Bienvenue to the fabulous world of Paris luxury weddings, where dreams become a reality, and the romantic City of Love sets the scene for the party of a lifetime.

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Luxury wedding in Paris, France: The Fashion Capital of the world is the perfect place for couples to unwind and enjoy the party of their lives with friends and family.

As a premier Paris wedding planner, we specialize in exceptional bespoke experiences for discerning couples seeking the ultimate destination wedding adventure. When you work with Kiss Me in Paris, expect unmatched creativity, local know-how, attention to detail, and seamless execution.

We’ll guide you step-by-step—create and manage a realistic destination wedding budget, set up site visits, negotiate with local vendors, present Parisian-inspired decor ideas, plan group activities, coordinate transportation, and embrace those local cultural elements that reflect your love story—ensuring your celebration is uniquely yours and everything you ever imagined.

Luxury wedding in Paris France
Paris offers exceptional venues for lavish French weddings, ranging from fairytale châteaux to historic Palace Hotels. Expect a predominantly English-speaking vendor base, a cuisine celebrated for its quality, and an undeniably fun destination your guests will love.

Regardless of the level of involvement, Kiss Me in Paris prioritizes quality and experiences that engage the senses. We will save you time and costly missteps, keep you on track and organized, and take any stress out of planning your Big Day in the most beautiful city.

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Take any stress out of planning your dream wedding in Paris with our experienced event planners.

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Do I need a planner for my destination wedding in Paris?

Eliminate stress and enjoy a journey that engages all senses.

Enlisting a resourceful event planner for your dream wedding in Paris is almost obligatory. You should choose the level of planning assistance that best suits your needs and budget. We offer anything from day-of coordination to VIP full-service wedding planning and design.

When you’re operating on a tight budget, have plenty of time, and are comfortable organizing things, a day-of coordinator may suffice. Expect a coordinator to develop a timeline and be on-site during your Big Day to ensure everything runs smoothly. Depending on the level of involvement, some coordinators also oversee the event’s set-up and breakdown.

However, most brides are well-advised to invest in the best possible full-service destination wedding planning—a professional who will understand your vision and accompany you from start to finish. A top-notch full-service planner genuinely cares about your happiness and will:

  • Get to know you as a couple—the love story, style, initial ideas, and, importantly, a deep understanding of your vision;
  • Create and manage your wedding budget, including tracking retainers and payments for all vendors;
  • Assist in selecting the perfect venue that reflects your vibe and style, accommodates the size of your party, and sets the stage for the ultimate French luxury wedding;
  • Attend venue visits and menu tastings;
  • Brainstorm with your floral designer to infuse a sumptuous events design with personal touches that contribute to the overall aesthetic you’re after;
  • Develop and stress-test a detailed wedding timeline, production schedule, and floor plans;
  • Manage the guest list and RSVPs, every piece of stationery you’ll need, and recommend a stylish, unique wedding website,..;
  • Identify, negotiate with, and contract the most experienced and suitable wedding vendors;
  • Plan and coordinate group activities, including transportation and hotel room blocks;
  • Complete supervision of the wedding day celebrations, the rehearsal dinner, and other activities.

I came across many planners, but Kiss Me in Paris stood out with a plethora of options on their well-maintained website. My initial questions were answered promptly by the support team. Chantelle and Eden masterfully planned the event while perfectly capturing our vision. Our meetings were always quick and productive. I cannot thank them enough!

Lawrence Hsieh
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Welcome to high-end events planning—meet Paris luxury wedding planner Chantelle-Marie.

What’s the difference between wedding planners, coordinators, and designers?

How much do event planners charge in Paris?

How much does it cost to get married in Paris?

What are the advantages of hiring a local Paris wedding planner?

We Create Bespoke Wedding Celebrations Designed Around You.

Full-service Design & Event Production.

Kiss Me in Paris developed a strong reputation for planning some of France’s most glamorous, fun, and exceptional weddings. We obsess about unique experiences that aim to bring your vision to life. Most couples would highlight our ability to communicate well in English and praise our organizational skills, which are essential for stress-free destination celebrations. Our job is to listen, inspire, organize, and execute.

Planning a destination wedding in Paris, France, means navigating unique considerations and challenges. Venue selection (with site visits) and travel arrangements for you and your guests are a significant part of the planning process. Importantly, you must deal with different customs, cultural barriers, legal requirements, languages, and time zones.

What sets us apart?

  • Unequaled expertise. Expect to tap into our extensive experience with a profound understanding of every aspect of the destination wedding planning process. We know destination weddings, the City of Love, and how to create bespoke, glamorous events with spectacular designs and entertainment.
  • We focus on creating unforgettable, personalized experiences. For a French wedding to be memorable, it must include a part of you, a part of your partner, and a part of France. So, we’ll first take the time to get to understand your vision and only then start planning your dream wedding with creative, stylish, and fun ideas;
  • We take pride in listening and communicating clearly in English. Our goal is to understand your needs and vision. We want to know how you picture this life-changing moment, your priorities, and your budget. How can we help make your experience even better than you ever imagined? Consider us a sounding board and reliable partner. The only true American destination wedding planner in Paris, we maintain an open line of communication from start to finish and are just a call or Zoom away;
  • We design romantic setups that delight the senses. We obsess about every last detail—presentation matters! We aim for a ridiculously romantic sensory experience, including design, florals, culinary delight, and unforgettable entertainment;
  • Your confidential and trusted partner. You’ll gain access to priceless knowledge we’ve accumulated over the years. We respect your privacy and maintain discretion throughout the destination wedding planning and design process.

