to the ultimate in luxury with an exclusive Mercedes-Maybach Van or a Phantom Rolls-Royce.

6. Hire a photographer’s assistant or a so-called lighting associate.

An associate is compulsory for all our evening Paris photoshoots (that conclude after the official sunset) since we need help with lighting and crowd and theft management.

lighting associate for evening photo shoots
Hire a lighting associate for evening photo shoots in Paris. It will make your pictures look prettier. Plus, the associate can help carry your belongings and manage crowds.

Adding an associate makes sense for almost any substantial shoot since she’ll 

  • Help you carry props;
  • Manage crowds;
  • Call a UBER, flag down a taxi, or liaise with your van driver while you wrap up a particular photo location.
Our associates translate into added convenience and more net photography coverage—the metric you should obsess about.

7. Dress to impress!

We could complete a guide on what to wear and which colors and patterns work best for a Paris photo session. The ideal wardrobe largely depends on the purpose and location of the shoot. Your outfits should make you feel confident, beautiful, and comfortable whenever possible. They should also be flattering to your body type.

Remember that Paris is the world’s fashion capital and style matters. So, dress a tad more elegantly than you’d normally do.

Professional Paris family portraits: how to dress for a photoshoot
Professional Paris family portraits: While coordinating colors is not that important, it’s a good idea to harmonize your wardrobe and dress how you want to be seen in your photographs.

Consider how your outfit harmonizes with your partner’s or family’s outfit(s). For substantial photoshoots with multiple locations, it’s encouraged to include several formal and/or casual options. This allows you to adapt your look and add variety to your portraits.

Prepare the wardrobe the night before your shoot. Ensure your outfits are wrinkle-free, clean, and complete (remember your accessories and jewelry).

8. Winter photoshoot in Paris: Dress in layers when it’s cold outside.

In the winter or when it’s cold outside, show up to your shoot in layers and consider bringing hand/feet warmers and comfy boots.

Paris winter photoshoot: couple came prepared in layers to stay warm
Paris winter photoshoot ideas: Stay warm and happy with comfortable layers; even consider hand and foot warmers when it’s freezing outside.

Booking a cozy Mercedes van can be a lifesaver on cold days since you can warm up between locations.

9. Chemistry, the Delicate Art of the Kiss, and posing practice (this tip applies mainly to couples).

Our couples somehow consistently connect like Rockstars. What’s the secret, you may ask? Well, it’s about chemistry with each other and comfort with their Paris photographer.

Dreamy Couple photoshoot in Paris cafe shot near Notre Dame
Dreamy Couple photoshoot in the oldest Parisian cafe, Au Vieux Paris d’Arcole.

Chemistry is about attraction, scent, passion, comfort with closeness, pheromones … the mysterious spark between two soulmates. Above all, you must feel comfortable breathing with (and on) each other during your Paris photoshoot. When you hold your breath, it’s not sustainable and can result in stiff poses.

Otherwise, you end up thinking of the act of being photographed instead of your sweetheart before you.

Tired of formulaic, uninspiring kisses? You’re not alone. Let’s be clear: kissing is no requirement for awesome Paris engagement photos. And the moment before the kiss can be even more powerful in photographs.

We are Kiss Me in Paris, and bad kissing is entirely unacceptable. So, pack mints, shed undesirable camera awareness, and enjoy a passion-filled photo shoot.

Beautiful black and white Paris photography on Alexander III Bridge in the rain
Grandmasters of kissing: beautiful black & white Paris photography on Alexander III Bridge in the rain.

In addition to practicing kissing (here are the best places to kiss in Paris), consider working on your poses in front of a mirror and even take selfies to figure out your best angles. Here’s a fantastic resource for couples who like flattering poses and want to look good in pictures.

10. Get a good night’s rest.

Chances are your natural biorhythm (i.e., jet lag) may be a little out of sync after a long flight. You may even be dehydrated or feel stiff after sitting on a plane for an extended period.

