We’ve seen it all when it comes to Paris family vacation photoshoots. From the traditional family session with core family members to the triple generation shoot, including mom, grandma, and daughter, to extended family sessions with siblings to smaller combinations like a father & daughter session.

So are you ready to spend some time together having fun and capturing memories that you and your family will treasure forever? Then it’s time to book a family shoot with Kiss Me in Paris!

We are honored that you are considering us for this extraordinary moment. Everything you need to confidently make your booking is on this page. So grab a cafe and have a read. And if you have questions, we are literally a “live chat” or a “WhatsApp” away!

But first … here’s what you can expect when you work with Kiss Me in Paris for your Paris family photoshoot.

What to Expect

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#1 unrivaled experience & local know-how

Our English-speaking photographers are fun, versatile, and easy to work with. … and are well experienced at working with children and with families!

It’s not every day that you are asked to pose in front of the camera of a relative stranger! We understand! Our photographers are there to help you with poses to get the most out of your shoot.

2 Paris family shoot package to suit your needs

Perhaps you’re merely looking for a quick Eiffel Tower photoshoot with a few fantastic snaps in front of the Iron Lady? Then, it should be reassuring to know that we offer a 30-minute Trocadéro mini-session at a price anyone can afford. Or maybe you want to treat your family to a substantive, fun-filled adventure in Paris? A premium package is good when you want greater location variety, a stress-free experience, multiple outfits, and the best times of the day to take pictures.

#3 100% money-back guarantee

Our promise is simple: if you’re not satisfied, we are not satisfied. Kiss Me in Paris is the only Paris photographer to offer a money-back guarantee if you don’t love your experience and family photos.

#4 see you#4 see your photos in 24 hoursr photos in 24 hours

They say patience is a virtue. But not when it comes to getting your beautiful holiday photos back. We get it! You’ve accomplished an incredible feat by getting your family to fully commit to a vacation family photoshoot. You are burning to already share a few fantastic pictures with friends and family. As such, it should be sweet music to your ears that you’ll receive an online proofing gallery in under 24 hours!

#5 the only full-service provider in town

It’s not always easy to arrange for a family shoot from thousands of miles across the ocean. Especially when you have toddlers or small children in tow! But worry not … we’re the only Parisian photographer with a dedicated in-house planning team.

As such, we can—on relatively short notice—organize almost anything you desire: a private van with a driver, an experienced associate to help with the kids so you can get some couple pics, beauty services for Mom, exclusive Paris photoshoot locations, stylish bouquets, bigger-than-life balloons, restaurant reservations, video, and more … your wish is indeed our command.

How it works.

Book with confidence.

01 Book your family photoshoot in Paris

So you think we’re a great fit. Yaay! We’re already super-excited to meet and can’t wait to be part of your travelshoot! The next step is to lock in your preferred date, family photoshoot photographer, and Paris photography package through our secure booking system. A 50% deposit is required to complete your reservation. You’ll immediately receive a summary with your shoot details, including the contact information of your artist. BOOK NOW >>

02 Prepare like a Rockstar before arriving in Paris

The first rule of excellent Paris photography is to prepare well before arriving in the City of Lights. “Why,” you may ask. Simple. Great planning results in a more fun adventure with better travel pictures. In the end, that’s all that matters, right? Once you book with us, we will send you some resources to help you to prepare for your shoot. In the meanwhile, read through the articles and FAQs on the service page. Grab your Pinterest board and head on over to our searchable galleries. You’ll find loads of fabulous outfits that work well in photos, examples of photo locations, creative photography ideas for families, and much more.

03 Firm up the game plan with your photographer

Now it’s time to kick preparations into high gear! Your Paris family photoshoot photographer is a true local expert. They will help you get the most out of your commissioned time while keeping your fav photo ideas and locations in mind. Feel free to share your vision, ideas, and Pinterest board with them. You’ll also coordinate the fine details, such as where to initially meet and how to get around.

