We offer romantic, proven, and stress-free Paris proposal packages to help create an unbelievable experience your sweetheart will cherish forever.

Unique Eiffel Tower proposal packages with private rooftop terrace
Paris proposal packages vary depending on taste, budget priorities, and vendor availability. Popular services include the venue, photography, video, a master musician, lighting, a private dining experience with a personal chef, and a sumptuous floral design. The more moving parts, the greater the need for an expert planner to coordinate everything masterfully.

Our pre-designed packages simplify the planning process while ensuring that your Big Day is magical and everything you imagined. Expect the breathtaking Kiss Me in Paris look and feel on a more affordable budget than if you opted for a bespoke concept with full-service proposal planner, Chantelle-Marie.

Paris proposal packages with a master violinist
Eiffel Tower Proposal Package: one of the best ways to enhance the ambiance, demonstrate forethought, and raise the overall production value is hiring a master musician to serenade your soulmate with her favorite songs.

Our marriage proposal packages vary in terms of services, products, and price. Here’s broadly what to expect:

Consultation: we offer our clients a short complimentary consultation to probe whether we’re a good fit. When you already share initial Paris proposal ideas or know your partner’s preferences, we can provide a feasibility check and make broad suggestions. Most consultations end with a call to action for you to engage us as your full-service Paris proposal planner or lock in one of our prêt-à-porter packages. Most packages require a coordinator.

best Paris proposal planner
The most resourceful Paris proposal planners can transform ordinary public spaces into extraordinary settings worthy of such a special once-in-a-lifetime moment.

Paris Engagement Plan: we’ll help you come up with creative marriage proposal ideas, including the perfect location worthy of such a life-changing moment. Our team will source the best backdrop based on your preferred date, budget, and time, whether you’re after something exclusive, iconic (i.e., the Eiffel Tower engagement), unexpected, or even a private Seine River cruise. We’ll consider essential elements such as professional lighting, mood enhancers, weather contingency plans, and access before providing a step-by-step outline.

Book Parisian photographer experience surprise proposals
Booking a professional photographer with experience in capturing surprise proposals will significantly impact the experience and the quality of your engagement photos.

Capture the Special Moment: our Kiss Me in Paris team is known far and wide for providing the most experienced, talented, and award-winning proposal photographers and filmmakers. You only get one chance to capture the perfect proposal moment and context authentically and unobtrusively. As such, we recommend investing in the best visual artist you can afford. A seasoned Paris photographer is typically familiar with popular public and private locations to propose in our city.

Best filmmakers and proposal photographers Paris
Hiring an experienced Paris photographer means investing in local know-how, relevant experience, and creative and candid documentation. Remember that there are no do-overs—this is not the time to save a few dollars.

Create a Romantic Setup: whether your partner prefers simple, extravagant, or something in-between—when you can imagine it, Kiss Me in Paris can typically make it happen. The spot you choose and the setting you create will directly impact the mood, exclusivity, privacy, and experience. Common requests for design and decorations include:

  • Exquisite floral arrangements;
  • Oversized (and optionally lit-up) “Marry Me” letters or a jaw-dropping red floral heart;
  • Candles, lanterns, candelabra, and other mood enhancers…
  • Professional lighting and staging;
  • a sumptuous, high-quality red or white carpet;
  • Charming Champagne table with irresistible French macarons and other treats;
  • Personal touches, such as framed pictures, a memory box with shared memories,…
Create a dazzling proposal set up with a lavish floral design.
Create your dream romantic setup with a swoon-worthy floral design, candles and lanterns, a luxurious red carpet, and other intimate mementos.
Our guarantee is simple: we’ll source the best Parisian vendors and deliver the highest quality decor and design available in town.

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Time-tested, classic Paris Proposal Packages

Marry Me Letters Proposal with red carpet and Eiffel Tower view

Marry Me Letters Paris Proposal

Oversized “Marry Me” letters with the Eiffel Tower as your backdrop are a thoughtful and visually impressive way to pop the question to your sweetheart in Paris. “Marry Me” letters decor settings are not created equal. Our components (the red carpet, the quality and quantity of rose petals and candles, and attention to detail) are second-to-none and superior to what you’ll typically find around town. We never reuse a red carpet or add cheap protective plastic covers. You are encouraged to carefully scrutinize the differences so your partner does not quibble about a used carpet, inferior candles, or poorly-arranged rose petals.

Romantic Paris picnic proposal ideas

Romantic Picnic Proposal

A scenic picnic proposal—along the Seine River, in idyllic gardens, or even on a hotel rooftop—is an intimate and romantic way to ask for your partner’s hand in marriage. We know the most suitable picnic locations and will prepare a dreamy scene for you. You decide between a stylish blanket or a rug to sit on (we’ll add cushions and pillows for greater comfort). Allow us to personalize your picnic basket, including the quintessential baguette with French cheeses, a chilled bottle of Champagne, fresh fruit, and a photo album with your favorite shared memories. Finally, enhance the mood with a talented master musician or a portable, battery-operated sound system.

Photoshoot Surprise Proposal at the Eiffel Tower

Photoshoot Surprise Proposal

Dropping to one knee during a planned photoshoot is simple, affordable, and offers several advantages: your Paris photographer has complete control over the environment, positioning, and timing, which is priceless in a busy city like Paris. Since the photoshoot is no surprise, your partner will presumably be on time and dress how she wants to be seen in pictures. We recommend a minimum booking of two hours.

Paris proposal ideas with proposal setting drawn by a master painter

Paris Artist Proposal

Encourage your partner to stroll around Paris before heading to an elegant brunch or dinner. Almost fortuitously, you stumble upon a local French artist who offers to draw a caricature (or surprise painting) for a small fee. You agree. However, your partner doesn’t know that said artist has already completed a fabulous drawing of you (based on a photo we previously shared with the artist). Keep in mind that you’ll likely require a top-notch coordinator or proposal planner to pull off such an ambitious concept.

Musician Violinist Marriage Proposal

Imagine strolling through Paris with your sweetheart when you suddenly encounter a fabulous musician playing your partner’s favorite song. Enlisting a musician will add a delightful personal touch while demonstrating forethought and effort. Importantly, music can evoke powerful emotions and create a more romantic atmosphere. Discover how to enhance the moment by incorporating a master violinist, guitarist, saxophonist, cellist, or harpist.

Done for you Paris Proposal Art Exhibition

Art Show Marriage Proposal

Pop the question to your loved one under the pretext of an Art Show. Tell your partner that a famous French artist is staging an exhibition and that it is freely accessible to the public, and you’d like to check it out before crowds arrive. What your sweetheart does not realize is that the Art Exhibition is conceived expressly for her. Note that you will need a top-notch Paris proposal planner to coordinate the multiple moving elements, e.g., printing the posters, organizing wind-resistant easels, managing the service providers and timeline, transportation, and more.

Champagne Macaron Proposal in Paris

Champagne & Macaron Proposal

Champagne and macarons say “Paris” in an undeniably romantic way. How about incorporating the quintessential Parisian treats into your marriage proposal concept? Expect a gorgeous table for two embellished with chilled French Champagne, mouth-watering fruits, and a macaron tower personalized with your name and engagement date.

Custom Marriage Paris proposal ideas

Custom Marriage Proposal Ideas

Say none of the listed Paris proposal packages are exactly what you are looking for. Or, perhaps, you’d prefer to add on to or modify them. In that case, please explore our Custom Marriage Proposal solutions.

Shangri La Paris proposal

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