65+ Dreamy Santorini Photos Sure to Make You Book Your Tickets to Greece Immediately.

There’s something undeniably romantic about Santorini’s deep-blue waters, white-washed buildings, quaint cobblestone streets, and iconic blue-domed churches.

Still, when you want to make the most of your Santorini photoshoot, it’s essential to understand when the weather and lighting will be pleasant and ideal for flattering pictures.

Likewise, you’ll want to research the best places to take photos in Santorini—whether you’re preparing for a couple photoshoot, a marriage proposal, an intimate wedding, or just unforgettable vacation mementos.

Santorini Photoshoot price
Santorini Photoshoot: contrary to popular belief, Santorini photographs best when you have an overcast sky. The omnipresent white-washed buildings can otherwise cause squinting and undesirable reflections and shadows.

One of the first decisions you’ll make is when to visit Santorini. April through June and from September to early October are generally considered the best months for a Santorini photoshoot.

What is the best time for a photoshoot in Santorini
The best time for a photoshoot in Santorini depends on whether you prioritize mild temperatures or a less crowded island. We like mid-April through mid-May: restaurants are already open, while the best photo spots, e.g., Oia, are largely devoid of tourists.

Ultimately, it depends on your preferences: expect better travel deals and a less crowded island during the off-season. Conversely, temperatures may be cooler, and not all restaurants and shops are open yet.

The rate for a Santorini photoshoot can vary greatly depending on the following:

  • The type of shoot (i.e., wedding, engagement photos, family portraits);
  • The photographer’s experience, popularity, and awards;
  • Sunrise vs. evening; and
  • Your photography package, including the shoot duration, number of edited images,…

Expect to invest anywhere from €350 to €750 per hour for a professional photographer in Santorini. Remember to carefully review potential photographers’ representative portfolios, check out their reviews, and understand what’s included in their packages.

When choosing your wardrobe for a photoshoot in Santorini, Greece, dress how you want to be seen in photos and consider comfortable outfits that make you feel confident.

When your photography package allows for it, we recommend multiple outfits, including soft white or cream-colored linen, to complement Santorini’s white-washed walls and deep blue waters. A neutral palette works better at sunrise and mid-day.

For an evening photo shoot, including the Golden Hour, we like red, which will make you stand out and provides excellent contrast against the vivid blue sky.

There’s no need for couples to match their wardrobes. However, do ensure that your outfits, footwear, and accessories harmonize.

Finally, pack a pair of comfy flats or sneakers to get around from one location to the next. Then slip into stilettos or go barefoot for dazzling, timeless Santorini photography.

What should I wear to a Santorini photo session
It is important to feel comfortable and confident in your outfits and how you want to be seen in your images.

That’s a loaded question since the island has so many pretty photo spots—notably in Oia. However, if we had to pinpoint a location that instantly ‘says’ Santorini, it would be the famous blue-domed church, Agios Spiridon, which is prominently featured on anything from postcards to Greek yogurt containers.

Where is the iconic photo spot in Santorini?
The blue-domed church, Agios Spiridon, is synonymous with Santorini, Greece, and one of the most picturesque photo spots on the island.

Locations: Oia, Fira, Imerovigli, Red Beach.

Proposal setting: Santorini private terrace;

Season: April;

Time of day: sunrise and evening, including the Golden Hour;

Package: photography and video for six hours each.

Proposal Cost: $$$

best places for an epic engagement
Santorini Proposal Ideas: the best places for an epic engagement your partner will love forever.

Watch this extraordinary love story masterfully captured in Santorini over two days.

Join Jess and Jack on one of the most breathtaking and unforgettable love stories ever on the enchanting Greek island of Santorini. Surrounded by the mesmerizing hues of a golden sunset, the dazzling blue Aegean Sea, and the captivating charm of Oia’s whitewashed houses, this romantic marriage proposal will warm your heart and inspire you to book your own tickets to paradise. Now, prepare to be swept away (and to experience the occasional innocent Goosebumps) as you watch two souls become one.

Wedding proposal in Santorini

I’ve worked with many photographers over the years, and Cengiz is definitely the #1! Cengiz, you managed to memorialize our amazing marriage proposal—I cannot wait to work with you again!

Soraya, Luxury Concierge
Santorini Photoshoot couple photos in Imerovigli

Spots fill up quickly for our Santorini photoshoots.​

Stunning landscapes, white-washed buildings, and deep blue waters await.

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