Trocadéro: the most iconic Eiffel Tower photo spot in Paris.

Trocadéro is characterized by sublime symmetry, an awe-inspiring view of the Eiffel Tower, and the best photo variety of any Eiffel Tower location. As you descend from the main square (Palais de Chaillot) toward the Seine River, you’ll find picturesque gardens, fountains, and statues.

Trocadéro Eiffel Tower looks absolutely dazzling at night. Yet, we recommend taking your pictures at sunrise when it’s less crowded. You don’t need to worry about people, overzealous vendors, and other distractions getting into your photos.

Keep in mind that Trocadero is partially under construction with the central platform and the right flank closed off.

Best time for a photoshoot: sunrise
Recommended photography coverage: 30-45 minutes
Romance scale: low
Rain suitability: poor
Nearby locations: Bir-Hakeim Bridge, Passerelle Debilly Bridge, Seine River, Cafés
Cost: free
Latitude & Longitude: 48°51’42.1″N 2°17’17.2″E