No matter where or how you propose in Paris, you’ll want this life-changing moment to feel profoundly romantic and captured professionally with beautiful photos.

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Hire The Most Experienced Paris Proposal Photographer in Town

Capture lasting memories of your Big Day

We’ve all heard horror stories of photographers ruining the surprise element, showing up late, or otherwise diminishing the experience. But not with us. You see, our relaxed proposal photographers in Paris genuinely care and are simply the best in the industry. As such, you should expect:

#1 unrivaled experience & local know-how

There’s a big misconception that any portrait photographer can expertly capture a Paris proposal. The truth is it takes loads of actual proposal experience to develop the ability to anticipate and make adjustments on the fly.

Importantly, Paris is so busy and unpredictable that your photographer needs to have a profound familiarity with the City so you can zig while others zag. The term ‘local expert’ may be a tad overused, but when you work with us, that is precisely what you get.

#2 a Paris proposal package tailored to your preferences

Perhaps you’re merely looking for a Paris surprise proposal photographer to capture the big moment masterfully. Or maybe you want an artist who can also take engagement photos immediately after your sweetheart says ‘Yes.’ Our proposal packages make it a breeze to get the photography coverage you want at a price you can afford.

#3 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our promise is simple: if you’re not satisfied, we are not satisfied. Kiss Me in Paris is the only Paris proposal photographer to offer a no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee if you don’t love your experience and engagement photos (see FAQ for details).

#4 Get your proposal photos back fast

They say patience is a virtue. But not when it comes to getting your engagement photos back. Ha—we get it! You’re burning to share the fantastic news with family and friends … and, ideally, with stunning professional Paris engagement pictures. At Kiss Me in Paris, you’ll receive an online proofing gallery in under 24 hours and 1-2 edited images to post on social media.

#5 the only full-service provider in town

When you’re after a wide range of proposal-related services from a single provider, you’re in luck! We are the only Paris proposal photographer with a dedicated in-house planning team. That means we can organize everything you desire: proposal planning, exclusive rooftops, floral design, bigger-than-life ‘Will You Marry Me’ signs, musicians, restaurant reservations, hotel room surprises, horse-and-carriage, vintage car, magician, a choir, scavenger hunt, videography … you name it.

How it works.

Book with confidence.

01 Book your Paris proposal photographer

So you think we’re a great fit. Yaay! We’re already super-excited to meet and can’t wait to be part of your special day! Your next step is to lock in your preferred date, photographer, and proposal package. Once your reservation is complete, you’ll immediately receive a summary with your shoot details, including the contact information of your artist. BOOK NOW >>

02 Planning your proposal does not need to be a lonely process

Asking the love of your life to marry you is a big deal. Perfection is not the goal, but genuine effort will mean so much to your partner. You only get one shot at this, so you might as well bring your A-game. A great place to start is our Paris Proposal Guide filled to the brim with proven marriage proposal ideas. Budget permitting, you may also want to enlist a proposal planner, who makes pulling off an awe-inspiring surprise proposal from thousands of miles a breeze.

03 Firm up the game plan with your photographer

Now it’s time to kick preparations into high gear! Your Paris proposal photographer is a true local expert and will help you develop an ironclad proposal concept. Together, you’ll decide on the best time and exact spot to pop the question. You’ll also coordinate the fine details, such as where to position yourselves vs. your backdrop, how to instantly recognize each other, and more.

04 It’s proposal day!

Today’s the day to move your relationship status to “engaged.” If you’re having a few innocent jitters right about now, it’s completely normal and how things are supposed to be. You’ve prepared well, and are in caring and experienced hands with your Kiss Me in Paris proposal photographer. Enjoy every moment!

05 Get your photos back. Fast.

You’ll receive an online proofing gallery with all your Paris proposal pictures in under 24 hours, as well as 1-2 edited images to already share with family and friends. And while you’re waiting, here’s a list of some of the best restaurants in town to enjoy your first meal as fiancés.

For more involved proposal concepts, and when you’ve got a pretty good idea of the budget, it’s best to work directly with one of our expert planners. At a minimum, we encourage you to scroll down the page where we offer 5 ridiculously useful insights into how to get the best photos of the actual proposal moment.

Paparazzi Proposal vs. Proposing During a Photoshoot

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There are two proven ways of capturing your surprise proposal. However, there are significant differences, and you should understand your options.

What is a paparazzi proposal?

Paparazzi-style is when the secret proposal photographer takes on a photojournalistic approach to documenting your marriage proposal … discretely blending with the environment. Your partner will be clueless about your intentions or the photographer’s whereabouts until minutes after she says “Yes.” Your Paris proposal photographer will expertly coordinate with you every step of the way with ironclad instructions (map, timeline, sample pictures, etc.). As such, you can pop the question with peace of mind knowing that we will discretely capture everything from the build-up over the actual moment of the proposal to your partner’s priceless reaction.

Why do a paparazzi proposal?

Since your partner does not suspect anything, her reaction is guaranteed to be priceless. And considering that your photographer is secretly hidden away, there will never be any distracting camera awareness. All to say, paparazzi proposals often result in the ultimate surprise and, by extension, the most emotional documentation. A few minutes after she says “Yes,” your photographer will approach you both to document your first steps, kisses, and lifts as newly engaged.

Challenges of making a paparazzi proposal

Paparazzi proposals necessitate precise planning since your Paris proposal photographer will be tucked away and cannot communicate with you. As in any busy city, there is a slight chance of a random tourist photo-bombing your proposal. That’s why, for paparazzi-style documentation, we recommend adding an associate for crowd management (check out the FAQ below for other fantastic reasons to book an associate). Since you won’t have the excuse of a scheduled photoshoot, you’ll need to cleverly get your partner to look fabulous and show up on time without giving away the surprise.

Propose during a couple photoshoot.

We are big fans of proposing to your sweetheart as part of a planned Paris photoshoot. Why? Simple: you’ll get almost all the benefits of a paparazzi proposal without the risks. While your loved one may suspect a proposal (or hope for one), she will not know if, when, where, or how. Hey, when you’re coming to Paris, it’s pretty easy to convince your partner to do a fun travelshoot without giving away your intention to propose.

Benefits of proposing during a couple shoot.

You and your Paris proposal photographer have complete control over the environment, timing, positioning, etc. Such control is particularly precious during daytime and evening proposals when the City gets busy. Since the couple’s photoshoot itself will no longer be a surprise, your partner will dress and look the way she wants to be seen in the photos. Both of you will typically feel more relaxed. Plus, it’s easier to shake your partner out of bed for a planned photo session (instead of coming up with a reason to look sharp and head out of your comfy hotel before sunrise).

Finally, chances are you will anyway want to get professional engagement photos before your wedding. We cannot imagine a better time or place since you will already be on Cloud 9 in the City of Love with a photographer you know and trust.

When you privatize your proposal setting, i.e., rent a rooftop or boat, the paparazzi style makes the most sense since you by design have full control over the environment, timing, and who can join you. Speak with our proposal planner to learn more about the most exclusive spaces in town.

Hands-down the best people you’ll work with! Kiss Me in Paris will attend to anything you can ask for: exclusive location, a talented violinist, beautiful floral design, secret Paris proposal photographer … and Chantelle—the company’s proposal planner—is an absolute blessing!

— Akshay Dalal

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