Chinese Speaking Paris Photographer Kiss Me in Paris

Laurent! Laurent! Laurent!
There’s not enough space to write about the fantastic (and relaxing) experience my FIANCÉE, and I had with Laurent! I’ve never been to Paris (and never proposed before 🙂 but I wanted our engagement to be perfect for her. I felt a little stressed. Laurent is a true-life HERO who took any worries off my plate. He exceeded my high expectations by helping me pick the perfect spot, offering tips, and communicating responsively. My fiancée, too, was blown away by the experience!
Laurent initially met us at the designated spot for a few candids. The photoshoot—and our time with Laurent—flew by because we were having a blast! After the shoot, Laurent recommended places for us to dine, as he lives in the neighborhood where we shot. He is so attentive and helpful. Our photo gallery is just beautiful! We’re beyond happy to have these pictures for life and to use them for our save-the-dates cards. Thank you, Laurent, for everything. Highly recommended!

Michael Fiorentino

Paris elopement wedding package

Kiss Me in Paris is hands-down the best and most reliable company. This year, I decided to ask my girlfriend to marry me. I had planned every final detail, but literally two days before our engagement, the company I initially hired called to say they could not make it. Imagine how I felt, having invested so much time planning, renting a car to bring friends from Amsterdam, and preparing myself for a life-changing adventure. But then there was Chantelle, my guardian angel! Well, I did not know that before, but I did after working with her. Totally stressed, I reached out to Chantelle. Could she arrange everything in under 48 hours? But let me tell you, her warm welcome and the helpful phone calls gave me hope that I could still pull this off. And pulling off, we did! Chantelle arranged everything: she came up with brilliant ideas, conceived an even better proposal, and dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s for me. I swear I could not have asked for a better companion than Chantelle.

Malek Jubrail

Kiss me in Paris videographer Vincent

Vincent exceeded our ridiculously high expectations. For two people who’ve never been to Paris, Vincent made sure we got to experience the best locations and landmarks for our engagement photos. We felt extremely comfortable and safe during our photoshoot. We had so much fun and will do this again when we return to Paris. We highly recommend Kiss Me in Paris—especially Vincent! The communication before arriving was stellar. The company is exceptionally informative about logistics, wardrobe, weather, and photo locations. We can’t thank Kiss Me in Paris, and Vincent, enough!.

Jamie Parker

Best Paris Photographer Cengiz Ozelsel

Words cannot express how great Cengiz and the Kiss Me in Paris team are. They inquired about everything from where I wanted to propose, the color of the flowers, how my fiancée and I met, and how we have grown to reach this point. Cengiz is magical with how he directs his photoshoots! When you’re after a fairytale night your fiancée and you will remember forever, please follow Cengiz’s Paris Proposal guide and retain his services if he’s available! We had such an amazing time that we recommended Cengiz to everyone we met on our bike tour of Paris the next day :-). Thank you so much again—you guys are the best in the business!!!

Graydon Wyatt

Paris Photographer Scander Kiss Me in Paris

OMG! Scander is an artistic genius! He was such a joy to shoot with! Scander has so much wonderful energy; he’s patient, thoughtful, and a lot of fun! He gave easy-to-follow directions, so even my boyfriend, who typically does not like to take photos, felt and looked incredible! Scander has a gifted eye, so his shots are unique. He’s a high-fashion photographer, so we were fortunate to have him. Best decision ever!!!


Brazilian photographer in Paris Juliana

Juliana just did it all, from assisting in the planning to creating a fantastic video reel of my marriage proposal. She immediately made my fiancée and me comfortable and coordinated everything seamlessly. Juliana shot and edited the most beautiful video reel—it looks straight from a movie! We were astounded by how she captured the moment. Best of all, we relive such a special moment every time we watch her short film. My fiancée cried tears of happiness, and our parents and friends were also over the moon. Thank you, Juliana, and the Kiss Me in Paris team for beautifully creating and capturing our engagement.

Andrew James

Kiss me in Paris videographer Vincent

So, we watched our Paris proposal video separately because Mario is finishing up late today to meet a deadline. We watched it while Facetiming, and we are simply speechless!!! Really, no words; it’s so beautiful! I want to watch it 10,000 times over! It will never get boring. It’s pure perfection—I can’t believe how incredible it turned out. Thank you so much, Vincent!

Maria & Mario

Paris elopement wedding package

I was unsure how to best surprise my soon-to-be fiancée while visiting Paris. With only a few days left to nail down the details, I discovered Kiss Me in Paris and its in-house Paris proposal planner, Chantelle. Oh, WOW, did they deliver! Our engagement was magical, surreal, and even better than we imagined. Now married, we regularly reminisce about Paris and how important Chantelle was in making our dreams come true. I cannot recommend her and the company enough.

Jonathan McNabb

Paris Photographer Scander Kiss Me in Paris

Absolutely breathtaking and unforgettable photo shoot experience! Scander captured everything we could have asked for and more. The pictures are to die for! He’s truly passionate about his craft and has a warm and welcoming personality. I highly recommend Scander and am just so glad we had capture our special moments in Paris.


Chinese Speaking Paris Photographer Kiss Me in Paris

I hired Laurent to take boudoir pictures of me in Paris. The shoot was very relaxed and much more fun than I imagined. The poses he asked me to do felt natural. I could express myself while listening to background music and chatting with Laurent. Laurent can see beauty in a great variety of subjects—I’m super happy with how he captured my body. I guess it’s noteworthy that I was recovering from severe depression just before our boudoir shoot. I was eager to keep a memory of myself at that particular moment in time. I just wanted to feel beautiful and confident. I hope to have another session with Laurent in the future. I’d recommend him to anyone who wants excellent portraits.