Hire a talented Paris Violinist for your proposal.

Imagine strolling through the City of Love with your sweetheart when you suddenly come across a musician playing your partner’s favorite song.

You pause to enjoy it. The musician strikes up a conversation, asking where you are from. He also inquires about your names. When your partner answers, he says, “You won’t believe this: my psychic said I’d meet you today, and I should give you this note.” He hands your loved one a sealed envelope with a beautiful note that reads, “Marry Me.” While your partner is distracted making sense of the love note, you drop to your knee and produce the ring box. Your partner turns around … voila!

Then it’s time to enjoy your first Champagne as newly engaged. And shortly later, one of our associates will hand your partner a beautiful bouquet of long-stemmed red roses!

Starts at €900

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