Pop the Question to Your Sweetheart Under the Pretext of an Art Show.

This Art Show proposal works best in the morning when there are fewer crowds.

You tell your partner that a famous French artist is hosting a “free” exhibition, and you’d love to check it out. Your partner doesn’t know that it is a personal exhibition conceived for her eyes only.

Art Show Paris proposal with Eiffel Tower view
Art Show Paris proposal: you enjoy a fabulous art show about “You,” … and she will understand how much effort and forethought went into planning such a unique engagement as she reads your messages of devotion and love.

You both make your way toward the easels. The words on the last easel start with your partner’s name and a personalized message of love, which ends with “Will You Marry Me?”

Art Show Paris proposal with Eiffel Tower view
Art Show Paris proposal: when you are after creative ways to deliver your marriage proposal speech, put it in words. Subsequently, you can step back and follow up with a more traditional proposal speech.

As she reads it, a master musician appears to play her favorite song. She turns around, and you are already on your knee, presenting a diamond engagement ring.

Starts at €1,750

  • On-location proposal planner to ensure a stress-free, memorable proposal experience;
  • Detailed proposal concept;
  • Six large prints about love, including one super-personalized final print;
  • 6 sturdy, high-quality easels to display your messages of devotion and love;
  • Paparazzi-style, experienced Paris proposal photographer to capture the intimate moment and immediate reactions (approximately 60 minutes of total photography coverage);
  • Creation of a WhatsApp group to facilitate communication with your core vendor team;
  • Day-of GPS live location mapping via WhatsApp.
  • NEW: a phenomenal 60-second Instagram-style vertical video reel, including footage of the actual proposal and priceless reactions (check out Juliana’s page for sample video reels)—€375;
  • Paris videographer to capture the moment and priceless reactions — starting at €500 for the first hour of video coverage;
  • Custom proposal planning—starting at €750;
  • Master musician to play your partner’s favorite song (guitarist, cellist, violinist, or harpist)—starting at €375;
  • Chilled French Champagne, real crystal flutes, and a stunning bouquet of long-stemmed red roses hand-delivered to your proposal spot—starting at €295 (depending on your choice of Champagne);
  • Professional lighting package, including an associate to manage the lights and crowds (highly recommended for evening set-ups when you’re after the vivid blue sky)—€225;
  • Eye-catching fireworks fountains that ignite when she says “Yes,” or at any other moment during the marriage proposal—€120 (2 fireworks fountains) or €200 (4 fireworks fountains) for thirty (30) seconds. Upgrade to sixty (60) seconds at €160 (2 fireworks fountains) or €240 (4 fireworks fountains).

We can control almost any element of planning your Paris proposal experience except for the weather and preventing curious bystanders from joining (a public proposal spot). Still, when you work with Kiss Me in Paris, the odds of unwanted interruptions are low.

It is crucial, however, to appreciate potential risks when proposing in any public setting. In the unlikely event of heavy rain, we’ll do our utmost to accommodate a time or date change, but there is no guarantee of availability.

The second weather-related factor we have no control over is wind. Wind can blow away rose petals, wreak havoc on balloons, and even—in extreme cases—affect the stability of our premium lighting or oversized Marry Me Letters.

Proposal planning AND any set-up-related fees, including Marry Me Letters, flowers & decor, are strictly non-refundable since much of the work will have been rendered by your proposal date.