Watch the most romantic Paris boat proposal of all time.

Luxury paris proposal planner boat on Seine River
A private Seine River boat proposal takes effort (and investment) to an entirely new level. Prepare for a super-romantic and unique experience that she’ll love and cherish forever.

Location: The Seine River, Paris, with jaw-dropping Eiffel Tower views
Setting: Private Seine River Cruise (Paris boat proposal)
Season: summer
Time of Day: Daytime
Package: proposal planning, private Seine River yacht rental, floral design & decor, photography, videography, master violinist, Cinderella horse-drawn carriage, and surprise decoration of their hotel suite.
Proposal Cost: $$$
Concept: Luxury scavenger hunt marriage proposal culminating with a romantic engagement on the ship deck of a luxurious private Seine River Private boat; Hotel suite surprise decoration; horse-drawn Cinderella carriage; and much more.

Do I need a planner for a Paris boat proposal?

How much does it cost to do a romantic Paris boat proposal?

Why propose in Paris?

Travel is an integral part of who we are as a couple. For the first years of our relationship, we’d commute 4 hours to see each other. We quickly became accustomed to planes, trains, cars, and whatever would bring us closer together.

Pri is an explorer who grew up journeying the world with her parents. She loves immersing herself in new cultures, absorbing everything like a sponge.

On the other hand, I spent most of my life in New Jersey. Ha, the rest of the world was a black hole to me. I had always preferred to stay within my comfort zone and rarely ventured too far from my everyday routine. 

That’s at least until Pri entered my life: an adorable bundle of energy, her enthusiasm for the unexplored is contagious.

Many folks told us we were too different to make things work. However, Pri gently encouraged me to push my boundaries which has helped me grow.

I opted for a destination engagement in Paris to show Pri how much she’s changed my life—my ideologies, passions, and who I am. I wanted her to know that I so much look forward to tackling the unknown with her forever.

The City of Love was an easy choice—who wouldn’t want a romantic Paris proposal?

Romantic Paris proposal at the Eiffel Tower
Jay and Pri’s fun-filled day kicked off around sunrise at Trocadero, where Jay dropped to his knee … to present Pri with a fabulous pair of Louboutins (when in fact, she expected a diamond engagement ring).

But for us, Paris represents more than that: it’s the first spot we traveled to on our own and will always harbor a special place in our hearts.

The other important reason I went with a destination proposal in Paris was to unwind from daily stress and thoroughly experience this life-changing moment free from distractions and routine.

Why did you hire a proposal planner? Why Chantelle-Marie from Kiss Me in Paris?

I did not anticipate hiring a Paris proposal planner. Ha, I am an obsessive planner and initially thought I could handle things independently.

Boy, was I wrong! Suppose you, too, want a romantic Paris proposal. Then, I’d recommend investing in a local event planner—even when your proposal ideas are not as complex as mine.

Planning a destination engagement across time zones and languages is not for the faint of heart. The devil is in the detail, where even a minor hiccup can turn your dream engagement upside down.

It may sound cliché, but there are no do-overs regarding a once-in-a-lifetime moment.

A professional Paris proposal planner will take any worries off your plate. You’re already spending significant resources on her ring, travel, and engagement. Consider hiring an event planner as defacto insurance in soothing peace of mind.

To that point (while I don’t recommend it), you might well be able to negotiate with all requisite vendors on your own. But ensuring they coordinate with each other and show up at the exact time is no easy task.

Plus, you’ll already be nervous with so much on your mind. The last thing to worry about is micromanaging local Parisian artists on one of the most important days of your life.

Instead, you’ll want to rest easy knowing that every detail is taken care of. As such, you can focus on the only thing that matters—showing your partner 100 percent undivided attention and love. 

Pri and I were traveling to Paris under the pretext of an anniversary trip. I thoroughly enjoyed our vacation leading up to the proposal because I knew everything would be professionally managed.

Romantic Paris proposal planned by wedding planner Chantelle-Marie
When you work with Chantelle-Marie, you are in the most caring and experienced hands possible. She obsesses about your experience and attention to detail, so you can focus on having the most fun-filled day.