04 Decide on any extras you may need

Are you looking for balloons, flowers, bicycles? Perhaps a private van with a driver will be more convenient. Maybe you want a picnic setup or hair and makeup for Mom. Or an assistant to help you with your belongings and with the kids? Reach out to our support team and let us know!

05 Enjoy your family shoot!

Today’s the day! Remember to bring your outfits, props, and loads of fun energy. You’ve prepared well, and you’re in the caring and experienced hands of your Paris family portrait photographer. Relish every moment!

06 Get your family photos back fast.

You’ll receive an online proofing gallery with all your Paris pictures in under 24 hours. You can easily choose your favorites, which will be lovingly edited by our talented team. While our packages come with a fixed number of included edits, you can select additional edits for a small fee. You can expect to receive the final photos in 1-2 weeks in a beautiful electronic gallery that is easily shared with friends and family.

07 Showcase your family pics with fabulous keepsakes!

Beautiful pictures are meant to be enjoyed … not stored on your computer. We offer various prints and products to showcase your Paris family photos and bring them to life! A lovely album or a luxury box of your printed images is great for the coffee table. Consider a canvas on the wall where you can appreciate it every day. Or perhaps a fun, functional gift … like a luggage tag for Grandma with your favorite photo of the kids. The possibilities are endless!

Tips to get the most out of your Paris Family Session

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Get your family excited about the shoot! Give them an idea of what to expect ahead of time. Focus on how much fun it’s going to be. For kids – try to get them involved by suggesting different poses that they want to try. If necessary, ask your partner to also get on board in framing the experience in a fun light. Your positive attitudes will be contagious!

Consider booking at the most convenient time for your children (especially if they are smaller). Think about meals, nap times, and overall energy and mood.

  • Mornings after an early breakfast can be great for younger children – they are well-rested, fed, and bursting with energy to start the day! Locations will also be less crowded. An added benefit – the morning light is wonderfully flattering!
  • With older children, you will have more flexibility for afternoon or evening shoots.

Plan the details of your shoot ahead of time … Think about outfits, hairstyles, and anything you want to include as part of your shoot. We encourage you to prepare as much as possible before your shoot so that you can wake up feeling relaxed.

Choose specific props … props are great as long as they are within character and reflect you as a family or your individual personalities. They can also help to lessen camera awareness. Balloons are always fun, as well as signs or a special memento. Of course, we do not encourage you to bring too much as we will be moving around.

Communicate with your photographer. Talk to your photographer about ideas and locations that would be right for your family. Peruse our website and Pinterest for inspiring looks. If there is a specific photo you have in mind, share examples or let them know ahead of time.

Schedule some Mom time—Moms are generally the organizer-in-chief of the family photos session. They book the photographer, choose the outfits and make sure everyone is ready. One could say that she will set the tone for the shoot. We encourage Mom to pamper themselves a bit – perhaps get their nails, hair, and makeup done. When Mom is feeling beautiful and confident, it will rub off on the rest of the family.

Give yourself plenty of time … Leave enough time for everyone to be fully ready before it’s time to leave to meet your Paris photographer. If you get to your session feeling rushed and/or disorganized – it’s stressful and already sets a negative tone for the shoot.

Try not to come to your photo session hungry … it can affect the mood.

Clear your pockets… of any keys, phones, glass case, or otherwise. It can make an otherwise fantastic photo unusable and can be expensive to fix in post-processing.

Naturally engage with your family—that is when you will get the best pictures. Don’t feel forced to look at the camera. Instead, give Dad a kiss on the cheek. Hug the kids. Throw your toddler in the air. Laugh and snuggle and play … and bring out those genuine emotional connections. It will be easier to do this as the shoot goes on. And don’t worry – your photographer is there to help you.

Let kids be kids! Keep it fun and true to who they are. Do they like to dance – then encourage them to do a solo number in front of the Eiffel Tower or their favorite monument. It will make for a memorable moment and great photos!

Expect the unexpected. We are big fans of preparing for your shoot, but sometimes things may not go exactly as planned. Younger kids have a mind of their own and may get a bit fussy or just not feel inclined to go along with the program. That is where the experience from your photographer comes in. If they see something isn’t working, then they will try something else. You can trust that they have plenty of tricks up their sleeves to ensure beautiful photos!

