Here are 6 Paris proposal tips to formalize a lifetime of love

It’s not easy to plan (and keep secret) a destination proposal—notably when you travel to the City of Love to ask your sweetheart to marry you.

Yet, as you will soon find out, many moving parts must come together at just the right time and sequence.

Now, I can’t promise any significant shortcuts—there really shouldn’t be any for such a life-altering occasion. Still, having recently planned a beautiful engagement, I’m here to cut through the noise and offer you bona fide Paris proposal tips.

But first, can you relate?

My name is Brett, and the story I’m about to share is one of love, courage, and ambitious planning. You see, I’ve pretty much wandered every continent and dived with Great White sharks. But when it comes to Stephanie, I’m hopelessly lost in her beautiful brown eyes. She’s the breath in my lungs, the blood in my veins, and the smile in my heart.

Paris proposal tips what to do after she says yes
Paris proposal tips what to do after she says yes

Paris Proposal Tips #1: Where to propose in Paris

After researching the best places (with Eiffel Tower views) to propose in Paris, I decided to pop the question at Trocadéro. Sure, it’s not the most private spot. It’s also not necessarily romantic (and neither is proposing at sunrise).

Yet, I find Trocadéro’s platform ridiculously awe-inspiring and beyond iconic. The Eiffel Tower looks bigger than life and says ‘Paris’ like no other place in town.

Sunrise Paris proposal at Trocadero with Eiffel Tower as your backdrop
Sunrise Paris proposal at Trocadero with Eiffel Tower as your backdrop

Paris Proposal Tips #2: Before you fly to Paris

I consider myself an old soul—so-to-say a man of tradition. Almost needless to say, one day, when Stephanie was out shopping with friends, I visited her parents to ask for her hand in marriage.

I opened my heart to her parents, why I wanted to marry Stephanie and how she makes my life better. I also brought along the engagement ring to emphasize my commitment and forethought.

Then, when things started getting super-emotional, I quickly pulled out my iPhone to record her dad, mom, and brothers giving their respective blessings.

In retrospect, this was the right move because Stephanie wanted to call her parents immediately after I proposed. I said, “why, actually, your family has something to say to you first.” It was clear how much it meant to Stephanie that I included her family.

Paris proposal tips getting dad's permission
Paris proposal tips getting dad’s permission

Paris Proposal Tips #3: How to secretly get her ring to Paris

We can surely agree that our partner must never know about the engagement ring before it’s actually on her finger. The following advice is a game-changer when you have a resourceful girlfriend (read: curious).

We vacationed in Iceland before getting to Paris. Accordingly, I had to schlepp around Stephanie’s engagement ring in my backpack for nearly a week without her getting wind of it.

How did I manage, you may ask? Well, here’s the deal: you need a mundane container she’s accustomed to—one that won’t gain her attention. Let me introduce the Lint Roller Diversion Safe, which hid her ring in plain sight. Well, kind of.

You see, the lint roller looks and works as you’d expect, but additionally comes with a nifty cavity large enough to store away a ring.

I purposely left the lint roller behind for months leading up to our vacation. As such, Stephanie got accustomed to seeing the lint roller and had no clue that it would one day house her engagement ring.

Paris proposal tips on how to get the engagement ring to Paris
Paris proposal tips on how to get the engagement ring to Paris

Paris Proposal Tips #4: Propose like a gentleman

I knew that opening her ring box upside down or, worse yet, with the bling facing me was not an option. Things had to flow naturally. The focus had to be on the gesture of proposing rather than the act of pulling the ring out of my pocket.

I practiced repeatedly. And, for good measure, I added two minor scratches to the box so I could feel that it was in the proper orientation.

Paris Proposal Tips #5: What to include in your photography package?

I booked Kiss Me in Paris six months before heading to Paris. My 2-day photography package included the splendid sunrise surprise proposal at Trocadéro and a romantic evening couple photoshoot the next day.

Getting nighttime engagement photos was vital since Stephanie would cherish lovely memories of the glimmering Eiffel Tower against the vivid blue Parisian sky.

Gentlemen, you’ll want to commission lots of time to do things in a relaxed manner. The City of Lights is an alluring playground for the newly engaged. Celebrate your love at your own pace in lively Parisian cafés as you sneak in a few French kisses.

And then wander the postcard-worthy cobblestone streets with your arm snuggly around your sweetheart. Best of all, have a professional Parisian photographer document your first kisses, hugs, and lifts as fiancés.

In total, my Paris photography package included 7 hours spread out over two days. We came away with other-earthly memories and, in hindsight, should have even booked a third day.

Paris Proposal Tips #6: hiring the best proposal photographer

As you can imagine, booking an average Parisian photographer for such a special occasion was out of the question.

Instead, I wanted a professional who was experienced in documenting live marriage proposals. Someone who’d communicate clearly in English and whom I could trust to be discrete leading up to my engagement and in photographing it.

So my initial research involved me closely examining the portfolios of several local photographers. I restrained my options by eliminating local artists without substantial positive reviews.

Interestingly, most photography studios treated me like another booking (I felt like a commodity) except for Kiss Me in Paris.

I wrote a lengthy Ode to Stephanie as part of my initial inquiry. In other words, I took the time and wanted my photographer to take her time.

Hi! I’m so excited. The woman (Stephanie) of my dreams and I will be in Paris from October 5-8. I plan to propose on the sixth or seventh, pending the weather forecast.

Stephanie and I want a photographer to join us for a sunrise/evening shoot. Selfies or asking strangers for pictures is out of the question.

I want your company to help me plan and document (with amazing photos!) my marriage proposal, which is still a complete surprise.

Stephanie only knows about a “photoshoot!” I never thought of enlisting a professional to assist me in planning my destination proposal! So, presumably, she won’t have a clue … and say ‘Yes!’

I’d love to talk about possible locations (with Eiffel Tower views) that are not crowded. And it would also be helpful to hear about ideas what Stephanie and I can do around Paris afterward, including fun spots for daytime and evening photos.

Stephanie may be too excited to do the evening shoot on the same day we get engaged. So, my gut instinct is to add a next-day couple shoot.

What’s The Next Paris Proposal Tips?