We recommend drinking plenty of water. Rest is crucial for you to look and feel your best! Invest in a rejuvenating massage to lower stress levels and boost your overall well-being. If your skin feels a tad dry, moisturize abundantly. Aim to get as much sleep as possible the night before your Paris photoshoot.

11. Invest in professional beauty services.

Looking vibrant and your very best in pictures boils down to a combination of factors, notably that you arrive at your Paris photoshoot well-rested and stress-free.

Hire a professional beauty artist for your Paris photoshoot.
A skilled Parisian beauty artist will ensure you look your best and achieve the desired aesthetic.

That said, you’re already investing time and resources into your Paris photoshoot and may want to further enhance your natural beauty by enlisting the professional expertise of a beauty artist.

An experienced beauty professional will seek to understand the theme and overall aesthetic you’re after and use high-quality hair and makeup products designed to photograph well. The beauty artist will collaborate closely with your photographer and make adjustments on the fly based on ambient conditions or specific shoot requirements.

We can help identify and book Paris’s best hair and makeup artists. Just ask.

The perfect Paris photoshoot: Frequently Asked Questions

People also ask​

There’s more to acing a Paris photoshoot than hiring a talented photographer specializing in your type of photo shoot. When you want to feel comfortable and confident in getting the best possible experience and professional photos, the most important success factor is preparation.

Great preparation results in a more fun photo session with heartfelt laughs, striking poses, confidence, and flattering Paris photography.

The best photo shoots flow naturally, displaying a combination of awesome photo spots, eye-catching props, stylish outfits, and the ability to tune out undesirable camera awareness.

What a pleasant experience we had with Scander, our Paris photographer. He has a good eye, always looks for spots with little crowds, and invariably gets the perfect shot. Our photos came out so beautifully! I recommend Scander to anyone who wants a fun photoshoot and beautiful pictures!

Jeanette Brubaker

It’s possible to hire Parisian photographers for as little as Euro 200 per hour; our award-winning artists start at only Euro 250 per hour. That said, photographers are not created equal, and rates vary substantially.

The best way to decide on the perfect photography package is to browse this guide from top to bottom. You’ll know where you stand and have an excellent idea of how many hours of photography coverage are ideal based on the following:

  • the type (and occasion) of your photo session (solo traveler/blogger/influencer, boudoir, engagement photos, family photoshoot, marriage proposal, elopement, intimate wedding …);
  • your goals and desired photo locations;
  • number of wardrobe changes and
  • photography budget.
the paris photographer
Dreamy Eiffel Tower photoshoot at Trocadero around sunrise.

The location decision is so consequential that we dedicated an entire chapter to help you identify the perfect Paris photoshoot locations.

The City of Light has insanely romantic, unique, and iconic photo spots.

In general, it helps to differentiate between:

  • Public settings (free of charge and widely accessible to anyone) and private settings (you pay a premium in return for privacy);
  • Eiffel Tower views vs. non-Eiffel Tower views

A private setting—such as a residential rooftop, hotel terrace, yacht, French castle, or even your hotel—is not always prettier than its public alternative. Yet, there are significant differences, and it’s important for you to understand.

Here’s a list of the most picturesque and iconic public Paris photoshoot locations to have your photos taken (in no particular order):

Trocadero (Eiffel Tower): the most iconic and instantly recognizable place in Paris for photos.

Paris family photos at the Eiffel Tower
It’s easy to understand why Trocadero is frequently seen in movies: expect incomparable views of the Iron Lady at just the perfect distance for your Paris photographer to make you pop with a telephoto lens.

Montmartre: Suppose you’re after picturesque Parisian cafes and enchanting cobblestone streets. Then Montmartre, including Sacré-Cœur, La Maison Rose, and Place du Tertre, deserves real consideration. Montmartre works particularly well around sunrise and early morning but is also super-romantic in the evening.

How to plan a photoshoot in Paris
The historic neighborhood of Montmartre, with its charming cafés and cobblestone streets, makes for the quintessential Parisian vibe.