Leave the cheese for the crackers! For most of us, it’s been ingrained in us to say “cheese” for photos. But let’s leave that old-fashioned advice where it belongs – by the wayside. Asking your kids to look at the camera and say “cheese” will likely result in strained smiles and unnatural photos. This leads us to our next tip …

Trust your photographer! For our photographers, it’s all about capturing your genuine emotion and the authentic connection that you and your family share. They understand how to interact with your children to bring out those beautiful smiles and naturally capture their personalities!

HAVE FUN! Ultimately, that is what it’s all about … having a wonderful experience with your family. So no stress – you are prepared, your family is excited, and you are in the hands of the best Paris vacation photographers—Kiss Me in Paris!

Ready to Book Your Paris Family Photographer?

What should you wear for your family photoshoot in Paris?

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When it comes to attire choices for your Paris family photoshoot, there are no hard rules. It depends on you as a family and how you want to be seen in your photos.

Clients generally ask – do I have to dress up? Our response – you don’t have to be formal, but you should be stylish. That means that you do want to put some thought into the outfits that everyone will be wearing. Make sure you look your best, whether it’s casual, formal, or a combination of both.

  • The first step is to choose the overall look – Elegant? Sporty? Whimsical? Try to keep everyone within the same look – if Mom is super snazzy, then everyone else shouldn’t be in shorts. Keep in mind that depending on the length of your shoot, you can change outfits to mix things up a bit.
Don’t be afraid to go BIG. If you have always fancied a super formal look, complete with gowns and matching suits or tuxedos for the boys of the family. Go for it! Haute couture was invented in Paris! This sophisticated city with world-class architecture is the perfect backdrop.
  • The next step is to choose a color palette. These days, it’s unnecessary for everyone to be matchy, matchy … wearing the same outfit in the same color. Unless of course, that is what you prefer … we have seen some do it very well. Otherwise, choose colors that you love that coordinate well together – and build your outfits around them. Pick two main colors and then add softer or bolder tones to accent and complete your color scheme.
Get inspired
Some of our clients already have in mind where they may want to hang their family photos and use colors that blend well with the room. Talk about thinking ahead! We love it.

Consider the season when choosing your colors … get inspired by the falling leaves in the fall or the pastel colors of spring.

Go to stores that have color coordinating collections – then it becomes relatively easy to pick different clothes within a certain palette.

  • Think about the weather at the time of your shoot and dress accordingly. It’s challenging to enjoy a shoot when you are freezing in a halter dress! Consider wearing layers on cold days … or incorporate a stylish umbrella as a prop when it may rain.
  • Our advice is for Moms to choose their outfits first. Because let’s be honest, if Mom doesn’t feel confident, these photos will not see the light of day. So Moms – choose the outfit that flatters your assets the best – skinny jeans, maxi dress, etc.
  • A mix of solids and patterns can work well. Just keep in mind that light prints can be ok, while bold ones can be distracting.
  • Focus on timeless pieces, as trendy items can easily date your photographs.
  • Skirts that are too short … or shorts … can be difficult to sit in without showing too much.
Beautiful flowing clothes with movement will cover you appropriately, allow you to move around, and provide some drama.
  • If there’s a body part that you’re a tad insecure about, then go with shapes that flatter that area. For instance, if you are concerned about your arms, go for a cap or a flutter sleeve or something more forgiving instead of going sleeveless.
  • Accessories can create exciting visuals and offer a diversity of interesting images. Consider hats, headbands, scarves, suspenders, sunglasses … they can add a sassy flair to your photographs!
  • Louboutins are not made for walking! So bring a pair of flats or other comfy shoes to protect your feet as we move from one location to the next.
  • Keep in mind the time of day of your shoot and the photos on your Pinterest board that inspire you the most …
Want those striking early morning silhouettes? White doesn’t photograph well in that situation. Choose a darker palette. Also, dresses that are form-fitting work well.

