The most luxurious ‘Marry Me’ letters proposal in Paris. Guaranteed.

“And though years may go
Some day I know
She’ll come to Paris again
And I’ll find her where I lost her
By the lovely river Seine.” ~ Dean Martin

Abundantly referenced in well-known French ballads and poetry, the River Seine is custom-made for lovers.

Picture snuggling up with your soulmate for a romantic evening stroll along the Left Bank … when you suddenly hear a master violinist softly playing her favorite song in the distance.

You approach the musician to discover a fabulous setting flanked by a sea of roses and a sumptuous red carpet leading to oversized Marry Me letters.

The dreamy illumination of countless flickering candles and the glimmering Eiffel Tower create the perfect ambiance to gaze deeply into your sweetheart’s eyes and celebrate love.

Snuggle together to soak up the scenery and share a timeless kiss of equal parts poetry and passion before dropping to your knee to ask your soulmate to marry you.

Then treat your fiancée to an open-air picnic, kick things up a notch with chilled French Champagne, and count your blessings while savoring a view of the most iconic monument in the known universe.

Our Marry Me Letters proposal design & decor—which you can request in red, white, or pink—can be set up anywhere around Paris, including commercial rooftops, terraces, and balconies.
Marry Me Letters Paris Proposal Secret Table Peninsula
Marry Me Letters proposal at the Secret Table (Peninsula Hotel) in Paris with stunning red carpet and romantic accent candles as well as a personalized Champagne table.
Marry Me letters Paris proposal private rooftop Shangri-La Hotel
Romantic same-sex proposal on a private terrace of the Peninsula Paris with dazzling white Marry Me letters, oversized white balloons, and flickering candles.


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