I remember exactly where I was when Chantelle and I first FaceTimed—in a busy airport restaurant, waiting for my flight to take off. Honestly, I was still uncertain whether I needed a Paris proposal planner.

I recall how much energy Chantelle brought to the call. It was immediately apparent she’s super-passionate about helping her clients! And looking back, Chantelle maintained her enthusiasm throughout every stage of my engagement—from coming up with uniquely romantic Paris proposal ideas through ‘day-of’ execution.

She was always cheerful with a can-do attitude—which is remarkable considering my highly ambitious Paris proposal ideas. 

I felt confident about Chantelle because she never tried to sell herself during our initial consultation. Instead, she came across as a dependable partner who cared deeply about realizing a romantic Parisian engagement for me.

For instance, even before officially booking Kiss Me in Paris, I mentioned how challenging it was to find a suitable hotel. Everything was either sold out or just too expensive.

Chantelle suggested a 700 sq. ft (total white decoration) terrace suite with magnificent views of the Arc de Triomphe.

Arc de Triomphe hotel suite
The Arc de Triomphe suite at Hôtel Raphael Paris is the perfect choice for your first romantic night as newly-engaged.

Believe it or not, I immediately booked the suite on the spot while we were still on the phone. Recall that I had not even hired Chantelle. Yet, she already helped me big time; it was instantly clear she was naturally helpful and the perfect fit for me.

I can’t help but smile when I reflect on all the emails and FaceTime we exchanged. I must have come across as pseudo-neurotic with my elaborate Paris proposal ideas; I demanded nothing short of the world of Chantelle.

I refused to back down on any detail. Chantelle worked tirelessly to make my vision a reality. Not sure how she did it, but she was somehow available day and night; the time zone difference never seemed to matter. She was always there for me when I needed her.

For instance, the day before our marriage proposal, I realized I forgot to pack the blindfold I’d use when we entered our decorated hotel suite as fiancés. While I hadn’t paid Chantelle for concierge services, she went shopping that night to find the perfect blindfold.

Romantic Paris proposal ideas blindfold and surprise hotel room decoration
Jay concluded a fairytale day with his final romantic surprise: he had our team secretly embellish his hotel suite while he was out and abound in Paris. Balloons, floral arrangements, delicious chocolates, and, of course, more French Champagne.

Likewise, as chance would have it, Pri’s hair straightener broke on the day of our engagement. Pri was a little distressed since she wanted her hair to look amazing for our private yacht dinner cruise. Again, Chantelle came to the rescue, making her way to our hotel to offer her hair straightener!

I can list a million additional little ways Chantelle made my life easier. However, you only need to check out our proposal video and photos. My proposal was as much hers as it was mine. There’s simply no possible way I could have pulled off even 1/10th without her!

Most importantly, without Chantelle and the Kiss Me in Paris team, I don’t think I would have so utterly immersed myself in the moment. No distractions. No worries. Just endless excitement and butterflies. 

So many little details could have gone wrong in what amounted to a 24-hour romantic Paris proposal adventure. However, nothing did! Every vendor executed their part to perfection. We took pictures and videos at our favorite spots around Paris. Our vendors arrived early and stayed longer than commissioned, so we never felt rushed or on the clock.

We’d be delighted to customize a romantic Paris proposal package for you.

How did you come up with romantic Paris proposal ideas that are unique and unforgettable?

The story of my dream proposal had been writing itself since the first time I met Pri. Deep in my heart, I instantly knew she was the one. It just brings me great joy to see her happy. I love coming up with little surprises … and our marriage proposal would have to be the ultimate surprise.

In the end, it was always going to be a princess-themed engagement. Ha, Pri’s family affectionately calls her Princess, and she’s royalty to me! Her regal spending habits aside, she’s a big Disney fan …. so I had to find a way to incorporate some Disney movie magic into our marriage proposal.

