You’re ready to pop the 4-word question and smartly decide to propose in Paris. You want things to be personalized and unforgettable for your sweetheart with the perfect romantic location and ambiance.

marriage proposal planner paris
When you want a romantic Eiffel Tower engagement in a public spot, such as Trocadero, you absolutely should invest in an experienced and authoritative Paris proposal planner to keep crowds at a distance.

Still, you’re unsure how to pull off a heartwarming destination engagement from thousands of miles away, across time zones, and in different languages.

People hire us for our local expertise and experience in ensuring things run smoothly. Maybe you already have a few initial ideas but need an expert to transform your vision into reality. Perhaps you don’t have time to identify, negotiate with, and manage French vendors, such as florists, photographers, videographers, or musicians, and want to avoid costly missteps.

Regardless of the level of involvement or customization, Kiss Me in Paris will take any stress out of planning and make your wedding proposal in the most romantic city even more special.

Seine River Champagne Luxury Cruise proposal
Where can you propose privately in Paris with views of the Eiffel Tower? The Seine River Champagne Luxury Cruise proposal is an extraordinary option when you want exclusivity, a unique setting, and loads of fun.

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Do I Need a Marriage Proposal Planner in Paris?

create a one-of-a-kind dream proposal

Deciding whether to enlist a Paris proposal planner depends primarily on your desired involvement, the time you can commit to the planning process, and your budget. Pulling off a destination engagement takes real time and effort. It also requires a good understanding of Paris.

Suppose you intend to make a straightforward public Eiffel Tower proposal and just need someone to capture the moment. In that case, you may not need a planner and should consider working directly with your Paris photographer.

Or, you’re operating on a tight proposal budget (under €2,000). In that case, you likely can’t afford a marriage proposal planner.

I was unsure how to best surprise my soon-to-be fiancée while visiting Paris. I discovered Chantelle from Kiss Me in Paris with only days left to nail down the creative details. Oh, WOW, did she deliver! Our engagement was magical, surreal, and even better than I imagined. Now married, we regularly reminisce about Paris and how important Chantelle was in making our dreams come true. I cannot recommend her and the company enough.

Jonathan McNabb
Should I hire a Parisian proposal planner
A resourceful Paris proposal planner will help you create the perfect setting for a dream proposal your sweetheart will love forever.

Great reasons to hire a well-connected, experienced Paris proposal planner:

  1. Invest in peace of mind: unexpected issues, such as a sick vendor, rain, flight delays,…, may arise. We have the Rolodex and understanding to adapt on short notice and handle any situation with grace, ensuring a stress-free experience.
  2. Get inspired: expect a personalized and memorable experience with unique and inventive ideas tailored to your personalities and preferences.
  3. We’ll help you secure the perfect proposal spot—exclusive rooftops with Eiffel Tower views, French chateaux, a private cruise, and even dreamy picnic spots.
  4. Vendor management: identity, negotiate with, and manage the best English-speaking local vendors, including florists, photographers & videographers, musicians, entertainment, and transport, …
  5. Day-of execution: on your Big Day, we will ensure things run smoothly, including vendor management, secret hotel suite surprise embellishment, dinner reservations, fun scavenger hunt games, fireworks, and reliable luxury transportation.
  6. Finally, we will respect your privacy and maintain discretion throughout the planning process, so your proposal remains a sublime surprise.

Words cannot describe my experience with Chantelle from Kiss Me in Paris. I knew I wanted to propose in private with the Eiffel Tower as our backdrop, but needed to figure out where to start. Chantelle and I often chatted by phone throughout the planning process. She was super responsive, easy to talk to, and warmly welcoming! A marriage proposal in the most beautiful city in the world was my dream, and Chantelle made my vision come to life. You will not find a better company out there.

Manthan Davé

How much does a professional event planner cost?

What Paris proposal package is right for me?

Where can I propose privately in Paris?

How much does it cost to propose in Paris?

We Create Bespoke Marriage Proposals Designed Around You.

