PRO Tips on How to Perfectly Capture a Photoshoot Surprise Proposal

Suppose you can shake your partner out of bed before dawn and convince her to head out for fun couple photos at sunrise. Then expect the most flattering, soothing morning light and a setting blissfully free of distracting tourists.

Of course, you need to get her to dress sharp because you supposedly reserved a delightful Parisian breakfast immediately following your couple photoshoot.

Once you arrive at your designated proposal spot, start by taking a few cute selfies. In no time, you’ll be approached by a friendly Parisian photographer who offers to take your photographs for a small fee.

When your partner becomes comfortable and starts enjoying herself, the photographer will pose her so she’s turned around with her back facing you.

Your photographer may instruct her to close her eyes and visualize you. She’ll think you’ll walk up to her from behind to softly kiss the fine hairs on her neck. Instead, you stay put, quickly pull the ring box out of your jacket, and drop to your knee.

Then when you’re in position and ready, the photographer will tell your partner that the plans have changed and she should turn around. And at that moment, a master musician—who had been discretely blending into the scene—approaches to play her favorite song.

Paris photoshoot proposal in the Tuileries Garden
Suppose you need an excuse to get your partner to dress for the occasion. In that case, ask her to do a fun photo shoot. Then, when you feel ready, and your photographer is in position, surprise her with a memorable marriage proposal.

You pop the question and, of course, follow our advice here. Finally, it’s time for the obligatory ring shot, the selfie, calling her parents, and engagement pics while the emotions are preciously high. 

This proposal can be adapted to other public locations around the City.

Starts at €800

  • Experienced English-speaking marriage proposal photographer to capture the moment plus a quick couple photoshoot after she says yes (approximately 60 minutes and 15 masterfully edited photos in high resolution and print-ready without watermarks);
  • Master musician—choose among (or combine) a guitarist, violinist, saxophonist, or harpist (keep in mind that rates depend on the instrument and particular artist);
  • Planning day-of coordination of the proposal by a professional Paris proposal planner);
  • Your photographer will show up for location scouting approximately 15-20 minutes in advance of the scheduled proposal to improve the odds of getting your preferred spot devoid of crowds.
  • Creation of a WhatsApp group to facilitate communication with your core vendor team;
  • Day-of GPS live location mapping via WhatsApp.
We apply a coordination fee of €250 for any rooftop proposal or when you book three or more vendors or services.
  • Chilled French Champagne, real crystal flutes, and a stunning bouquet of long-stemmed red roses hand-delivered to your proposal spot—starting at €295 (depending on your choice of Champagne);
  • NEW: a phenomenal 60-second Instagram-style vertical video reel, including footage of the actual proposal and priceless reactions (check out Juliana’s page for sample video reels)—€375;
  • Paris videographer to capture the moment and priceless reactions — starting at €500 for the first hour of video coverage;
  • Additional master musicians (guitar, cello, violin, or harp)—starting at €375 for violin;
  • Eye-catching fireworks fountains that ignite when she says “Yes,” or at any other moment during the marriage proposal—€120 (2 fireworks fountains) or €200 (4 fireworks fountains) for thirty (30) seconds. Upgrade to sixty (60) seconds at €160 (2 fireworks fountains) or €240 (4 fireworks fountains);
  • Custom proposal planning—starting at €750.

We can control almost any element of planning your Paris proposal experience except for the weather and bystanders joining (a public setting). Still, when you work with Kiss Me in Paris, the odds of unwanted interruptions are low.

It is crucial, however, to appreciate potential risks when proposing in any public setting. In the unlikely event of heavy rain, we’ll do our utmost to accommodate a time or date change, but there is no guarantee of availability.

The second weather-related factor we have no control over is wind. Wind can blow away rose petals, wreak havoc on balloons, etc.

Proposal planning AND any set-up-related fees, including flowers & decor, are strictly non-refundable since much of the work will have been rendered by your proposal date.