Whether you come to Paris to propose or celebrate your wedding, you’ll want to document your love story on film for future generations.

Our experienced Paris videographers are discrete, fun, and professional; they’ll combine award-winning technical skills with unbridled creativity to authentically capture the magic of your special occasion.

You can choose between traditional filmmaking and vertical video reels at Kiss Me in Paris. Both mediums allow for spectacular storytelling and share a similar post-production process. However, as you’ll learn below, there are real differences, and you need to appreciate them.

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#1 Unrivaled Experience & Local Know-how

There’s a misconception that any Parisian videographer can expertly capture your marriage proposal or wedding. Nothing could be further from the truth—it takes years of experience to develop the ability to anticipate, make adjustments on the fly, and work in concert with your other vendors.

Importantly, Paris is so busy and unpredictable that videographers need to be familiar with the City so they can zag while others zig. The term ‘local expert’ may be a little overused, but when you work with Kiss Me in Paris, that’s precisely what you get.

#2 A Paris proposal package to fit your needs

Perhaps you’re looking for a Paris wedding videographer to capture your Big Day masterfully. Or maybe you want your artist to capture a substantial love story film worth watching and sharing. Our packages make it a breeze to get the videography coverage you want at a price you can afford.

#3 Traditional Video vs. Showreels

Many of our clients ask for both—a vertical reel and a traditional video—since they serve slightly different purposes. They’re both motion pictures filmed in HD and set to the music of your choice; they share a similar post-production process and visual effects. However, a vertical reel (filmed with an iPhone 14), known as a showreel, is somewhat more spontaneous and ideally suited for social media. A significant benefit is that reels are typically delivered in under 72 hours, which is impossible with traditional videos. On the other hand, classic videos tend to be longer in duration and, accordingly, allow for better storytelling and context.

#4 Get Your Video Back Fast

They say patience is a virtue. But not when it comes to getting your engagement or wedding video back. Ha—we get it! You’re burning to relive and share your special day with family and friends. You’ll receive your video fast at Kiss Me in Paris, typically in under four weeks. Video reels are often delivered in as little as 72 hours.

How it works.

Book with confidence.

01 Book your Paris videographer

So you think we’re a great fit? Yaay! We’re already super excited to meet and can’t wait to be part of your video shoot! The next step is to choose between traditional video and vertical video reels and lock in your preferred date, starting time, and duration. Once your reservation is complete, you’ll receive a summary with your video shoot details, including the contact information of your artist. BOOK NOW.

02 Prepare like a Rockstar before arriving in Paris

The first rule of awesome Paris proposal videography is to prepare well with your filmmaker (and wedding planner) before arriving in the City of Lights. Great planning aligns expectations and begets greater confidence. All you need to do is show up and enjoy an unforgettable beautiful day in Paris. We can tailor our services to your specific needs, ensuring that your final video highlight aligns with your vision and expectations.

03 Firm up the game plan with your filmmaker

As you know, good preparation is crucial! Your Kiss Me in Paris videographer is a local expert who will document your marriage proposal skillfully and then help you get the most out of the remainder of your commissioned time. You’ll also coordinate the fine details, such as where to meet, how to recognize each other, and proven experience-related tips.

04 It’s your Big Day!

Today’s your special day! Bring loads of fun energy, and remember to make the entire day about your partner and the special relationship you share—no one-and-done transactional engagements with Kiss Me in Paris. You’ve prepared well, and you’re in caring and experienced hands. Enjoy every moment!

05 Get your video back fast.

You’ll receive a fantastic Paris proposal video to share with family and friends within a few weeks. When you upgrade your videography package to include a short Instagram-ready vertical showreel, you can already expect the reel within 72 hours.

Meet the Most Experienced and Fun Videographers in Paris

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Vidéaste Mariage Paris | Demande en Mariage // Paris Videographer

So, we have watched our Paris engagement video separately because Mario is finishing up late today to meet a deadline.

We watched it while Facetiming, and are simply speechless!!!

Really, no words, it’s soooo beautiful! I want to watch it 10,000 times over! It will never get boring. It’s pure perfection—I can’t believe how perfect it turned out. Thank you so much, Vincent!

Maria & Mario

Portfolio Paris Videographer

Skills, knowledge, and experience

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Paris video by Julia from Kiss Me in Paris

Fairytale Surprise Proposal at the Peninsula Paris

One of the most emotionally expressive Paris surprise proposals you’ll ever see. With the Eiffel Tower as a striking backdrop, the couple kisses, dances, and celebrates (with chilled French Champagne, of course) the night away.

Private Rooftop Proposal at the Secret Table Paris

Watch Daniel propose to Samantha on a luxurious private Paris rooftop, the Secret Table at the Peninsula. Goosebumps are guaranteed when Samantha enters the dazzling proposal setting with the Eiffel Tower sparkling at a distance against the backdrop of a deep-blue Parisian sky.

Eiffel Tower Rooftop proposal

Private Rooftop Proposal at Copernic Rooftop

In this authentic Parisian love story, you will encounter pure and innocent love, a fantastic surprise proposal on the residential Copernic Rooftop, and Paris proposal ideas sure to inspire.

Romantic surprise proposal at Trocadero Eiffel Tower

Romantic Eiffel Tower Proposal at Trocadero

Watch the touching love story of Perch and Jie, culminating with a ridiculously romantic marriage proposal set against the backdrop of the Eiffel Tower. Little did Jie know as she made her way to Trocadero’s iconic platform that her unsuspecting heart would be overwhelmed with the surprise of a lifetime!

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