My sister initially helped me develop fabulous romantic proposal themes. We came up with the following:

Proposing in Paris was an easy decision. During our first joint trip to the City of Lights, one of Pri’s favorite memories was our Seine River dinner cruise, where we got to see the sparkling Eiffel Tower up-close.

Next, it was time to put some flesh on the bones of my initial proposal ideas to ensure they actually worked in Paris. Chantelle and the Kiss Me in Paris Team were seriously from heaven-sent, considering their deep local knowledge and expertise.

Together, we decided on the most suitable places in Paris, prioritizing experience-enhancing settings that would photograph well.

The goal was to create the most unforgettable day for Pri instead of a single event. The question was how to harmoniously string together a series of mini-experiences that would crescendo with me asking Pri to become my wife in front of the Eiffel Tower. 

Well, note to you: the little things that make a big difference can render your marriage proposal even more magical. For instance, Chantelle came up with elegant hand-written (calligraphy) ‘Be my Guest’ cards that gently nudged us from one experience to the next.

Romantic Paris proposal ideas Disney-themed scavenger hunt
Romantic Paris proposal ideas: Jay wanted a Disney theme for their scavenger hunt.

Chantelle suggested a blindfold, a violinist, and other memorable Paris proposal ideas, such as a personalized love lock. She even hired a local artisan to create our stunning Forever Rose (Beauty and the Beast).

Romantic Paris proposal ideas Disney-themed forever rose
And no Disney-themed proposal would be complete without a fabulous Forever Rose.

Impossible is nothing. With that in mind, we worked passionately as a team, and the result exceeded my lofty expectations.

What were the biggest challenges in pulling off this fairytale engagement?

Let me come right out and say that pulling off a romantic Paris proposal as elaborate as mine is nearly impossible without an experienced and well-connected local Parisian event planner.


Well, how do you get a vendor team (florist, violinist, photographer, and videographer) to access a private river cruise after you board with your partner without ruining the surprise?

Discretely getting vendors aboard is only the first logistical challenge. Then, your floral designer has 30 minutes to transform the ship’s deck into a breathtaking setting worthy of an epic engagement. Finally, your violinist, photographer, and videographer must precisely coordinate their positioning for optimal visual results.

As mentioned, our engagement in Paris spanned an entire day, starting with a sunrise couple photoshoot at Trocadero, one of the most iconic Eiffel Tower locations.

Pri expected me to propose right there and then. However, that’s not really what happened. Sure, I eventually dropped to my knee as if I would pop the question. Yet, sticking with the Cinderella theme, I offered my Princess a glam pair of Louboutins rather than a ring.

Louboutin fake-out romantic Paris proposal
Louboutin fake-out: not a diamond engagement ring … yet … but not a bad surprise either.

The challenge related to the sunrise shoot was more about maintaining natural flow and keeping the space free from other couple shoots, given that Trocadero is a public setting. We had limited time coordinating multiple vendors, the light-hearted Louboutin fakeout proposal, and a portrait session with five oversized balloons.

Romantic Paris Proposal couple photo shoot
Followed by a whimsical Parisian couple photoshoot with oversized pink and white balloons.

Note to other couples: Paris is a busy city, so don’t simply expect every popular backdrop to be blissfully free of distractions. That will not happen. I recommend hiring an associate to help with crowds. Said associate might also double as a handy resource to carry your belongings and keep your precious items safe from theft.

Other challenges related to my Parisian engagement included:

  • getting her engagement ring through airport security and keeping it safely hidden;
  • coordinating different outfits for our morning and evening photoshoots, as well as the River Seine yacht proposal;
  • preparing the perfect marriage proposal speech;
  • embellishing our hotel suite worthy of the occasion;
  • Enabling our photographer and videographer to catch up with us on the move—notably during the horse & carriage ride.
Romantic Paris proposal Cinderella horse and carriage ride
And, when you’re in Paris, get around in style with a romantic white Cinderella horse-drawn carriage.

Would you recommend a photographer and a videographer?

I discovered Cengiz online and immediately fell in love with his photos—especially the so-called Blue-Hour pictures taken at the Louvre around sunset.

