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Embark on a captivating journey of artistic elegance and boundless joy with Sylwia Adamowicz, a luminary in the vibrant realm of Polish theater who now brings her creative genius to Kiss Me in Paris. Boasting an illustrious career as a professional dancer and celebrated choreographer, Sylwia has been the driving force behind numerous acclaimed musicals and television productions.

Now, she pours her heart, passion, and meticulous attention to detail into orchestrating heartwarming celebrations in the City of Love. With Sylwia at the helm, your event is set to exceed your wildest dreams—simply arrive and relish in the magic.

Sylwia’s expertise goes well beyond that of a traditional floral designer. She stands as your devoted ally, eager to infuse your celebration with Paris’s quintessential beauty and sophistication. Her vivacious spirit and endless energy promise to elevate your special day beyond imagination. Fluent in English, French, and Polish, Sylwia epitomizes punctuality and professionalism.

Let’s not be strangers.

spoken languages

English, Polish and French

what I love about Paris

Oh, where to begin? Paris steals my heart with its stunning cityscape, charming neighborhoods, magnificent cultural and historical treasures, and, let’s not forget, yummy cuisine and pastries. But what truly sets Paris apart is its authentic self—unapologetically Parisian. It’s a cosmopolitan haven that never feels busy or stressful, making it the perfect backdrop for those special, intimate affairs.

my tips for the best possible marriage proposal experience

Consider bringing an event planner on board; invest in romantic, quintessential Parisian touches that make a difference and enhance the mood.

Favorite proposal locations around Paris

Secret Table (Peninsula), Shangri-La Paris, Chateau de Villette

favorite quote

“Happiness exists. It’s in love, health, peace, material comfort, arts, nature, and still in thousands of places.” — Michèle Morgan

my passions

Gymnastics, dance & performance choreography, be silly, and enjoy life in Paris to its fullest.