Full-service Design & Production

We developed a reputation for planning ridiculously glamorous, memorable, and creative surprise proposals. Kiss Me in Paris is known far and wide for obsessing about details, so you don’t need to. Our designs and marriage proposal ideas are widely copied but never really duplicated. The reason? Well, it’s presumably a combination of factors; still, we’d like to think the explanation is simple: we genuinely care about our clients’ experience.

The most memorable engagements consider your partner and the love story you share. Instead of simply dropping to your knee to pop the question, it’s about effort, chivalry, and creating a fun-filled day with multiple beautiful experiences. We simply love creating unique proposal concepts that are fun and within character for our couples. We can help with anything from simple to extraordinary and anything in between. Our job is to listen, inspire, organize, and execute. All you need to do is show up and celebrate this profoundly life-changing moment with your sweetheart.

What sets us apart?

  • We focus on creating personalized marriage proposals. For an engagement to be memorable, it must include a part of you, a part of your partner, and a part of your love story. So, we’ll take the time to get to know you;
  • We take pride in listening and communicating clearly in English. Our goal is to understand your needs and vision. We want to know how you picture this life-changing moment, your priorities, and your budget. How can we help make your experience even better than you ever imagined? Consider us a sounding board and reliable partner. We maintain an open line of communication from start to finish and are just a phone call or WhatsApp away;
  • We create experiences. The proposal doesn’t start when you drop to one knee. Neither should it conclude when your significant other says “Yes.” Instead, think of your engagement as a tease or slow dance with many surprises building on each other. We want your sweetheart to say, “This was the best day of my life!”
  • We design romantic setups that delight the senses. We obsess about details—presentation matters. We like to stimulate your five senses with a ridiculously romantic ambiance;
  • Your confidential and trusted partner. You’ll gain access to priceless knowledge we’ve accumulated over the years. Importantly, we respect your privacy and maintain discretion throughout the planning process.

When you work with Kiss Me in Paris, expect us to

  • inspire you with utterly romantic and unique proposal ideas;
  • save you time and costly missteps by assembling the most professional English-speaking local vendor team;
  • develop a crystal clear timeline so you and your vendors are always on the same page;
  • streamline things with a single point of contact, resulting in efficient communication and timeline modifications;
  • Make you look like a Rockstar by executing your game plan flawlessly.

Time-tested Paris Proposal Packages With Personalized Touches.

Unforgettable, luxurious, and personalized

Our Paris proposal packages aim at creating an unforgettable, luxurious, and personalized marriage proposal experience for you. They are incredibly customizable and designed to cater to your preferences, making your Big Day as memorable as possible.

Wow, where do I start? We were fortunate to work with the company’s main marriage proposal planner, Chantelle-Marie. She’s an absolute blessing and one of the best people you’ll ever work with (we even had her join our wedding in India as an honored guest). She’ll take care of anything you need. You only get one shot at this—I’m so thrilled to have had Chantelle and Kiss Me in Paris support me along the journey.

Akshay Dalal
Shangri-La Paris proposal with luxury decor

Custom-made luxury proposals

Full service, white-glove, red carpet package. Expect a ridiculously magical experience personalized to your loved one and the unique relationship you share. An experienced proposal planner in Paris will be there for you every step of the way … from initial idea generation and the sourcing of core vendors to flawless “day-of” execution. Best-suited for the discerning client who wishes to work with a local expert to design and implement a unique Paris proposal concept. Uncompromising VIP service for those who want it all and don’t typically settle for anything but the best.

Done for You Paris proposal with giant Marry Me Letters

Time-tested, classic Paris proposals packages

Proven and time-tested, relatively budget-friendly marriage proposal packages. Rest assured that of our done-for-you ideas will be stunningly beautiful, romantic, and upscale while allowing for limited customization or upgrades. Best suited for people looking for tried and true romantic proposal ideas they can walk right into.

Seine River Champagne Luxury Cruise proposal

Paris proposal ideas & concept development

Perhaps you prefer to hire your vendor team and coordinate everything independently from a distance. Or maybe an expert marriage proposal planner does not neatly fit into your budget. Still, you desire ideas that will make your partner deeply fall in love with the Paris engagement forever. In that case, we’ve seen and done it all and will assist you in developing a fantastic concept that works. Best suited for people looking for unique and personalized ideas. They can choose to implement the Paris proposal concept on their own or ask us to do so.