Bir-Hakeim Bridge (Eiffel Tower): a famous bridge with instantly recognizable architecture. It works pretty well for solo and couple photos but not so much for families or marriage proposals (due to the traffic). While neither romantic nor private, the bridge offers good photo variety and is a fantastic rain alternative when you have your heart set on the Eiffel Tower.

Best photo spots in Paris Bir-Hakeim Bridge
The Bir-Hakeim Bridge offers multiple angles for beautiful pictures of the Eiffel Tower.

Alexander III Bridge (subtle Eiffel Tower view): Among the most elegant bridges in Paris, Alexander III photographs well any time of the day and night. Expect a more subtle view of the Eiffel Tower. This bridge is the perfect hub if you want nearby Petit Palais (in the morning) and the Louvre Museum or Palais-Royal as your next stop.

Photographer in Paris for couple photos
Located right next to Grand Palais and Petit Palais, Pont Alexandre III is one of Paris’s most elegant and beautiful bridges.

Louvre Pyramid: The iconic museum is among the City of Lights’ most recognizable and famous landmarks. Sure, you’ll need to show up early to beat the crowds. Still, this stunning glass-and-metal structure is incredible when you’re after the WOW factor and the best spot to capture the magical Blue Hour.

Super Romantic Paris engagement photos at the Louvre Museum during the Blue Hour
Expect greater privacy and uber-Romantic Paris engagement photos at the Louvre Museum during the so-called Blue Hour.

Tuileries Garden Terrasse du Bord de l’Eau: Located in the heart of the City and flanked on both sides by towering trees, this magnificent walkway is a lovely public proposal spot when the Eiffel Tower feels too cliché (note: verify the opening hours). The Louvre museum, Palais-Royal, Pont des Arts, and lively cafes are merely minutes away on foot.

Elegant Paris engagement photos in the Tuileries Garden
Elegant fall engagement photos in the Tuileries Garden, Paris.

Luxembourg Gardens. A place of unpretending natural beauty, the Luxembourg Gardens will charm you with idyllic lawns, tree-lined alleys, and the fabulous Medici Fountain. It’s a fabulous spot for dreamy picnics, intimate elopements, couple photography, and even marriage proposals (verify the park’s opening hours).

Luxembourg Gardens Best Photo Spots in Paris
Jardin du Luxembourg offers ridiculously awesome photo variety, including the instantly recognizable Medici Fountain.

Pont des Arts. This pedestrian bridge is superb when your lover desires postcard-worthy vistas along the Seine River. While attaching engraved padlocks to the bridge is no longer possible, you’ll definitely not be disappointed. Pont des Arts offers expansive views of Paris.

Dreamy couple photoshoot on Pont des Arts at sunrise in Paris
Dreamy couple photoshoot on Pont des Arts at sunrise.

Moulin Rouge. No evening Paris photoshoot is complete without a fabulous Champagne pop (at Moulin Rouge).

This historic nightclub might be most renowned for its spectacular cabaret performances. Still, it’s also one of the most instantly recognizable Parisian reference points, perfect for epic photos.

If you are after the picture-perfect Champagne pop and irresistible fun, you will need a very experienced Paris photographer and an associate to help with lighting and crowds.
Epic photo of Brazilian couple popping a Champagne at Moulin Rouge as part of a nighttime Paris engagement shoot
Moulin Rouge is not for everyone. Still, consider it seriously when you are adventurous, fun-loving, and want unique photos.

Palais-Royal. No serious discussion of the best place in Paris to take pictures is complete without mention of Palais Royal.

A Hollywood favorite, this former palace is near the top of our list when you’re after maximum photo variety.

It’s almost mind-boggling that one primary location combines playful black & white striped columns with expansive courtyards, fountains, and elegant gardens.

Paris photoshoot at Palais Royal
The playful Van Buren black-and-white-striped columns create a striking backdrop for Paris engagement photos.

Notre Dame Cathedral.

Notre Dame Cathedral is officially closed until 2024. Still, it’s one of the most photo-worthy locations in Paris.

