The most luxurious ‘Marry Me’ letters proposal in Paris. Guaranteed.​

“And though years may go
Some day I know
She’ll come to Paris again
And I’ll find her where I lost her
By the lovely river Seine.” ~ Dean Martin

Abundantly referenced in well-known French ballads and poetry, the River Seine is custom-made for lovers.

Picture snuggling up with your soulmate for a romantic evening stroll along the Left Bank … when you suddenly hear a master violinist softly playing her favorite song in the distance.

You approach the musician to discover a fabulous setting flanked by a sea of roses and a sumptuous red carpet leading to oversized Marry Me letters.

The dreamy illumination of countless flickering candles and the glimmering Eiffel Tower create the perfect ambiance to gaze deeply into your sweetheart’s eyes and celebrate love.

Snuggle together to soak up the scenery and share a timeless kiss of equal parts poetry and passion before dropping to your knee to ask your soulmate to marry you.

Then treat your fiancée to an open-air picnic, kick things up a notch with chilled French Champagne, and count your blessings while savoring a view of the most iconic monument in the known universe.

Our Marry Me Letters proposal design & decor—which you can request in red, white, or pink—can be set up anywhere around Paris, including commercial rooftops, terraces, and balconies.
Marry Me Letters Paris Proposal Secret Table Peninsula
Marry Me Letters proposal at the Secret Table (Peninsula Hotel) in Paris with stunning red carpet and romantic accent candles as well as a personalized Champagne table.
Marry Me letters Paris proposal private rooftop Shangri-La Hotel
Romantic same-sex proposal on a private terrace of the Peninsula Paris with dazzling white Marry Me letters, oversized white balloons, and flickering candles.


  • Delivery, set-up, and clean-up of high-quality Marry Me letters (optionally in red, white, or pink) within Paris;
  • Red or white sumptuous carpet;
  • 24 candles and accent lanterns;
  • Accent rose petals from at least 100 roses;
  • Creation of a WhatsApp group to facilitate communication with your core vendor team;
  • Day-of GPS live location mapping via WhatsApp.
When you choose a Parisian vendor to supply a Marry Me Letters proposal set-up, pay attention to the quality of the carpet, the number of roses and the attention to detail. Details matter, such as where candles and roses are placed and how much space is available to drop to your knee. For illustration purposes, compare the Marry Me Letters proposal set-up below (not our production) to the one in the header (which was produced by our team).
Marry Me Letters proposal cheap set-up
There are significant differences in Marry Me Letters proposal set-ups. The quality of the carpet and letters and the number of candles and roses affect the production value.
We apply a coordination fee of €250 for any rooftop proposal or when you book three or more vendors or services.
  • Paparazzi-style, experienced Paris proposal photographer to capture the moment and immediate reactions (approximately 60 minutes of total coverage)—starting at €300;
  • NEW: a phenomenal 60-second Instagram-style vertical video reel, including footage of the actual proposal and priceless reactions (check out Juliana’s page for sample video reels)—€375;
  • Paris videographer to capture the moment and priceless reactions — starting at €500 for the first hour of video coverage;
  • Custom proposal planning—starting at €750;
  • Master musician to play your partner’s favorite song (guitarist, cellist, violinist, or harpist)—starting at €375;
  • Chilled French Champagne, real crystal flutes, and a stunning bouquet of long-stemmed red roses hand-delivered to your proposal spot—starting at €295 (depending on your choice of Champagne);
  • Professional lighting package, including an associate to manage the lights and crowds (highly recommended for evening set-ups when you’re after the vivid blue sky)—€225;
  • Eye-catching fireworks fountains that ignite when she says “Yes,” or at any other moment during the marriage proposal—€120 (2 fireworks fountains) or €200 (4 fireworks fountains) for thirty (30) seconds. Upgrade to sixty (60) seconds at €160 (2 fireworks fountains) or €240 (4 fireworks fountains);
  • Sumptuous rose bushes on the sides of the Marry Me Letters (over 100 roses per meter!)— €800 for 100cm. We will be happy to quote for other floral varieties and/or quantities as per your request.

We can control almost any element of planning your Paris proposal experience except for the weather and preventing curious bystanders from joining (a public proposal spot). Still, when you work with Kiss Me in Paris, the odds of unwanted interruptions are low.

It is crucial, however, to appreciate potential risks when proposing in any public setting. In the unlikely event of heavy rain, we’ll do our utmost to accommodate a time or date change, but there is no guarantee of availability.

The second weather-related factor we have no control over is wind. Wind can blow away rose petals, wreak havoc on balloons, and even—in extreme cases—affect the stability of our premium lighting or oversized Marry Me Letters.

Proposal planning AND any set-up-related fees, including Marry Me Letters, flowers & decor, are strictly non-refundable since much of the work will have been rendered by your proposal date.