Romantic Paris proposal ideas plan a picnic near the Eiffel Towe

Props, décor, and floral design

We have the ideal solution when you want to embellish your actual proposal setting or hotel suite. Commonly requested services include gorgeous floral arrangements, oversized Marry Me letters, hotel suite surprise decoration, private dining or a Champagne table along the Seine, engraved love locks, personalized macarons, and more. Best suited when you wish to rent stunning luxury decor, floral designs, or accessories for a romantic setup.

4 Wedding Proposal Videos Guaranteed to Produce Goosebumps

The most memorable Parisian proposals have a few things in common. They are about effort, chivalry, romance, creativity, and beautiful vulnerability. It’s no longer about a singular moment (i.e., dropping to your knee to pop the question). Instead, consider creating a fun-filled day with many mini-experiences that collectively result in a dream engagement your partner will cherish forever.

In the four videos below—planned by marriage proposal planner Chantelle-Marie—you’ll get to see the following:

  1. A private hotel rooftop engagement with a custom-made artist concept;
  2. A public Eiffel Tower proposal at Trocadero with the perfect romantic setup;
  3. The ultimate scavenger hunt Seine River boat proposal right in front of the Eiffel Tower and
  4. A romantic Paris engagement at one of the most exclusive French castles.

Chantelle and her team are top-notch. My girlfriend and I got engaged today, and our experience was simply beyond! Kiss Me in Paris is the best at what they do! You must go with them when you’re after a dream proposal in Paris. They guided me every step of the way and left no stone unturned. Absolutely incredible! Salute to Chantelle, who is worth every penny!

Ronald Sison
Paris proposal ideas with proposal setting drawn by a master painter

Paris proposal at the Peninsula Secret Table (the ultimate surprise gift makes her cry)

This once-in-a-lifetime Parisian love story takes you on an unbelievable adventure through the City of Love. You’ll recognize familiar landmarks, such as the Eiffel Tower. The couple ends up on the Secret Table private rooftop of the Peninsula Hotel, where a drop-dead gorgeous set-up awaits: a sumptuous red carpet paving the way to the proposal spot, flickering candles, pastel-colored hydrangeas, and a master cellist. Best of all, Curtis had secretly hired a master painter to create a surprise gift for Jowie.

Incredible Paris proposal trocadero with musician

A fairytale surprise proposal at Trocadero with the Eiffel Tower as the backdrop

Andy’s wedding proposal was atypical because he invested enough to where he could have privatized most Parisian rooftops. Still, he opted for the famous public proposal spot at Trocadero. Andy created the perfect romantic setup fit for a queen, with a sumptuous red carpet enveloped by a sea of roses and candles. He hired a talented harpist to play Dee’s favorite song and had us ignite 4 fireworks fountains when he dropped to his knee. The day’s highlight occurred at the Metropolitan Hotel, where the couple sprayed their suite with an epic Champagne pop.

Luxury paris proposal planner boat on Seine River

Epic Eiffel Tower Proposal with an adorable scavenger hunt

Jay wanted a private and unique proposal spot to ask Pri to marry him. And, considering that Paris is her favorite city, he also wanted to integrate the Eiffel Tower as the backdrop to present his engagement ring. So, he smartly opted for one of the most glamorous and logistically challenging Paris proposals—a private yacht on the Seine River.

Proposing at a French castle: Chateau de Villette

Dream Marriage Proposal Chateau de Villette France

How many people can say they got engaged at a magical French castle? Chateau de Villette is no ordinary castle; its grounds and gardens remind of Versailles, and its lavish interiors are second to none. In this amazing video (with an original song composed by Peter Deaves), you’re in for a ridiculously romantic scavenger hunt, “The Game of Love.” Get inspired with the perfect proposal, including a vintage Rolls Royce, stunning floral arrangements, and much more.

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