Locations: Maternity Shoot Paris at the Four Seasons Hotel George V, Alexander III Bridge, Chanel (CHANEL PARIS 31 CAMBON)
Season: Spring
Time of Day: mid-morning
Package: photography, beauty services; private Mercedes van with English-speaking driver, personalized Ladurée macarons, white balloons.
Cost: $$$

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Pregnancy is such an extraordinary time of joy, change, and anticipation. And whether you already know the gender or want to keep it a total surprise, we’re sure you can’t wait to proudly welcome the latest family addition.

Maternity Photoshoot Paris at the George V Hotel
Maternity Photoshoot Paris at the George V Hotel

It’s reasonably well-understood that pregnancy pictures are a fantastic way to document such a wonderful life event. After all, you’ll want to remember and reflect on how it felt to be pregnant with that tiny being who’ll soon shower you with unconditional love.

Many couples do not realize that a maternity photoshoot is an incredible way for parents-to-be to connect, prepare, and celebrate.

Maternity Photoshoot Paris ideas
Maternity Photoshoot Paris ideas

Like with boudoir shoots, we discourage one-size-fits-all, dull photo studios. It does not even sound fun to perform awkward poses with the same props countless others used. Sure, photo studios tend to be quick and easy and generally result in good lighting.

Then again, a once-in-a-lifetime occasion should not be quick and easy, right? And that brings us to a destination maternity photoshoot in Paris. The City of Lights is filled to the brim with perfect photo spots to proudly present your bump.

So schedule your trip to Paris around your 30th week or so of pregnancy. Then don’t delay and kick preparations into high gear. Pack your ultrasound scan, plenty of pink or light-blue props, and abundant joie de vivre.

Finally, creating a Pinterest board to document some of your initial Paris maternity photoshoot ideas is a fantastic idea. You can then evolve the Pinterest board over time and share it with your Paris photographer to manage expectations and solicit feedback.

Maternity Photoshoot George V Paris
Maternity Photoshoot George V Paris

Even your baby will have fun

spots fill up quickly. reserve your maternity photoshoot paris today.