Despite the construction surrounding the iconic Cathedral, the greater Notre Dame area is filled with amazing photo spots, including the oldest Parisian cafe, Au Vieux Paris d’Arcole, the super-fun bookstore, Shakespeare & Company, numerous postcard-worthy bridges, cobblestone streets, and the Seine River.

Best Photoshoot locations in Paris
Shakespeare and Company Café is super-cute and serves artisan cappuccinos. Bring your favorite book to add spice to your photographs.

We recommend a romantic 2-hour evening couple photoshoot. Kick things off along the Seine Riverbank below Notre Dame and make your way to the Louvre Museum for dreamy Blue Hour photos. You will indeed find plenty of unexpected precious photo gems along the way.

The City of Light is home to countless charming streets. Rue Crémieux, located in the 12th arrondissement, is often cited as one of the most postcard-worthy spots in Paris. The pedestrian-only cobblestone street is known far and wide for its colorful houses and feels like straight out of the movies.

Alternatively, Rue de l’Abreuvoir, located in the heart of Montmartre, offers quintessential Parisian charm. It is a must-see along with other popular 18th arrondissement attractions such as La Maison Rose, Place du Tertre, and Le Moulin de la Galette.

Montmartre boasts some of the prettiest streets in Paris to have your pictures taken.
Montmartre boasts some of the prettiest streets in Paris to have your pictures taken.

Knowing how to get around the City of Love during a photoshoot with multiple locations is priceless. Time is indeed money.

Presumably, you book professional portraits to get amazing pictures while creating unforgettable memories.

Mercedes-Maybach van to get around Paris during a photoshoot
A Mercedes-Maybach van presents the ultimate in luxury and is the perfect way to get around Paris during a photoshoot.

The easiest way to get around Paris for a photoshoot is by using a van with a professional English-speaking driver.

Commuting by foot can result in delays and fatigue. Your goal should be to minimize travel time and maximize the time spent on having your pictures taken.

Expect plenty of walking within primary locations, such as Trocadero, the Louvre, Montmartre, or Notre Dame.

Ladies, Louboutins are not “walking” shoes. Instead, bring a pair of flats (or comfy boots for the winter) to avoid unnecessary foot fatigue.

You’ll need a vehicle when you change primary photo spots, such as from Trocadéro to the Louvre. Here’s where you have several options:

  • UBER had been the gold standard for getting around Paris for many years. The company offered convenience, security, and outstanding service, which translated into value. Unfortunately, UBER (in Paris) is no longer good, and drivers will typically not even confirm rides for short distances or amounts less than around Euro 8-10. Where does that leave you? Try UBER’s competitor, Bolt, which offers affordable rides on demand, or flag down a taxi or a G7 taxi.
  • Taxis present a good alternative to UBER since they accept short rides and use bus & taxi lanes during rush hour. The only significant drawback is that there are few taxis, and you need to find them instead of them finding you;
  • Our preferred option, by far, for multi-location photoshoots is to hire a Mercedes van with an English-speaking driver. The van is a total game-changer! Expect to invest Euro 120 per hour for convenience, comfort, safety, and greater net photography coverage. Net photography coverage is the amount of time you take photos during a photoshoot. A van will optionally pick you up and drop you off at your hotel. You or your photographer’s assistant can share your live location via WhatsApp, so your chauffeur always knows where to collect you and go next. A van is the best option when you have bulky props, such as oversized balloons, or require a discrete environment for outfit changes.
Ask us to organize a van for you.

The best time of day for photo sessions around Paris depends on your choice of locations, biorhythm, dinner plans, and whether your kids can shake themselves out of bed early (for family portraits), …

Our favorite times of the day are sunrise and evening, including the ridiculously romantic Blue Hour and nighttime.

The Golden Hour.

Sunrise is when the sun slowly appears over the horizon in the morning. Sunrise times depend on the season and start around 5.45 AM in June and 8.45 AM in late December.

