The perfect couple photography package for sunrise and sunset photos in Paris.

Whatever the special occasion—honeymoon, anniversary, engagement, pre-wedding, or a just-for-fun couple photoshoot—a romantic getaway with your sweetheart in Paris promises one of the happiest memories of a lifetime.

Paris couple photography package
Starting with movement poses, such as walking or running toward the camera, is a fantastic way to shed undesirable camera awareness while easing into your couple photoshoot.

Now, since you’re viewing this page, there’s a high likelihood you want a Parisian photoshoot that’s an enjoyable experience and results in breathtaking photographs.

Chances are you’re looking for a fun Paris photographer who will take you on an unforgettable urban adventure. Someone to capture the unique spark you share with your partner as you stroll the most romantic places in Paris.

Paris couple photography package: Notre-Dame de Paris
Believable connection in engagement photos is about natural breathing, effortless eye contact, and comfort with closeness and chemistry.

We have an epic photography package for you: introducing our ‘2+2 Paris Couple Photography Package.’

  • You get your photos taken when the light is best, and the City is most romantic—sunrise and evening, including the ridiculously amazing Blue Hour. Good lighting prevents squinting in photos, blown-out outfit details, and distracting shadows.

The so-called Blue Hour is the period after official sunset when the day ends and night begins. Expect the vivid blue sky to become increasingly saturated until it eventually transitions to dark (nighttime).

The Blue Hour’s duration depends on the time of the year, so expect anywhere from a few minutes to a full hour. It’s a unique opportunity to get daylight, striking blue skies, and even nighttime images within a single hour.

Romantic Paris cafe photo at Montmartre
You’d be remiss to do a romantic couple photoshoot or engagement session in Paris and not get cafe pictures.
  • Starting the first half of your photoshoot at sunrise typically means soft, airy, and flattering light. When you want iconic monuments as your backdrop without bothersome crowds affecting your experience or pictures, it’s the way to go.
Paris couple photography package
When you’re after an Eiffel Tower couple photoshoot at Trocadero and wish to avoid crowds, sunrise is hands-down the way to go.
  • Then, when you and your artist reconvene for the nighttime part of your shoot, expect loads of happiness and romance. In the astute words of Woody Allen, “Paris in the evening is enchanting … and Paris after midnight is pure magic!”
Paris couple photography package
Popping Champagne in front of the iconic Moulin Rouge is not for every couple. Still, you’ll have fun and achieve unique and memorable Paris couple photography.
  • Splitting four hours of photography coverage into two equal parts allows for flow and continuity while avoiding fatigue.
  • Another benefit is that you’ll already arrive at your evening session in a second outfit, which saves time better spent with heartfelt laughs and swoon-worthy photos.
Paris couple photography packages

Check out our 2+2 Paris couple photography package

when you want to really experience Paris and get awesome photo variety.