Blue Hour Nighttime photos at the Louvre in Paris
Blue Hour Nighttime photos at the Louvre in Paris

His professionalism and commitment to my vision were even more important than his skill as a photographer. Cengiz was so excited about my proposal. He isn’t merely a Paris photographer but a soundboard and friend. Cengiz committed so much time to help me refine the timeline with optimal lighting and visuals in mind.

Not once did Cengiz tell me something was impossible. He arrived earlier than commissioned. He stayed later. He enlisted a team to assist with crowd control, watch over our belongings, and assist with lighting.

His energy is contagious. Pri and I are not models and, accordingly, not particularly comfortable in front of the camera. Cengiz gave us clear directions, which kept the flow natural and fun. He’s exceptionally good at crowd control, which can make a big difference in a busy city.

We never felt intruded upon during personal moments. Cengiz did not distract from the passion and emotion of the moment; if anything, he enhanced it!

I was unsure whether we needed a professional filmmaker. Ultimately, my family convinced me to hire one. Looking back, I am so thrilled we had a cinematographer on board. Videography is compelling and tells the same story differently than photos.

Tuan, our Paris videographer, did a fantastic job seamlessly weaving the many elements of our engagement into a single film. Tuan turned around the edited trailer so quickly compared with what we are accustomed to in the United States.

With the benefit of hindsight, I implore you to invest in a talented English-speaking photographer and videographer. I understand that destination engagements are expensive, and we often exceed our initial budget expectations. But your engagement is not the time or place to hold back.

Sure, you could save a little here or there, but is it worth hiring artists who may negatively affect your experience? And would you not regret it if the documentation of your marriage proposal does not reflect how you remember it?

Hear from Jay’s fiancée what she loved most about his romantic Paris proposal.

The first call was to my parents and sister, who are so competitive that I had to ring them simultaneously! They knew in advance that Jay would propose and were dying to hear every last detail. Jay’s proposal was so perfect that my mom, sister, and I took turns crying.

I could not have imagined something so personalized and romantic in my wildest dreams—it was like straight out of the movies!

In the months leading up to our Paris trip, Jay made every effort to kill any inkling of hope I might have had that he would propose to me. When we booked our tickets, he repeatedly told me, “I’ll not propose Pri, so don’t get your hopes up high.”

I was miffed but believed Jay because he’s a terrible liar. Family is vital to me, so I knew Jay would never propose without asking for permission. And my family cannot keep a secret if their lives depend on it.

I figured I’d get them to spill the beans if they knew of an imminent marriage proposal. As much as I poked, prodded, and interrogated, my family made me believe that Jay had never asked them for my hand in marriage.

What’s more, Jay waited until the final day of our trip to propose. So, our vacation’s first six ‘proposal-less’ days convinced me it wouldn’t happen in Paris.

Our sunrise photo shoot was a lot of fun. The Louboutins were a red herring, so I suspected nothing going into our private yacht dinner.

After concluding dinner, we walked upstairs onto the vessel’s deck. I saw the beautiful decorations, uncountable rose petals, and the fabulous forever rose. I was surprised to see Cengiz (again) taking pictures. Yet, somehow, it still did not cross my mind that Jay was about to pop the question.

I cannot say enough good things about Tuan and Cengiz. Both are incredibly talented at their craft, and I can’t recommend them highly enough. Cengiz was fantastic at putting us at ease and making us feel gorgeous like models. I must admit I was slightly self-conscious at first. Still, I quickly became comfortable before the lens, forgetting we were even being photographed.

During the proposal, Cengiz and Tuan navigated the limited space of the yacht with ease and grace not to distract us. As such, I was focused on the love of my life kneeling before me.

The mouthwatering dinner on the yacht was nothing short of perfection. I’d recommend the experience to any couple who values a memorable evening in Paris. An intimate cruise along the Seine is just such a romantic and relaxing way to enjoy the beauty of the City of Lights.

How to propose in Paris with a private boat and the Eiffel Tower along the Seine River

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