Sunrise photoshoot in Paris at the Four Seasons George V
Sunrise photoshoot in Paris at the Four Seasons George V.

Benefits of a sunrise photoshoot:

  • Sunrise is the only time to get spectacular photos at busy photo spots (notably at Trocadero)—especially when you want to avoid crowds;
  • Expect some of the softest lighting conditions;
  • Your sunrise session will typically wrap up early. You’ll have almost the entire day left for sightseeing, shopping, and even day trips to Versailles and Disneyland, …
  • Great opportunity for silhouettes, which you can get shortly before sunrise;
Paris photoshoot at sunrise when you have the best light at Muse
At sunrise is when you can expect the best lighting conditions for silhouette photos at Musee d’Orsay.

Reasons not to do your photo session at sunrise:

  • Waking up early can result in less sleep and a hurried breakfast, which can affect your mood;
  • Sunrise tends to be less romantic than the evening.
  • Your professional beauty artist may charge a premium to come to your hotel early.

Evening photography—the ‘Blue Hour.’

The period when the day ends and the evening begins. Sunset times differ based on season and can start as early as 4.50 PM around New Year and as late as 10:00 PM in June.

Advantages of doing your shoot in the evening:

  • It’s the most romantic time of the day;
  • soft light ensures no squinting, blown-out details, and undesirable shadows;
  • opportunity to get daylight, the ‘Blue Hour,’ and nighttime photos within a single hour of photography coverage;
  • A later starting time means you can do professional beauty services.
Eiffel Tower Mariage Proposal
Eiffel Tower engagement photos on Alexander III Bridge in Paris, France.

Reasons not to do your Paris photoshoot in the evening:

  • Many popular locations are not possible due to crowds;
  • You’ll require an associate to help with lighting and crowd/theft management;
  • You’re less likely to receive a preview of same-day edited photos.

Nighttime Paris Photoshoot.

The time when the City of Lights feels most alive.

Advantages of doing your shoot at nighttime:

  • Expect greater privacy than earlier in the day;
  • You have enough time to hire a professional makeup artist;
  • the best chance to get epic Champagne pop photographs.
Super-fun couple photography ideas with epic Champagne Pop at Moulin Rouge
We do not know of a more epic place in the universe to pop Champagne in style than in front of Moulin Rouge.

Reasons not to do a professional photo shoot when it’s dark:

  • Expect fewer photos because it takes time for your photographer’ associate to control the lighting;
  • You’ll need to hire an associate for lighting and crowd/theft management;
  • Artificial lighting sources, such as flash, can result in unflattering shadows, skin reflections, and squinting eyes;
  • Nighttime sessions can delay dinner plans.
  • Pack all props and outfits the night before your shoot;
  • Check the weather here when you wake up;
  • Download WhatsApp and charge your cell phone—you’ll need a phone to communicate with your Paris photographer, take a selfie, possibly revisit a Pinterest board, and flag down an UBER or Bolt;
  • Leave all non-essential valuable items at the hotel so they’re not lost or stolen;
  • If you hired a beauty artist, make sure she wraps up on time (the last thing you want is to arrive at your photoshoot late or stressed);
  • Pack a pair of comfy shoes to get from one location to the next. Red bottoms are not walking shoes!
  • On cold days, dress in layers and consider hand or boot warmers;
  • Bring breath fresheners when you anticipate a lot of kissing;
  • Leave your hotel early! There’s no harm in arriving at the meeting point before your photographer. Worst case, you grab a quick café. Please do not underestimate the Parisian traffic and expect UBER drivers to cancel on short notice;
  • Text your photographer and any other core vendors (ideally with a photo) when you leave your hotel so they know you’re on time and will recognize you from a distance;
  • Trust in your photographer, give 100%, laugh, and enjoy your travel shoot.
Plan the perfect Paris photoshoot
Running or walking poses are a fabulous way to kick off your photoshoot. Movement looks fantastic in pictures and helps avoid unwanted camera awareness.

