The ‘Artist’ Proposal is sure to make her cry tears of joy.​

You encourage your partner to stroll around Paris before heading to an elegant brunch, dinner, or boat cruise (your significant other is aware of this and dresses to the occasion).

Almost fortuitously, you stumble upon a local French artist who offers to draw a caricature (or surprise painting) for a small fee. You agree.

However, your partner doesn’t know that said artist has already completed a fabulous drawing of you (based on a photo we previously shared with the artist).

The caricature is awesome and sports a “Will You Marry Me” bubble over your heads. It can be in black & white or color (additional fee). Alternatively, a master painter can render an exact drawing of your proposal setting.

Paris proposal ideas with proposal setting drawn by a master painter
Demonstrate forethought and effort by enlisting a master “surprise” painter to create an exact rendition of your proposal setting.
Paris proposal ideas with luxury proposal set-up
Here is the actual surprise proposal on a private Parisian rooftop.
Paris proposal ideas with proposal setting drawn by a master painter
And here is the painter’s rendition of your proposal … drawn even before you arrive in Paris.

Here is where you can take the Paris proposal concept in any direction. We can secretly display the painting on an easel as part of your design and decor.

Or, the artist may ask you right there and then if you’re ready to see her masterpiece. You step behind your partner, pull the ring box out of your jacket, and drop to one knee. When your sweetheart processes the drawing and turns to you, Goosebumps are guaranteed.

Voila! She says, “Yes!” And we say, consider adding a fantastic fireworks fountain to ignite when she turns around … or when you place the ring on her finger.

Starts at €850 (playful caricature in black & white)
Starts at €1,100 (master painter)

  • Talented French caricature artist or a master painter;
  • Detailed briefing of the artist for the desired subject matter, including objects, people (i.e., typically you, the couple), scenes, etc.;
  • Creation of a WhatsApp group to facilitate communication with your core vendor team;
  • Day-of GPS live location mapping via WhatsApp.
We apply a coordination fee of €250 for any rooftop proposal or when you book three or more vendors or services.
  • Paparazzi-style, experienced Paris proposal photographer to capture the moment and immediate reactions (approximately 60 minutes of total coverage)—starting at €300;
  • Premium chilled French Champagne, crystal flutes, and a stunning bouquet of long-stemmed red roses hand-delivered to your proposal spot—starting at €295 (depending on your choice of Champagne);
  • NEW: a phenomenal 60-second Instagram-style vertical video reel, including footage of the actual proposal and priceless reactions (check out Juliana’s page for sample video reels)—€375;
  • Paris videographer to capture the moment and priceless reactions — starting at €500 for the first hour of video coverage;
  • Custom proposal planning—starting at €750;
  • Professional lighting package, including an associate to manage the lights and crowds (highly recommended for evening set-ups when you’re after the vivid blue sky)—€225;
  • Eye-catching fireworks fountains that ignite when she says “Yes,” or at any other moment during the marriage proposal—€120 (2 fireworks fountains) or €200 (4 fireworks fountains) for thirty (30) seconds. Upgrade to sixty (60) seconds at €160 (2 fireworks fountains) or €240 (4 fireworks fountains).

We can control almost any element of your marriage proposal experience except for the weather and bystanders crashing your proposal.

When you work with Kiss Me in Paris, the odds of unwanted interruptions are low.

Still, it is crucial to understand potential risks when proposing in a public setting. We will do all possible to accommodate a time or date change in the unlikely event of heavy rain.

Also, there is always a small chance that your painter is sick. In that case, we will do our utmost to find a worthy substitute on short notice.

The proposal coordination fee is non-refundable since much of the work will have been performed by the proposal date.