Are you shooting during the famous Paris Blue Hour?
Bright colors, particularly red, pop brilliantly against the blue hue of the sunset sky.

  • For the ladies of the family, consider a mani/pedi as essential to your overall look. Chipped nail polish can ruin a great photograph. The devil is in the details!
  • For kids, it’s essential to balance style with comfort. That super fabulous dress with itchy fabric will lead to fussy kids who are not happy – not a good ingredient to get wonderful family photos! For content, cooperative kids, choose a few comfortable styles and fabrics in your color palette, then let them pick the outfit that they love most.

Prepare well in advance for what you’ll wear, as getting that out of the way will relieve stress! Ultimately, whatever you decide, it should provide the perfect combination of confidence and comfort!

The Best Spots in Paris for Family Pictures

The City of Lights offers terrific options for family shoots. We prefer to recommend enclosed spaces away from traffic, not super crowded (at certain times), and safe for kids to play and be kids!

Champ du Mars

For a ground-floor, unobstructed view of the Eiffel Tower, the grassy area of Champ du Mars is just perfect! It can also be ideal for a picnic setup.


This iconic location has it all. The best view of the Eiffel Tower from the black and white tiled platform, luscious green gardens and colorful flowers, a magnificent fountain, stairs for creative shots, a playground for the kids, and a colorful vintage carousel with the Iron Lady in the background!

Louvre & Tuileries Gardens

The Louvre’s grounds and gardens are considered among the most important monuments in Paris. It’s safe, beautiful, with amazing architecture, tons of green space, a carousel and playground, and a lovely tree-lined alley with views over the Seine River. The summertime seasonal “fair” offers excellent photo ops with rides, cotton candy, ice cream, and games.


The iconic black & white Buren columns are great fun for the entire family. In the gardens, the canopies of trees provide a fun space for running and playing hide and seek.

Luxembourg Gardens

A popular spot for tourists and locals alike, it is considered the most beautiful park in Paris. You’ll find charming gardens with endless rows of flowers, a stunning Italian-style palace, and of course, the Medici Fountain. There are also great activities for a photoshoot. Ride the ponies, navigate sailboats on the pond, watch a puppet show, play chess under the trees, play boules with your family, set up a picnic on the grass, or get some photos on the old-fashioned carousel.

Île de la Cité

It’s an island park that offers some of the most beautiful views of the Seine River, complete with a weeping willow. It’s surrounded by some of the cities most recognizable monuments – the Louvre, Notre Dame, and the iconic Parisian bridges.


This Paris location has everything that you could want for your photo session. There are charming cobblestone streets, lovely parks and playgrounds, the iconic staircase leading to the grand Sacre Coeur cathedral, carousels, ice cream shops, caricature artists, countless restaurants for those prized cafe shots, and one of the most impressive panoramic views of Paris!

Bagatelle Park

Less of a park and more of a luxurious botanical garden, the ultra-romantic Parc de Bagatelle is well known for its exquisite rose garden, beautifully manicured lawns, and friendly peacocks. As well, there are arches, pagodas, ruins, gazebos, waterfalls, bridges, and grottos—all of which can make the perfect backdrop for a fantastic family photoshoot.

Parc Monceau

In this beautiful garden in the middle of Paris, which is surrounded by classic French architecture, the photo op locations are endless. A neoclassical Rotunda, romantic Roman ruins, antique statues, a miniature Egyptian pyramid, a water lily pond, and exotic trees and flowers from around the world, pony rides, a carousel, large grassy areas for a picnic, paths for a bicycle ride, and a stunning Venetian inspired bridge.

Palace of Versailles

If you feel adventurous for your Paris family photoshoot, rent a private van for a trip to Château de Versailles (about 30 mins outside of Paris). Skip the palace tour, and head straight for the magnificent grounds! Here you can rent bicycles or canoes, jump on a mini train and get active family photos. It’s where history meets fun … against the backdrop of the most famous palace in the world!

After your family shoot

What’s Next?

When you’re ready to book your family photos in Paris, click here. Otherwise, have a look at these popular resources, which are sure to inspire you and the entire family.

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