Yes—at least when you work with Kiss Me in Paris—and here is what to expect when you work with us:

The clock officially starts at the scheduled kickoff time of your shoot (even when you arrive a few minutes late).

It’s entirely up to you how to use your commissioned photography time.

Some people prefer to visit as many photo locations as possible. However, remember that Paris is busy, so you should expect to lose time in traffic or waiting for a UBER or taxi.

Perhaps you intend to make several outfit changes. In that case, please appreciate that unless you rent a private van with a driver, you’ll lose time passing by your hotel or changing in the restroom of a café.

Photographers in Paris for tourists: Fun couple photoshoot ideas styled picnic
Paris is a terrific place to have professional pictures taken—be it for couples, families, or solo travelers.

The City of Love is not necessarily for everyone. Still, Paris is the ultimate playground for a memorable travelshoot, and here’s why:

  • From its luxurious shopping streets to the carefree Bohemian spirit of the Left Bank, Paris inspires with lively cafés and renowned art & architecture.
  • Paris offers countless stunning photoshoot locations, including the iconic Eiffel Tower, beautiful parks and gardens, quaint coffee shops, historical museums and palaces, and much more.
  • It’s relatively easy to identify English-speaking vendors.
  • Paris is always a good idea. You’ll certainly not run out of fun things to do. Here are the best restaurants in Paris with an Eiffel Tower view.

Incredible Paris photoshoot ideas you should make your own.

Versatile and Creative ideas to consider

The best photoshoot ideas are within character for you (as a couple) and result in an amazing experience with unique Paris photography. They can be creative, fun, unique, romantic, and themed, …

The pictures with Laurent turned out so good. We even got to see a few same-day edits, which was awesome as we could share them with our families and friends. Laurent is patient and incredibly helpful. He went above and beyond in helping us get the poses right and ensuring everything looked perfect. He knew all the best photo locations. Highly recommended!

Tenny Thomas

Unique Paris photoshoot ideas

Unique Paris photo shoot ideas: dreamy picnic with Eiffel Tower views

Plan a dreamy picnic with Eiffel Tower views.

Break out the trusty blanket and treat your sweetheart to a wistful picnic along the Seine River with picture-perfect Eiffel Tower views. Lean in for a romantic kiss and toast to the special love you share.

Fun ideas for Paris photoshoot

Incorporate a street performer.​

Hiring a skillful Parisian street artist is a terrific way to have fun, add spice to your Paris photo shoot, and come away with a meaningful keepsake. Caricatures at Montmartre are popular with couples and families alike.​

Indoor Paris photoshoot ideas

Little-known indoor Paris photoshoot ideas​

Indoor Paris photography offers privacy when you don’t want to worry about public perception or when it rains. Indoor portraits are a splendid way to mix things up when you already have pictures around the City of Lights or want to amortize your hotel suite investment.

Unique Paris photoshoot ideas: try a French boudoir with your significant other

Try the sexiest French Boudoir in Paris (solo or couple)​

A couple’s boudoir in Paris is a sensual way for lovers to celebrate their relationship and love. We’ve been told that our French boudoirs are super fun and have helped couples reconnect profoundly.​

Fun ideas for your photo session in Paris

Legendary Moulin Rouge engagement photo of couple popping Champagne

Master the Champagne pop at Moulin Rouge​

Toasting with chilled, bubbly Champagne is always a good idea when you visit the City of Love. Chances are, your Paris photoshoot marks a special occasion … and fizzy, light-colored wine has historically been associated with celebration. A Champagne pop at Moulin Rouge makes for unforgettable memories.

Fun couple photoshoot ideas Indian pre-wedding

Spice things up with unique props​

Fun props are a distinctive way to add spice to your photoshoot. The best props distract from unwelcome camera awareness and elevate the fun element. Our photographers are always up for any photoshoot ideas that enhance the experience and result in better images.​

Kids and family photos in Paris Bir Hakeim Bridge with pink and white balloons

Elevate your photos with giant balloons props

We maintain a love-hate relationship with balloons as props. Let’s be clear: we love how giant balloons look in pictures. Still, considering the investment, it’s essential to appreciate a few potential challenges. Balloons and wind do not play nice. Balloons can distract subjects from naturally connecting. And balloons do not travel well by UBER or taxi. Consider hiring a Mercedes van with an English-speaking driver when using giant balloons in multiple locations.