When you work with Kiss Me in Paris, expect us to

  • Genuinely care about your happiness and making your Parisian wedding as smooth and stress-free as possible; our goal is to exceed lofty expectations at every phase of the destination wedding, including your Big Day;
  • Demonstrate priceless expertise and professionalism backed up by hundreds of glowing 5-star reviews. We also have the Rolodex and relationships to handle unexpected challenges (and even crises) quickly to keep your planning process on track;
  • Inspire you with utterly creative luxury wedding ideas to make your party unique and memorable;
  • Save you time and costly missteps by assembling the strongest and most trusted English-speaking vendor team to suit your vision and wedding budget;
  • Keep you on track regarding budgets, contracts, vendors, timeline and production schedules, etc.;
  • Streamline things with a single point of contact, resulting in efficient communication, invoicing, and timeline modifications.

The Ultimate Checklist for Your Destination Wedding in Paris?

15 Expert Tips.

Destination wedding planning involves many similar steps to planning a local wedding but with additional to-dos and a different timeline depending on your wedding. We recommend starting the process as early as possible since some tasks may take longer when planning from thousands of miles away and across time zones and languages.

Wow, where do I start? We were fortunate to work with the company’s main marriage planner, Chantelle-Marie. She’s an absolute blessing and one of the best people you’ll ever work with. She’ll take care of anything you need. You only get one shot at this—I’m so thrilled to have had Chantelle and Kiss Me in Paris support me along the journey.

Akshay Dalal

  1. Decide on Paris as your destination. This one is pretty straightforward. Suppose you love the idea of a French wedding and have your heart set on the City of Lights. Then factor in costs for travel and accommodations, several trips to Paris, and ease of access for friends and family.
  2. Hire the best American destination wedding planner you can afford. Doing so early in the planning cycle will save you costly missteps and time while gaining priceless access to venues and vendors.
  3. Set a realistic wedding budget. This should always be one of the first steps in destination wedding planning. Consider travel costs, accommodations, vendors, venue, and planning commission… A resourceful Parisian event planner can give you a reality check and help you prioritize based on your vision and preferences.
  4. Choose a wedding date. No wedding date means you cannot confidently book vendors, send out Save-the-Dates, etc. Go with a date that accounts for seasonality, including related availability and prices. Ultimately, your choice of wedding venue determines the date.
  5. Understand French legal requirements (optional). Most of our couples are concerned with the so-called religious ceremony and the party of their lives. However, suppose you intend to have your marriage legally recognized. In that case, you should familiarize yourself with the Residency requirement, the publication of marriage banns, and a host of translated and authenticated documents.
  6. Visit Paris. In coordination with your event planner, set up a series of venue visits and menu tastings as soon as possible. Then, head over to France to scout venues and meet potential vendors. Making multiple trips to Paris leading to your Big Day is not unusual.
  7. Lock in the perfect wedding venue. Okay, this is a big one—budget-wise and also to set the tone for your style, vibe, and how your celebrations will be remembered. Ensure that your preferred venue can accommodate the size of your guestlist and offers the layouts you need for the ceremony, reception, and party.
  8. Send out your Save-the-Dates. As you might imagine, destination weddings require substantially greater planning horizons for your guests. Give your friends and families ample time to request days off, plan their travel to Paris (and perhaps onward travel within Europe), secure caretakers for their pets, etc. Aim to send out the Save-the-Dates up to 1 year in advance.
  9. Book your key wedding vendors. If a wedding professional is good enough for one of the most important days of your life, chances are said professional will be in demand and book out early. Whether it’s your photographer, videographer, floral designer, caterer, live band, beauty artist, officiant, cake, transportation, or performers, ask your event planner to make recommendations and set up Zoom calls or in-person interviews when possible.
  10. Secure accommodations for yourself, and block discounted rooms for your guests.
  11. Decide on your ceremony & reception design. In close coordination with your event planner and floral designer, decide on the style, look, and production level that reflects your vibe and works within your wedding budget. Flowers in France tend to be significantly more expensive than in the U.S. and many other countries. That said, the look and feel of your ceremony and reception spaces will set the stage for the ultimate French luxury wedding and powerfully contribute to the overall aesthetic.
  12. Send out invitations. Unless you think physical stationery is an unnecessary drag on the environment, send out your invites at least 3-6 months before the wedding.
  13. Plan memorable guest activities around greater Paris. Chances are your guests are traveling from far away and will want to explore greater Paris, including Disneyland, Versailles, the Loire Valley, Champagne tastings, and other attractions. It’s a good gesture (and almost expected) to plan activities for your guests and suggest fun things during their stay.
  14. Finalize and stress-test the details. They say the Devil is in the details. Figure out how to safely ship your gown to Paris and keep it wrinkle-free for your Big Day. Pack your wedding bands. Rehearse your vows, practice your first dance and first kiss, and organize loads of Champagne, macarons, and Parisian details for your bridal suite, …
  15. Plan to get to Paris early. We recommend arriving in the City of Love at least one week before the wedding festivities kick off. You’ll get to relax, adjust your biorhythm, and handle last-minute issues that may arise.

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