Paris cafe photoshoot ideas

The (almost) obligatory Paris cafe photoshoot​

Paris and cafés go together like a wink and a smile. If it were up to us, we’d not even consider any photoshoot of two hours or more without a pitstop at a stylish Parisian cafe. Cafe photoshoots look spectacular. And there’s more: you get to rest your feet and reenergize with a tasty cappuccino. Restaurants with a restroom allow for multiple outfit changes while waiting to be served. The focus of your cafe photoshoot poses shifts to a more intimate perspective.

Themed Paris photo shoot ideas

Midnight in Paris themed shoot

Midnight in Paris

Our insanely fun Midnight in Paris-themed photoshoot takes you on a spectacular adventure to the most stunning filming locations Gil Pender frequented. Our event planners will adapt the themed photo session to your interests, style, time, and budget.

Emily in Paris themed photoshoot

Emily in Paris​

Like the Midnight in Paris-themed photoshoot, our Emily in Paris-inspired adventure takes you directly to the most spectacular locations Emily Cooper frequented. This unforgettable photo shoot is for you when you want something different from the traditional spots (Trocadero, Louvre, etc.), value a fun-filled experience, and are willing to invest in a more substantial photography package.​

What are the most beautiful Paris Photoshoot locations?

When to have your pictures taken

Paris offers ridiculously romantic, iconic, and dreamy photo spots.

It helps to differentiate between:

  • Public locations (free of charge and widely accessible to anyone) and private settings (you pay a premium in return for privacy);
  • Eiffel Tower views vs. non-Eiffel Tower views
  • and locations that work well for solo portraits, couples, families, and large parties.

My wife and I cannot say enough great things about Vincent. We wanted an editorial-style photoshoot in Paris to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. Vincent and the “Kiss Me in Paris” team did not disappoint. Vincent was wonderful to work with (and a lot of fun!); he patiently provided instructions, resulting in spectacular pictures. He went above and beyond to ensure our experience was everything we imagined. We highly recommend Vincent to anyone and everyone who loves photos + fun + Paris. Merci beaucoup Vincent!

Steve Grandjean

Famous Eiffel Tower Photoshoot Locations

Adorable Paris family photos mom and son at Trocadero Eiffel Tower

Trocadero Eiffel Tower​

The most instantly recognizable place in the City of Love. We recommend Trocadero only at sunrise unless you enjoy waiting in line and dealing with vendors and other curious onlookers. Note: The central plaza (Parvis des Droits de l’Homme) and the right flank of the platform are no longer under construction.​

Creative Couple Photography Ideas in Paris at night with twinkling Eiffel Tower

Pont de Bir Hakeim​

A famous bridge with iconic architecture, Bir-Hakeim works for solo and couple pictures but is not necessarily ideal for families or marriage proposals (considering the traffic). The bridge is not necessarily romantic or private. Still, it offers brilliant photo variety and is a solid rain alternative when your heart is set on the Iron Lady.​

Couple photoshoot in Paris at Alexander III Bridge with Eiffel Tower view

Pont Alexandre III​

One of the prettiest and most elegant bridges in Paris, Pont Alexandre III works for photoshoots any time of the day and night. Expect slightly nuanced views of the Eiffel Tower.

Paris elopement Camoens Avenue Eiffel Tower view

Camoens Avenue​

Try Avenue de Camoens when Trocadero feels a little overused or you want another nearby view of the Eiffel Tower. We love the quintessential Parisian cobblestone and residential feel. Remember that this spot is quite popular due to occasional events at Trocadero. Camoens works best early morning and late evening!​

Quiet places for your photo session in Paris

Stylish Paris engagement photos taken in the Tuileries Gardens during the fall season

Tuileries Garden​

This private walkway is a wonderful photo spot in the heart of Paris and is flanked on both sides by lush trees. Its esplanade is easily accessible by foot from Léopold Sédar Senghor Bridge, Palais-Royal, and the Louvre Museum.​

Couple photoshoot at Montmartre Paris


When you desire picturesque Parisian cafés and cobblestone streets, Montmartre should be near the top of your list. Montmartre is an excellent photo spot—notably around sunrise but also at night. It is a popular place to get caricature pictures, enjoy delicious cafes, and come away with maximum photo variety.​

Most romantic places to kiss in Paris Luxembourg Gardens

Jardin du Luxembourg​

The verdant Luxembourg Gardens tempt with beautiful tree-lined alleys and the stunning Medici Fountain. It’s a splendid spot for dreamy picnics, intimate elopements, engagement photos, and surprise proposals. However, verify the park’s opening hours and arrive early to beat the crowds.​

Iconic places to do an amazing photoshoot in Paris

Paris photo session at the Louvre Museum

The Louvre

The Louvre Museum is among the most historical monuments in the world. It’s a stunning backdrop for any travelshoot and works pretty much all day and night. The romantic Blue Hour at the Louvre is beyond.

Best French castle photo spots near Paris (ideal for stylized shoots and intimate events)

Chateau de villette luxury marriage proposal in Paris

Chateau de Villette​

Glamorous, elegant, and simply ideal for stylized shoots and luxury weddings.​

Chateau de Vaux le Vicomte French castle pProposal

Chateau Vaux-le-Vicomte​

Vaux le Vicomte is ridiculously amazing for luxury weddings, stylized shoots, pre-wedding, and other photo sessions.​

We booked a family photoshoot with Laurent and had the most wonderful experience! Laurent knows the best places to take photos around Paris and how to use our time best. The pictures turned out amazing.

The Kiss Me in Paris team was friendly and accommodating: even before booking, they were forthcoming with terrific ideas and answered all my questions.

I highly recommend Kiss Me in Paris when you’re serious about professionalism, a memorable travelshoot, and stunning family photos worthy of framing.

Valeria Balderramos

What to wear to your Paris photoshoot

There are no rules regarding attire choices for your photo session in Paris. Your style, the type of shoot, and preferred photo spots collectively determine whether to go for casual, elegant, and, time permitting, a combination of both.

Remember that Paris is the world’s fashion capital … so dress to impress.

What to wear for a Paris photoshoot
Elegant Paris pre-wedding photoshoot at Cafe Le Nemours.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Dress how you want to be seen in your pictures;
  • Choose attire that makes you feel confident and energizes you;
What to wear to a couple photo shoot
What you wear to a couple photoshoot affects your comfort and pictures.
  • Consider textures and colors that harmonize; 
  • Avoid stripes, which can result in moiré patterns in your photos. Instead, use bold prints and colors (red, orange, and yellow are eye-catching).

According to the London Image Institute, the hue of clothes can also affect your emotions and energy

How does the color of my outfit affect my photos
Understand how the color of outfits affects photos.
  • When you can’t quite make up your mind, err on the side of elegance. A classy black suit is timeless. Ladies, it’s impossible to go wrong with clean, soft pastels;
  • For awe-inspiring silhouettes, try dark, fitted outfits and avoid whites.
Eiffel Tower couple silhouette photo at sunrise at Trocadero
Eiffel Tower couple silhouette photos at sunrise at Trocadero require an early arrival and ideally tightly fitted, dark attire.
  • Bring a pair of flats or other comfy shoes to protect your feet when moving from one location to the next;
  • Arrive in layers on cold days and even consider bringing hand warmers;
Consider airy, flowy dresses for spring/summer shoots. Optionally, add a delicate bouquet or a fabulous hat.
Stylish engagement photos in Paris at Alexander III with Eiffel Tower view
Stylish engagement photos in Paris at Alexander III with Eiffel Tower view.

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